The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

The Case for Christ

Using the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing his story and leads, Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to interview experts about the evidence for Christ from the fields of science, philosophy, and history.

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TitleThe Case for Christ
Release DateAug 30th, 1998
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Religion, Christianity, Faith, Theology

Reviews The Case for Christ

  • Ancient Weaver
    Rated 1 star for false advertising, poor journalism, poor investigation, poor argumentation, and poor scholarship. There's not enough room here to critique all the specifics of this book, so I'll get right to the heart of things (if you're interested in a more detailed critique, check out Robert M. Price's excellent The Case Against the Case for Christ. Or check out the review at At the beginning of The Case for Christ Strobel p...
  • Malcolm
    As with any religious book, objectivity is impossible (since religion, by loose definition, is subjective experience of that which is unproven); so here's my subjective opinion as a Christian.Non-believers If you are a non-believer, you're going to fall into one of three general groups: atheists, agnostics, and seekers (and that fourth most special group made up of all the people who just refuse to be grouped by a small-minded Christian, dammit :...
  • Brooke
    My review for this book and The Case For Faith are the same, since I read them at the same time five years ago and can't remember which topics were in which books. I managed to forget I ever read them, and only when I saw them on this site did remember. These books were given to me by a guy I was dating at the time who decided I'd only be an acceptable wife if I converted to Christianity (I'm currently single, if you're wondering how well that w...
  • Michael
    This book will not persuade anyone who doesn't believe in his heart already. Strobel claims to have been a serious skeptic about Jesus and to have done these interviews in the style of a serious journalist in order to decide for himself whether Christians are right.I don't believe him. As an actual skeptic who is very familiar with the Bible, I find that Strobel consistently avoids the obvious problems with the arguments put forward. He interview...
  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    This review is probably not as well-crafted as I would have hoped, since I am very swamped right now, and unable to do better. However, I wanted to write my thoughts on the book to the best of my ability as soon after I finished the audio version as possible so I wouldn't forget too much. I hope to reread it and analyze it more at a later date. When I finished this book, I felt that Mr. Strobel tackled the tough questions about Christ that one mi...
  • Joanna
    The Case for Christ is a collection of interviews that retraces journalist Lee Strobel's journey from skepticism to faith. Not content to merely take someone's word for it, Strobel used his journalism and law training to track down and agressively interview experts on Christ and the Christian faith. Because Strobel is willing to ask taboo questions and attempts to poke irreparable holes in his own faith, the answers he finds from various profess...
  • Jeremiah
    This book is quite possibly the most readable and engaging book to ever hit the field of apologetics; I recommend it to every Christian. The book chronicles Strobel's inquisitive journey as he questions some of the most astute thinkers alive today about some of the most pressing questions a Christian can ask. Read it for no other reason than to ground yourself more deeply in the True faith, to stand strong and to live a life of bold confidence.P....
  • Victoria Lynn
    *picks jaw up off the floor* This book is one of the best Christian Faith books I have ever read. Seriously, I think every Christian should read this once in their life. That verse about always being ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you, this book is a tool. It gives you answers. Gives you succinct, well organized and easily understood principles and answers to common questions and theory’s about the Christian Faith. I found that...
  • Yvonne
    Although this is not on the 'approved' LDS missionary library, I read it anyway because of friend of mine asked me to. It was very interesting to see the archeological and historical proof that Strobel had for the life of Jesus Christ. It was also good to understand what kind of proof many Evangelicals want to see before they accept the Book of Mormon as true. However, just because there is historical or archeological evidence supporting the exis...
  • Mark Conwell
    This book thoroughly investigates Jesus claim of being the one and only son of God. Lee Strobel took the time to seek out and question scholars who provide overwhelming evidence for Jesus as the Messiah. I have seen several criticisms of this book that say Lee did not talk to scholars who refute Jesus life, death, and resurrection. However, as a former atheist Lee gives due attention to the opposite side of the argument. As a Christian, I would r...
  • Nicole
    AWESOME!The Case for Christ records Lee Strobel's attempt to "determine if there's credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God." The book consists primarily of interviews between Strobel (a former legal editor at the Chicago Tribune) and biblical scholars such as Bruce Metzger. Each interview is based on a simple question, concerning historical evidence (for example, "Can the Biographies of Jesus Be Trusted?"), scientific ev...
  • Jason McIntire
    Very fast-paced for a book on apologetics. I read it about 30 pages at a time, and didn't skip or skim anything until the final recap - this even though I was familiar with nearly all the material already. An excellent apologetics primer for Christians preparing to share their faith. I also think it would be a good gift for nonbelievers who have exhibited some open-mindedness.I always had the impression that this book grew from Strobel's personal...
  • Craig
    This book is not very well written both in terms of the writing itself and in being unconvincing. The author interviews several conservative scholars about many of the common challenges to the Bible and Christian theology and gets their responses. No problem there. The trouble is that the author tries to pretend he is this hard hitting journalist who doesn't pull any punches and rattles his subjects with bull-dog like tenacity and... you get the ...
  • Michelle
    Welcome to The Case for Christ, an investigation into the Christian faith with all the intellectual rigor of a teen study Bible. Join Lee Strobel as he examines the evidence from all sides by interviewing theologically conservative male Christians. You'll be astonished by the pronouncements of scholars who don't cite their sources, who appeal to proof-by-martyrdom, who regard early church creeds as evidence of historical events, and and who think...
  • Kate
