The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre

The Artist in the Office

A guide to living a creative life from 9 to 5 and beyond. Based on the hit handmade 'zine, The Artist in the Office is an inspirational, interactive book for any artist living in the real world. It encourages small acts of creativity and a simple shift of perspective to help readers bring their artistic selves into the workplace and thrive in all aspects of their lives. Readers are prompted to undertake a wide range of liberating activities, from...

Details The Artist in the Office

TitleThe Artist in the Office
Release DateFeb 2nd, 2010
PublisherPerigee Books
GenreNonfiction, Art, Self Help, Language, Writing, How To, Business, Adult, Crafts, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels

Reviews The Artist in the Office

  • Stephanie
    I LOVED this! It's a great book about claiming your identity as an artist in the world and a wonderful complement to The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. A very quick read but valuable and inspiring!
  • Scott Waldyn
    For starters, this book is geared toward younger artists or those entering the workforce for the first time. And it's a great, fun, thoughtful, and super energetic book. It's exactly what I would have wanted to hear when I graduated college, and I can't stress how empowering this author's energy and voice is.There are many activities in here, and the art and design are fun to take in. If I had one criticism, I would say this book could use some n...
  • Honey
    مساء الخيرات ..قرائتي قليلة ومتقطعة الفترة السابقة .. لكن قدرت أقرأ هالكتاب الجميل ..الفنان في المكتب أو The Artist in the office .. فكرة الكتاب تتلخص ب كيف تقضي يومك كفنان في العمل ..كيف تضيف لعملك المتعة والمغامرة .. حتى لايتسلل اليأس والملل لحياتك في ظل الروتين...
  • Kate
    So I know my job is already "creative," but you can always add some more creativity to your life! Finished this book in pretty much one sitting. It was pretty cute. I liked a lot of the author's ideas. It really made me feel optimistic and empowered, but as soon as I brought it home, Mike scoffed at it for being too "hipster-ish." Anyway, I think it had some creative ideas on how to foster your own creativity in and out of work. But more importan...
  • Audrey
    easy read, simple strategies, good thoughts on how you spend your time
  • Andrea Laurion
    Perfect book for all the angsty 22 years in your life. I wish I would have read this when I was first out of college.
  • Melissa Conner
    When I first read The Artist in the Office, I immediately felt ready to write my next book. This book is like bubblegum for artists, filled with positive quotes and writing suggestions, humorous drawings and motivational stories.In the introduction, the writer says, “This little book isn’t about not working, it’s about acknowledging the work we do. It’s about waking up in the life we inhabit now instead of putting off life for later.” M...
  • Miranda
    I'm usually against the self-help book. They tend to say the same thing, the "duh" goes off in your mind, you close the book, and continue your abandoned life. But I was happy to try out this book after hearing an NPR interview and an article over on Etsy. Summer Pierre has a way of opening your eyes to the "duh" and helping you along the way with many excercises and thought provoking questions. It quickly became more than how to make art outside...
  • Wendy
    This book not only has adorable art but is a great inspiration to any creative person who is bored at their desk job. It is a funny and truthful look at how creative souls can flourish at "wage slave" jobs. It reminds us to be grateful for the jobs that we would rather not be doing because they provide us with the means to do what we love. It also inspires creativity at work or on your lunch break without hindering productivity or putting your jo...
  • Mira Domsky
    A fantastic self help book for artistic personalities who work in non-artistic professions. It helps you to incorporate art into your daily lifestyle at work and at home, and to recognize how you can live your ideal artistic life, or something close to it, while working a day job. It has really energized me, and reminded me about the good things in life.
  • Matthew Ciarvella
    A quick, peppy read to restore your flagging creative spirit. If you've read all the "how to write or art or music" books already and you're still feeling down, this book will be an infusion of good will and encouragement to get you moving again. I quite enjoyed myself and feel reengaged to pick up work on my own novel, which has sadly slacked off over the past several weeks.
  • ayanami
    Cute little book with fun illustrations about how to be creative and live as an artist while holding down a day job. I don't think it offers much that is different from other books in this vein, like Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, but I do like that this one has activities for you to do (eg. List things you can do for 10-15 min that go toward your creative life, all the ways you are already living your ideal life, things...
  • Susan
    This book has a solid combination of fun and seriousness, lightness and deep thoughts, art and words, writing and exercises. I found the advice given easy to follow, especially as Pierre is someone who has 'been there' and even 'is there', so she knows what she is talking about. I have tried a few of the exercises and found them enjoyable and able to help get me out of a slump that I have been in lately. I really appreciated this book and the tho...
  • Kelly
    Funny that some reviewers pegged this as aimed at young artists entering the workforce: I’m in my late 40s (and not an artist) but got a LOT out of it. Loads of ideas for just getting through any given work week with a more positive and interesting framing. Would recommend it to anyone feeling stuck in a job, suffering from burnout, or hitting mid-career doldrums.
