Global Divas by Martin F. Manalansan IV

Global Divas

A vivid ethnography of the global and transnational dimensions of gay identity as lived by Filipino immigrants in New York City, Global Divas challenges beliefs about the progressive development of a gay world and the eventual assimilation of all queer folks into gay modernity. Insisting that gay identity is not teleological but fraught with fissures, Martin Manalansan IV describes how Filipino gay immigrants, like many queers of color, are creat...

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TitleGlobal Divas
Release DateDec 10th, 2003
PublisherDuke University Press Books
GenreNonfiction, GLBT, Queer, Anthropology, LGBT, Philosophy, Theory, Queer Studies, Academic, College, History, Gender and Sexuality

Reviews Global Divas

  • maricar
    (excerpt from a paper critique:)…In recalling my reading of the author’s vignettes, it appears that he has dearth of representative informants—the bulk of his life histories were culled from bakla who have come from urbanized centers of the Philippines, living relatively well-to-do lives. As such, motivations among them for going abroad may be attributed to a longing for a change in lifestyle or social scene, or to assuage an emotional/roma...
  • sdw
    This book examines the life narratives of Filipino gay men living in New York in the 1980s and 1990s. The book moves between block quotations from informers to blocks of cultural analysis. The author is concerned with cultural citizenship, or a sense of belonging and a right to belong. Performance is a key theme through which he analyzes the lives of the men he interviews. He refutes an understanding of cultural citizenship as a process of assimi...
  • Ai Miller
    This was a delightful read that really interrogates ideas about a global gay culture by instead focusing on the ways that Filipino gay men experience their own identities and the world around them. Manalansan delicately uses his informants' interviews to highlight a diverse set of topics like family, relationships with religion (specifically Catholicism) and relationships with friends and lovers, as well as AIDS. Some of it I felt was touched on ...
  • Matt Sautman
    Manalasan’s work here is highly readable and fascinating. While on the surface this work may appear to appeal to only those readers who are interested in the intersections of Filipino and queer identities, Global Divas also interrogates such notions as cultural citizenship and the way space functions as a way to relegate identity. I feel as if Manalasan could have done more with his academic interrogation here regarding how the diaspora reflect...
  • Lance
    This is a well-done ethnography the shows the complexities of nationality, ethnicity, class, and sexuality and how they intersect in ways that do not match the "grand narratives" of the West or America. Most of all, this book is great for getting a grasp of methodology that can help examine the Transnational perspective. He starts with broad life narratives, then narrows down to daily life and geography, ending on specific rituals and groups.
  • Arḡie Boto
    It'll be epic, probably.