    This is a great read because it is not one-sided. Lee Strobel is a former journalist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. He uses his skill in research to provide a book that explores the claims of Christianity. I like that Strobel writes almost in a detective-style format, he offers challenges, interrogates witnesses, challenges his sources, and presents the evidence in a blunt and organized manner. He examines the evidence with neutrality a...
  • George
    Really guys, what are you disputing? Facts are facts. I was not an atheist, but have done great study on the reliability of the manuscripts of the New Testament. I have also debated in a liberal seminary with professors and scholars which I attended. Their arguments were blowing in the wind. There is NO reason to believe that Jesus was not who He was reported to be. Although I do not know Lee Strobel, he seems to have put forth a reasonable and w...
  • Barry
    Another book that I had high hopes for that didn't deliver. In fact, I think I have less faith in Christ for having read this book. Lee Strobel is a journalist who converted to Christianity from Atheism and now makes millions of dollars selling 'The Case For..XXX" books. This book supposedly details his journey from skeptic to believer in which he interviews several different experts on topics related to Christ. His conclusions are transparent fr...
  • Josh
    It is no wonder that Christians need primarily to witness to converts because you'd have to be incredibly stupid and/or deluded to think that anecdotes constitute data.I was challenged by a Christian to read the Case for Christ because I was allegedly making claims that have been refuted in this book as well as in its companion, "The Case for Faith" by the same author. It is hard to decide where to begin. First of all, I did not find one shred of...
  • Daniel Lundgren
    I really liked this book at the time. It was reassuring to have something so concrete in high school. While I think it was helpful at the time, I find myself not needing it as much at this stage of my life. Hopefully this is because I have moved past the need for an intellectual defense of my faith towards a discipleship under the lordship of Christ based upon who he is as seen in scripture and through the experience of Christians throughout the ...
  • Melody
    This book was great. My fiance is really into apologetics (defending christianity), and is a fan of Josh McDowell so this was my first book into this topic so I thought it would be interesting to compare this author to McDowell.Lee Strobel is a former athiest who on finishing this book became a Christian. He was and is an award winning legal journalist for the Chicago Times and has a fantastic resume/experience in journalism and law (from Harvard...
  • April
    I agree with the review on the book's back cover which says-" Author Lee Strobel is an award winning journalist at The Chicago Tribune. He received his Master's ofStudies in Law Degree from Yale Law School. This is a book about a seasoned journalist who was a spiritualskeptic of one of the Biggest Stories In History - He investigates in this book the question- "Is there credible-evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Retracing ...
  • Kris
    I read this years back and admired its systematic and reasoned examination of questions surrounding Christ. I've read it again and loved it even more. It's thorough, direct, comprehensive, organized, and unapologetic. Would recommend to any non-Christian looking to learn more, or any Christian looking to strengthen their faith and confidence.Reread in January 2017.May 2018:Just watched the movie, The Case for Christ, made in 2017, which was an in...
  • Angela R. Watts
    Great book. I'm sick right now so I can't give much of a review but... Probably will give one later (and fix my review for the other book, Case For Creator...)
  • Emily
    Ordinary people probably wouldn't like this book all that much. Too much information to digest.Some people would maybe find it intriguing. The unusual format of the information given.A few people would find it an enjoyable read. Learning more about the proof for Jesus is great.Select people would find this book life changing. Seekers, meet your evidence.Precise. Thorough. Jam-packed. Direct. Real. True.The Case for Christ.
  • Mr. Brammer
    Admittedly, there was very little chance that this book was going to change my skeptical worldview. I think a lot of people cross a threshold of inquiry from which it is impossible to return. Regardless of what Strobel writes in this book, it is clear that he wanted a change in his life, and he only interviewed apologists that would grease his path to faith. To use his somewhat tortured analogy of building a legal case, it is a bit like a trial i...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    Good book. Some might say a bit sensational but then we may not have been where the writer has. I have given away several as gifts.One of the objections I've read to this book is that the author tries to give "comprehensive" answers to "all" questions about Christianity. All groups of Christians don't agree on all these things. Still He's only attempting to give a perspective on them that makes sense to him and can to others. It's sort of the bes...
  • John
    As is always the case with Lee Strobel books, the big problem with THE CASE FOR CHRIST is that it's written by Lee Strobel. Lee Strobel used to work as a journalist for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE and was also trained as a trial lawyer--a background which he's inordinately proud of and can't help referencing nearly every other page or so, beginning with the front cover. His background is the main angle for the book's marketing strategy and is largely res...
  • Skylar Burris
    The author compares his investigation of the evidence for Christianity to his investigation of evidence for a legal case when he worked as a lawyer. While I appreciate the point he is making, this constant method of comparison becomes a bit tedious; as a reader, I just want to get on with the apologetics. His interview style is likewise wearying. While he's telling me what professor this or that is doing with his pipe before answering his questio...
  • Natalie Vellacott
    I read this a number of years ago and also watched the author's video testimony. An avowed atheist the author's life is radically altered when he is confronted with the truth about Jesus. This is one of the best evidences for the verse "If you seek Me with all you heart you will find Me." Lee Strobel's testimony proves that if a person seeks the truth with all their heart they can find it. If only there were more people out there like Strobel who...
  • George
    It was interesting to read others' reviews of this book before writing my own. Of the (only) three one-star reviews I read, I think each person missed the point and, frankly, had expectations that were too high for the book. So, the most helpful review in this forum is to say that this book is, in fact, as advertised -- it is ONE MAN's review of information that led him to Christ [the sub-title makes this clear]. Strobel tells us that he research...