Santa's Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki

Santa's Favorite Story

Christmas may be canceled this year because Santa is too tired to deliver all his packages. The forest animals are worried, but when Santa tells them the story of the very first Christmas, when Christ was born, the animals discover the true spirit of the season.

Details Santa's Favorite Story

TitleSanta's Favorite Story
Release DateOct 1st, 1997
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Childrens, Picture Books

Reviews Santa's Favorite Story

  • Wendy
    It was cute, especially the illustrations.
  • Mom
    This is a very nice Christmas story for children.
  • Gina
    Going through old kids books, this is a nice little story.
  • Sarah
    Last Christmas Eve, our church librarian, was visiting her daughter’s church and heard their children’s director read Santa’s Favorite Story: Santa Tells the Story of the First Christmas by Hisako Aoki. She liked it so much that you can now find a copy in our library! In the book, Ivan Ganteschev’s beautiful water colors show Santa Claus telling a group of woodland animals his favorite story, the true story of Christmas, the birth of Jesu...
  • Judy
    Neither the art nor the story worked for me. Looking at the cover, I like the tree, the Santa, and the animals, but the stump behind Santa should have given me pause. (Doesn't it look like animal legs are protruding toward the sky?) As for the story, the combination of Santa and the birth of the Christ child isn't a comfortable fit.I'm not keeping this book.
  • Shiloah
    Santa’s favorite story is the ultimate story. It’s the reason for the season. We loved this book. ❤️
  • JennE
    I discovered this book when my youngest was 10. However, it is still a story that can be shared with children. Santa tells the animals his favorite story; the birth of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas. Santa also explains that love is the best gift of all... One that is better than any present he can deliver. This is a good book to use as a way of explaining commercialism vs. doesn't send the message that Santa is bad, jus...
  • Sarah
    Lovely illustrations. The story and pictures jive well together and reflect the author's Japanese heritage. That's a bit of a stereotype, I know. There really is a calm, quiet, gentle feel to the book though.
  • Rebecca
    I'm glad Santa's favorite story is all about Jesus!
  • Kathryn
    3.5 STARS. I could really appreciate the artwork and effort here, but ultimately just not my style and seemed a little too forced at trying to fit in the "message."
  • Nicole
    Santa grew tired during a walk in the woods and stopped to take a nap. The woodland creatures saw him and thought Christmas was arriving early. As word spread through the forest, they excitedly gathered around sleeping Santa, waiting for him to wake up. When he did, he told them the story of the birth of Christ on the very first Christmas. After the story, the animals accompany Santa to the North Pole to help him get ready for Christmas. Santa te...
  • Twinkle
    I had high hopes for this book, as I thought the concept of a cross-over Santa/Jesus story was an interesting idea. In this tale, Santa falls asleep in the forest while trying to get in shape for Christmas Eve (cute!) and is woken by some worried woodland animals who think Christmas may be in jeopardy. Santa calms their fears by telling them about the first ever Christmas.The more I read this book the more I like it. Both the message and the illu...
  • Katherine
    This book was in my house and I pulled it out because I remembered reading it every Christmas with my parents. This book might be a little difficult to read in class because it is strictly about Christmas but it could be good if you taught at a private Catholic school, or even if you read this book as one of the many books you would read to your class about different types of religion, whatever you chose is fine but this book has very beautiful i...
  • Jenn
    In this book, Santa tells us the true meaning of Christmas. It's a good way to introduce kids to both the secular concept of Santa as well as the religious meaning of the holiday. It doesn't explain about St. Nicholas, but the message that Christmas is about God and love instead of presents.My Favorite Picture:The sheep and shepherds at the manger in Bethlehem.The style of these illustrations looks to be watercolor on a very familiar textured hea...
  • Volkert
    "No, no, no," said Santa in a kindly voice, "Christmas hasn't got anything to do with me. Sit down and I'll tell you all the story of the first Christmas.""Santa's Favorite Story" is an attractively illustrated (with watercolors) picture book for children, which helps to de-emphasize Santa's role in Christmas, and helps to place the focus where it should belong. I'm sure the real Saint Nicholas would agree that it's part of his favorite story as ...
  • Linda
    I found this little treasure after my own children were pretty much grown and gone; being a collector of children's books and also Christmas books, the fact that I wouldn't have anyone to read it to didn't deter me from picking it up and putting it on my Christmas shelf. The gentle watercolors and lovely telling give a decidedly different feel to this story. It's kind of a sleeper and definitely one to be treasured.
  • Seth
    PB:22 Santa's Favorite Story. Simply one of the most touching stories about the true meaning of Christmas and the blessings we take for granted each day yet are still loved by our Savior. As a child, we think Christmas is mainly filled with gifts and presents yet there is so much more to it. I highly recommend reading this to children at an early age so they can understand Christmas in many better ways!
  • Jen
    This is my daughter's favorite Christmas book. We read it every night. It's a sweet, simple little book where Santa explains that Christmas is not about him, but about the first Christmas when Jesus was born. I love that while it keeps the Santa mystery, Santa himself makes sure that the true reason for this season is known. Highly recommend for parents who want to do Santa with their kids without losing sight of Jesus.
  • Naomi Bodway
    A charming children's book that finds Santa explaining that Christmas REALLY isn't all about him...and he shares with the animals of the forest the story of the birth of the Christ Child. I love to give this as a gift to children, in a humble attempt to keep Christ in the Christmas. Beautiful illustrations and a poignant simple story.
  • Leslie
    Santa tells the story of Jesus' birth in this delightful Christmas story. This is another book my parents introduced me to in my youth. I was so delighted when I found it last year to add to our family Christmas collection.
  • Melanie
    I have always been enchanted with the idea of Santa having a deep love for the baby Jesus, and this story carries that theme. Santa gets to tell the story of the First Christmas to a small gathering of woodland animals.
  • Jj
    This is one of the few picture books I can think of with Santa Claus and Jesus TOGETHER. Lovely soft illustrations and a gentle manner overall. This will be a recommendation for those requests I get every holiday season for stories for young children with both S.C. and J.C. in them.
  • Kathy Miles
    This is such a sweet little story and the soft watercolor pictures are beautiful. I love that it have the true story of Christmas but it includes Santa too. This book has been out of print for quite awhile so you will have to look for it used or at a library. Totally worth hunting down.
  • Megan
    This is one of my favorite Christmas books ever. I read it every Christmas.
  • E
    The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful; a nice change from the usually bombastic, bright images associated with Santa and Christmas.
  • Sally
    Such a sweet and tender story! Did you know that Santa's favorite story is about the birth of Jesus?
  • Katie
    An awesome combination of the Santa portion of Christmas that is celebrated by popular culture and the telling of the biblical Christmas story.
  • Josette
    Interesting concept--Santa accurately tells the story of the first Christmas.
  • JoDean
    Santa's favorite story is the birth of Christ.
  • Andrea
    I highly recommend everyone read this book to their children. This day isn't just Santa and presents after all. :-)