Awakening Compassion by Pema Chödrön

Awakening Compassion

For more than 800 years, Tibetan Buddhists have used the principles of "lojong (literally, "mind training") to transform difficulties into insights, and conflict into genuine communication. "Awakening Compassion is the first audio retreat on the practice of lojong taught by Pema Chodron herself. With many on-the-spot techniques for dealing with jealousy, anger, and fear, this perennial bestseller--now available on CD--is a unique resource for bri...

Details Awakening Compassion

TitleAwakening Compassion
Release DateMar 28th, 1997
PublisherSounds True
GenreReligion, Buddhism, Nonfiction, Self Help, Spirituality

Reviews Awakening Compassion

  • Meredith Holley
    This is my favorite-favorite of all of Pema Chodron’s lectures. I haven’t listened to this one in a while, but it was really influential in my total life overhaul last year. My favorite part of this lecture is Pema Chodron’s description of the Buddhist idea of ego, which is so different, I think, from the western idea of ego, which is more like hubris. But, I do think that the two descriptions are different ways to get at the same thing. Th...
  • T.Kay Browning
    Awakening Compassion is one of the most important books that I have read or listened to in a long time. I had as many deeply impactful moments listening to this as I have had in a while, and I still missed plenty of what was going on. The most important insight for me was that we are all born with this soft spot in our soul, so tender and vulnerable that we build all sorts of walls around it. We feel the urge to distance ourselves so much from th...
  • Camia Young
    Formative for my thinking, in particularly how to make peace with my suffering.
  • Erin Rouleau
    If I could give this 11 stars, I would. Of all the Pema books and audiofiles I've listened to, this has been the most helpful and ponderous. I need to listen to this again and again to remind myself to let go, not label, hold space in openness, give and receive, communicate honestly, show up, ask questions, lean in closer, go inward more, breath in and breath out, and that right now is the perfect place to be. But most importantly, that there's n...
  • Min
    Pema Chödrön offers here an advanced workshop of several challenging practices that enable us to better encounter those people and situations that bring out the worst in us. The confrontations in life by others that push our buttons. Offering us practitioners a way to "widen the circle of compassion" to include everyone; that certainly includes enemies, strangers, and friends, and include those same people in one's meditations and thoughts of j...
  • Cynthia
    Combine a voice that sounds a little like Teri Gross, a self-deprecating laugh, and wisdown--you've got Pema Chodron's workshops recorded on the audio book. I just bought one of her books, but I'm glad I was introduced to this Buddhist nun through her own words. I have been practicing yoga on and off most of my life, dabbling in meditation, but wanting something more. This book, which tackles the particular kind of practice called lojong; not eve...
  • Steve H
    I got this to learn a bit more about Tonglen practice - essentially taking in the pain of others and releasing something positive to them and the universe. There's a lot to absorb and digest in this, and I can probably learn from it in future listenings. Some practical information - She goes through "slogans" of the practice, and early on she says "and the last slogan," which kind of threw me until I recognized that it was the last slogan for the...
  • Ed
    She seemed to ramble on several topics. When asked questions by the students she didn't have an answer for many of the questions and she also said that you should get a teacher, however, they probably won't have answers either. She seemed friendly enough and the students loved her. I guess I needed to be there and then maybe it would have been better. Also I'm not sure about sucking in other people's bad vibes to make the world a better place. To...
  • Will Simpson
    A practical, useful teaching of some of the Lojong slogans. Audio from several talks she gave during retreats. Pema has a reputation in my mind of a soft fluffy buddhist teacher. This talk changed my mind. She is down to earth and mired with the same problems as everyone. Well maybe not exactly the same but close. This is part of my continued exploration of Lojong. She emphasized Tonglen Meditation. This is part of Lojong Practice and I'll have t...
  • Ann Colangelo
    A lot of information but it was just kinda meh for me
  • Danielle P
    This was my first "encounter" with Pema Chödrön. I loved her humour and humility. This series of teachings contain some precious gems. I look forward to learning more with Pema.
  • Katie
    I think a global pandemic qualifies "for difficult times." Lots of great and practical advice here for changing thought and behavior patterns.
  • Erin
    They call it enlightenment for a reason.
  • Happyreader
    This installment of my audio Pema-palooza is all about what to do when we hit our edge – those moments where suddenly everything feels so solid and we’re anxious or angry and frantic to do something about it, to get illusory ground beneath our feet, desperate for resolution. These lengthy lectures on tonglen practice (breathing in what is difficult, breathing out what is helpful to create space around difficult emotions and awaken compassion)...
  • Dominic
    I would not have gotten through the February blues with this much grace or health without this 6-CD audio on tonglen meditation and lojong teachings by my favorite Buddhist author, Pema Chödrön. Listening to these tapes again, which are recordings from one of her retreats, I've realized how long I've come and the scope and reach of this practice.Whether one integrates a sitting practice or just institutes a paradigm shift of the heart, Chödrö...
  • MaryJohanna
    Another great series of lectures and discussions on meditation, with an advanced section on the practice of tonglen.From the Pema Chodron website: "The tonglen practice is a method for connecting with suffering — ours and that which is all around us — everywhere we go. It is a method for overcoming fear of suffering and for dissolving the tightness of our heart. Primarily it is a method for awakening the compassion that is inherent in all of ...
  • LemontreeLime
    One of the very best audios you could listen to on this. I love how Pema can say things in a real earthy fashion while pulling in the big picture perspective AND be funny at the same time. She is one of the best! There is a lot on the lojong meditation practice in here too, but the most important part is all the discussions on how to work with life itself. relistened to this in oct, 2015. This is still my favorite.
  • Paige
    I would give this one a 3.5 if I could. I really enjoyed listening to Pema Chodron on my way to and from work. Some of the content was too advanced for me (or maybe too buddhist for me?), but she gave me a great deal to think about and I have found some of the "slogans" and practices that she discussed to be very useful in everyday life. I will be looking for more from this author/speaker.
  • Sarah Evan
    Pema is so wise to listen to, and there's lots of wisdom packed in this audio recording that I wish was available written. I feel I could re-listen (several times?!) and continue to learn about these revelations, ruminations, and modes of responding. Available from SFPL.
  • Gizzard
    Chodron always gives me a different understanding of some of the meditation practices. Of course there is plenty to think about. Now, just to put into practice the ONE thing she says to do- change my behaviour in a reoccuring situation that is problematic.
  • Carolyn
    An entertaining and realistic look at the challenges of living mindfully and compassionately in the 'real' world. Be warned though, she uses some colorful language. Certainly nothing I hadn't heard before, but shocking, to me, coming from a Buddhist nun.
  • Sigrun Hodne
    If it had been possible I would have gone to study with Pema Chodron. Since it isn't, I have to go for second best - listening to her wonderful teachings on audio. I believe she must be the wisest woman around.
  • Mathias Perez
    This woman is a treasure. She presents her lessons without judgment and offers brilliant insight.
  • Bea
    I didn't rate this when I listened to it but I've never listened to Pema Chödrön without learning something valuable.
  • Elizabeth
    1995 6 cassettes
  • Debbe
    I've said it several times before....