Epileptic 1 [L'Ascension du Haut Mal, 1-3] by David B.

Epileptic 1 [L'Ascension du Haut Mal, 1-3]

David B.'s tribulations with his brother's epilepsy, the way in which the illness determined the author's artistic vocation, with, as a backdrop, a sharply delienated parade of the chimera of the 70s, from the promise of communal living to the infatuation with macrobiotics, all combine to make of this graphic novel one of the most distinctive autobiographical works of contemporary comics.

Details Epileptic 1 [L'Ascension du Haut Mal, 1-3]

TitleEpileptic 1 [L'Ascension du Haut Mal, 1-3]
Release DateJul 1st, 2002
PublisherFantagraphics Books
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction, Biography, Cultural, France

Reviews Epileptic 1 [L'Ascension du Haut Mal, 1-3]

  • Emm the Bookmunculus - Half Human, Half Library
    Epileptic, or L'Ascension du Haut Mal is difficult to review on several levels. For one, it is a memoir, and for two, it is heavily stylized and surreal in a way that actually makes it seem more personal and frank. A lot of issues are interpreted as literal monsters. His brother's severe epilepsy is portrayed as a dragon which can sometimes be mollified, but never tamed.The story David B. has to tell is fascinating, sad, strange, sometimes even f...
  • owl
    *review pake gaya "ngomong sendiri"*"ayo di, kita main bola lagi.""epilepsi bukan penyakit menular dan bukan penyakit memalukan"inget gak sama iklan layanan masyarakat itu? aku sih sampe sekarang masih keinget. soalnya nempel banget di kepala. karena dulu iklan tersebut jadi bahan guyonan di lingkungan sepermainan aku. semisal, cuma karna pengen ngejek temen, jadi pake kata-kata "ayo di, kita main lagi" yang sama artinya bergurau bahwa temenku it...
  • an
    keinginan bebas kita sangat terbatas sehingga hanya mempengaruhi 1% tindakan kita. tapi anakmu, penyakit na mengurangi keinginan bebas na kurang dari rata-rata. kita tidak bebas, tapi dia lebih lagiimajinasi masa kanak-kanak david yang tinggal dengan seorang kakak yang mengidap epilepsi ternyata telah membawa na pada sebuah karya. dunia suram yang sela ini dia sembunyikan melalui baju baja na yang berupa senyuman ternyata terkuak melalui novel gr...
  • Palsay
    ternyata menjadi seorang yang memiliki penyakit epilepsi atau seseorang yang memiliki keluarga dengan penyakit ini sangat-sangat tersiksa...saya ga pernah nyangka sampai begitu kelamnya hidup David B dan keluarganya, terutama abangnya yang memiliki penyakit ini. saya ingat dulu ada seorang teman yang serng sekali pingsan di sekolah. namun gejalanya sama sekali tidak mirip dengan epilepsi. saat itu aja saya merasa betapa sulitnya hidup menjadi dir...
  • Joe
    This is probably one of the best graphic novel form the 21st century that you will ever read. This heart warming display of how love always triumphs is a great book for all looking for a great comic to read at night or any time of the day. And to top it all off it's all a true story.
  • htanzil
    (Review Epileptik 1&2)Ada banyak cara berbagi pengalaman hidup dengan orang lain, terlebih bagi mereka yang merupakan orang-orang terkenal (politikus, artis, wartawan senior, tokoh masyarakat, dll). Umumnya kisah-kisah hidup mereka tersaji dalam bentuk tulisan yang disebut dengan memoir, biografi, autobiografi, dll, dari yang sekedar untuk menonjolkan figur dirinya guna tujuan tertentu, hingga kisah kehidupan sejujurnya baik yang baik maupun yang...
  • Huong
    Epileptic 1 by David B. is the first in a three set volume graphic novel that is a nonfiction memoir about David’s life growing up with an older brother (Jean-Christophe) who has epilepsy. This international graphic novel was originally written in French and later translated to English. The drawings in this book are in black and white, which adds to the serious tone of this book and some of the darkness of the topics the plot touches on. During...
  • Nadia Fadhillah
    Tadinya aku tidak mengerti apa arti epileptik. Ternyata penyakit Epilepsi. Novel-grafis ini bercerita tentang keluarga penulisnya yang memiliki anak tertua, kakak lelaki David, yang memiliki penyakit epilepsi.Penyakit epilepsi ini diceritakan dianggap penyakit menjijikkan sehingga dicemooh masyarakat sekitar. Selain itu, penyakit ini pun dimanfaatkan oleh banyak dokter dan ilmuwan untuk diteliti dan nantinya mereka bisa terkenal. Aku suka sekali ...
  • Sarah
    This was a tough read. I think it might have done well with some additional editing. The vast expanses of description of the various therapies and movements that the author's family tried in their search for a cure for their son with epilepsy were needlessly long, and there were several vignettes that seemed a bit out of place or unnecessary. That said, the graphic style was intricate and disturbing; at times the author's style seemed very origin...
  • Zephyr
    The original book was in French and to my amazement it was translated to Indonesia by Gramedia. Kudos for Gramedia for translating this book. It is not a typical commercial book that can get easily sold so there's must be some one in Gramedia who really did enjow the high concept of comic book!The book, in my humble opinion, is an honest painfull expression of how epilepsy on one man ( the writer's older brother) impact the writer and his family ...
  • Kirsten
    This is volume one of the awesome memoir of a young man growing up in France in the 1960s and 70s. David's older brother, Jean-Christophe, suffers from intractable epilepsy, sometimes suffering multiple seizures per day. When all medical science can offer is doping Jean-Christophe into catatonia or risky surgery that could lead to blindness or worse, David's parents start to seek answers in alternative medicine and spiritualism. The artwork and s...
