Six Plays of Strindberg by August Strindberg

Six Plays of Strindberg

August Strindberg one of the founders of the modern theater, a playwight whom Bernard Shaw considered "the only genuinely Shakespearian modern dramatist" and of whom Sean O'Casey exclaimed, "Strindberg, Strindberg, Strindberg, the greatest of them all."This collection offers the most famous of his plays. It includes three examples of his naturalism -- The Father, 1887; Miss Julie, 1883; The Stronger, 1890 -- two of his expressionism -- A Dream Pl...

Details Six Plays of Strindberg

TitleSix Plays of Strindberg
Release DateMay 16th, 1955
PublisherDoubleday Anchor Press
GenreDrama, Plays, Theatre, Classics, Literature

Reviews Six Plays of Strindberg

  • Abraham
    Enjoyed all plays. Particularly the father, the stronger and the ghost sonata.
  • Sarah
    I hate Strindberg. I hate what he thinks about women. I hate what he thinks about existence. I hate some of his stagecraft.But I can't deny that these six plays demonstrate a master at work. This guy's stuff is weird. Really weird. And because he lets his demons howl on the page, I can't dismiss him. And because his pain is great, I can't look away or plug my earholes. Some may say no work is worth sticking around for if it's just sloshing out pr...
  • Jayan Parameswaran
    The recently concluded Bangalore Theater Festival, staged Stindberg's master piece Miss Julie, performed by an amateur troupe from Delhi. The book was with me for over a month and I thought this was the right time to read Strindberg. Unlike some of the older play you read, what impresses one with these plays are its relevance despite a century passed since they were originally written and staged. This is my first read of strindberg and I guess, t...
  • Ann-Marie
    I'm very out of touch with theatre, but I enjoyed this collection of Strindberg's plays more than I thought I would. I'm someone who often needs explanatory texts to point out the subtleties and metaphors. There wasn't a great deal of that here, but certainly enough to make me appreciate the work more than I ordinarily would.
  • Alli
    Strindberg is, as always, a classic. I would love to see these plays performed in order to really see the depth of his works.
  • John Lucy
    Other than The Stronger, there's hardly anything very creative here. A one-act play with only two characters, where one sits the entire time and the other speaks the entire time, is quite risky but Strindberg pulls it off. That play is what lifted the average rating to two stars.The only other play worth reading, I think, is The Father. Yet that play is so sexist, at least from our contemporary perspective, that getting through it all these years...
  • laura
    man, he's weird.
  • Justin K. Rivers
    Good base collection, I particularly enjoy The Ghost Sonata.
  • Martha Mega
    Un misógino de mierda bastante talentoso.
  • Strawbeary
    I don't know a whole lot about this man's life but after reading his his plays...I'm thinking he had some "issues..." hehe.