  • Stef
    I like the concept of this book, but it seemed short, and I think most artists with office jobs realize how to or already do most of the provided suggestions.
  • Liz
    Simple, yet uplifting.
  • Allie
    This is part of a review I wrote for Read @ MPL about books for creative New Year's Resolutions. The other books reviewed are Steal Like an Artist and What It Is.Artists often have to work day jobs to make ends meet, and even people with no aspiration to be a professional artist might need an artistic outlet. This book provides artistic ideas about how to use your surroundings and the materials at hand to create small projects and incorporate cre...
  • Tatiana
    This book is so helpful and needed. It was a talking-to, tough love from someone who totally knows me and what I struggle with. Pierre told me about how I'm free, and why I choose to work the jobs I do. Yes choose. A job is full of validation and freedom. A job pays me in ways I don't think of, like social interaction, magic lessons, and exercise. The big lesson I learned is that if I'm not creative with a 9-5 job, I'm not creative. I can't blame...
  • Laurie
    This book turned out to be something very different from what I expected. My first read-through left me thinking that aside from some cute ideas for diversions at work, the book wasn't for me, it was geared towards artists. But when I read it a second time, really read it as opposed to having skimmed it, I realized that it was geared towards anyone looking to find a way to live their ideal life or at least those wanting to make their ideals jive ...
  • Estela
    A quick read with great suggestions and activities so liven up your work life. I really enjoyed this book, because it was very inspiring. I work 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday and am a creature of habit and routine. With making some lists and answering the questions, I found simple changes I can make to better live my life. I also feel more inspired to change things that I've been putting off. I think this book also helped me realize all the...
  • Elizabeth
    This was a good book about injecting your creativity into what you do and NOT segmenting your life so much as in: now this is work time, now this is play time, now this is personal time. Instead, have it all flow together. And you will accomplish more as well as be happy. I think that is a fair assessment. The most compelling message was DON'T PUT OFF DOING THE CREATIVE PROJECTS THAT YOU WANT TO DO!
  • Terrence
    A light and inspiring read for artists who must also hold down a "day-job" and find "free time" for their art. Overall I agree with most of the author's suggestions, however she is wrong to suggest using your employer's copy machine, office supplies, internet, etc. to make zines/comix/posters/email. Most businesses that I know would fire you on the spot for theft. Thumbs up for the picture & blurb about Ed Hammel! He's one of a kind.
  • Jane
    I picked up a couple of good tips on creating a life while paying bills. 1) Leave a message for a friend offering to meet at a coffee place to write/draw for an hour but ask them not to call back to confirm/cancel. That way you're compelled to go and use the hour. 2) If you're feeling discouraged about not meeting a goal, write down everything you HAVE done, including the books you've read. How has it helped you?
  • Melissa
    I think this book is great for anyone who has a dream other than their job/career. I love my job and I still found it helpful. It is not just for artist, anyone who has a passion or hobby outside of work would enjoy the tips. It is especially great for someone who wants to have more but who has not dedicated the time. The advise is common sense and you may feel as if you know it already, but if you do than why are you reading the book and not fol...
  • Marina Sofia
    Short and very sharp - full of no-nonsense advice, but delivered in a humorous rather than in a saintly, do-goodish, motivational speaker walking on coals kind of way. Full of eminently sensible advice and day-to-day inspiration. A book to keep coming back to when I allow myself to be discouraged or when I start procrastinating or finding excuses for not living my writing dream.
  • Robin
    This is a slim volume full of good stuff to encourage you to be creative and be an artist, even if you're temping in an office. One of the great things about working in a library is when books accidentally end up where I'm working and they turn out to be books I would like to read but didn't know it! This is one of those books.
  • Ocean
    this book came along at the exact right time in my life. it said pretty much everything i needed to hear, it has some great quotes, and is really cute to look at besides. i gave it four stars instead of five because the author insists that we are all welcome in every kind of environment, and that just ain't true! it's a major overlookage of some very real oppressions people face. sigh.
  • J
    Meh. This vegetarian was expecting a life-changing, meaty text--or, at the very least, an Amy's Pot Pie. Instead, this is a tartlet. Cute, yes. Fun, yes. Some useful stuff, yes. Page-sized quotes. Cartoons. Good times. Read this for about a half hour before I decided to re-sell it on Amazon. The NPR interview was better.
  • Keely
    This is a spiffy little book about how to bring creativity into your everyday life. The author suggests little things you can do now to be an artist in the midst of working a "real" job and living your life. With humor and wit, she offers very practical and refreshing ways to get out of your stale funk.
  • emma
    I love this. It's about doing your art/being creative where you are, in your job, instead of going off and quoting (which is f i n e and awesome, but so many books are like 'this is how you do this full time' and this book is like 'you can do what you love regardless'). So many fun ideas, very cool on the inside, love it!