  • Jessica
    Epileptic 1 translates the first three installments of L'Ascension du Haut-Mal, a six-volume series about the author's childhood experiences, as his brother develops epilepsy and the disease consumes the lives of everyone in his family. Although it deals with heartbreak, suffering, and confusion, it keeps a wonderfully touching and even funny perspective throughout.I especially liked the way that his artistry complemented his story - what appear ...
  • Eva Inzu
    Ceritanya bagus dan lengkap..?? Perpindahan cerita per panel yang cukup drastis terasa mulus buat saya, entah deh kalau pembaca lain. Yang penting saya cukup mengerti. Soal jalan cerita no comment, bagaimanapun ini cerita tentang perjuangan keluarga dan perjalanannya yang kelihatannya absurd bisa jadi memang nyata, mengingat setting waktu dan tempat. Menurutku karya Craig Thompson mirip kayak gini, setipe?!
  • Dinna Fitriyana
    have you ever picture your dead grandpa as ugly as a bird? or your yin yang master as a lion? well, david b. has. he "animalized" people. instead of making it funny or annoying, david successfully expressed his strong feeling over it. this is mesmerized me.another thing is i could proudly say that epileptic is the most honest novel i've ever read. touching? no. it just feels so true... and naive, but true :)
  • Summer
    How could I possibly give this version of Epileptic one star while giving another version five stars? Because Fantagraphics royally screwed up in the printing and distribution. I got a deal on Vol. 1 and bought it, planning to get Vol. 2 soon afterwards, but found out that they cancelled the printing of Vol. 2 in favor of making just one big book. So now I'm stuck with a superfluous half-book that's too good to throw away, but who would buy it? G...
  • Kate
    The first three parts of a six-part graphic memoir about a French youth whose family life is driven by his older brother's seizure disorder. The family joins various terrible macrobiotic communes while the kids live in their fantasies. Scary, dark, and I can't get it out of my head that the author may have inadvertently caused the epilepsy by pushing his brother down the stairs all those time. I love the monsters representing disease, and the sto...
  • Allie
    This seemed so much like a book I would love, but it turned out to be pretty boring. I felt no emotional connection to the text. The illustrations are also very childish, and (for me) detracted from the story. The redeeming qualities of this are its uniqueness and the fact that diseases are drawn as physical creatures.
  • Elizabeth
    From my blog:Epileptic has been on my to-read list for a while, and I finally got around to it last night/today. It was quietly violent and a little gut-wrenching and mostly a good, intelligent, memorable read. I would've liked to have read it in the original language (French) - and am also looking forward to David B's other work, if I can find it.
  • Milka
    Novel grafis yang satu ini beda banget grafisnya dibandingkan novel-novel grafis lain terbitan GPU. Baru selesai dengan seri 1, dan mulai berharap seri 2 nya bakal sama serunya. Gambar-gambarnya gelap tapi meriah, ceritanya pekat tapi dikisahkan dengan keceriaan. Semacam satir yang membuat kecanduan, tidak tahan tidak membaca sekaligus sampai habis :)
  • Tarum
    Jadi ingat saudara sepupu yang juga menderita epilepsi. Pengalaman keluarganya juga mirip seperti keluarga David, dari dokter ke dokter, dari pengobatan alternatif satu ke yang lainnya, puncaknya di operasi di Semarang, tapi tidak ada hasil.Jika seorang anggota keluarga menderita penyakit kronis, semua anggota yang lain pasti merasakan dampak langsung.
  • Aklam Panyun
    Ini novel grafis keren banget! Ingatan saya langsung terbang ke film Persepolis yang hitam putih itu. Narasinya nggak biasa dan illustrasinya imajinatif. Lebih dari semua itu: buku ini mengajak jujur dengan perasaan kita sendiri.
  • Rahman seblat
    novel grafis yang memikat. saat pertama memegang buku ini. jangan hiraukan bacaannya dulu. nikmati goresan dan gambar david b yang dahsyat dan imajinatif. baru, pelan-pelan, kunyahlah isi buku. akan ada petualangan fantastis tentang seorang penderita epilepsi disana.
  • Mel
    dark. tapi coretan gambarnya menurut saya bagus (ini novel grafis).bagaimana dengan memoar-nya? dengan dibubuhi sedikit fiksi atau tanpa, bagi saya kisah hidup tetap dapat dinikmati. karena telah memberi saya kesempatan untuk membaca 'skenario' hidup orang lain. 3.5 bintang.
  • Asna
    Epileptik dipenuhi gambar-gambar yang tidak menyenangkan untuk dilihat, suram dan tidak jelas. Tapi ceritanya sangat jujur dan entah bagaimana, saya tidak bisa melepaskan mata saya dari tiap halaman karena penasaran bagaimana kisah ini akan berakhir.
  • Franky
    Novel terjemahan Perancis versi omnibus terbaik yang pernah saya baca. Mengingatkan pada Paris J'Taime. Voila!!!
  • Levine
    Baru sempet baca, setelah 5bulan di lemari. So far, this graphic novel is attractive and honest!
  • HeavyReader
    I wasn't so thrilled by this comic.It is really dark, which is fine, but it just kind of bothered me, instead of making me feel any deep emotion.
  • Adien Gunarta
    gambarnya bagus. Penuh pengetahuan dan perasaan.
  • Kate Mildew
    I have not read many graphic novels but I really loved this one. Incredibly honest look at a family struggling with an incurable disease and a tonne of interesting anecdotes about various healers.