The Promised War (Sam Deker, #1) by Thomas Greanias

The Promised War (Sam Deker, #1)

Deep beneath the ancient city of Jerusalem lies a secret that knows no bounds, devastating enough to reach across time. History's greatest spy story begins here. For a millennium, Jerusalem's Temple Mount has been at the center of war and death. There's never been a time when blood wasn't spilled upon this ancient, sacred site. Flash forward to present-day Jerusalem, where 35-year-old Israeli counterterrorism agent Sam Deker has just thwarted the...

Details The Promised War (Sam Deker, #1)

TitleThe Promised War (Sam Deker, #1)
Release DateJun 15th, 2010
PublisherAtria Books
GenreThriller, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Religion, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Reviews The Promised War (Sam Deker, #1)

  • Hermien
    Quite unbelievable but not un-entertaining.
  • Ed
    I am so proud of myself. I dumped the book a third of the way in. It's a mish-mash of thriller, fantasy and historical fiction. Very poorly written with impossibly stereotyped characters. I realized that I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen so I skipped to the last three, mercifully short chapters, and voila, I was right.The ending is also unbelievable because the whole book is based on an unbelievable premise followed by an unbel...
  • Kim
    I found this a very average book. An interesting premise but it wasn't told in the best way. A bit convoluted and at times frustrating. Good for a read only if there's nothing else available.
  • George
    Not bad. His Atlantis books are much better! A couple of good twists here, but the time travel element didn't really work well for me. Space/Time continuum is always tricky. But I enjoyed it enough that I'll read the second book in the trilogy and wonder if the promised third book will ever come out. If you want to read amazingly good fiction from this author, check out the Atlantis books. They are excellent! (Yes, I said it twice...yes, it bears...
  • Philip R Elvidge
    I enjoyed this novel very much all be it a bit predictable, still a good Interesting read
  • Tony
    Thomas Greanias- The Promised War (Pocket Star Books 2011) 3.25 StarsSam Deker works for Israels counterterrorism unit and he has just been captured in a trap. While being tortured for information he manages to escape. Somehow he is taken back in time and is found by the Israelites waiting to invade Jericho. He must now become a spy once again and save the Israelites of the past as well as the future.The intro was decent, not great, but not bad e...
  • Bernie Charbonneau
    I enjoy reading historical fiction and so when I saw this book on the shelf of my library I took it home. Having not read any previous novels by this author or having heard of him before, I wasn't sure what to expect. First, this has to be one of the easiest books that I have ever read. Not being the fastest reader by far, I read this book in a 24 hr. sitting. Second, don't let this fool you by thinking it is trash it isn't. I found that Mr. Grea...
  • John Hanscom
    I am going to be generous to this book, which is sort of a Jewish "DiVinci Code," though pro religion instead of against. The thesis is a little silly, that two members of Israeli intelligence are somehow transported back in time to when Joshua fights the battle of Jericho, one of whom speaks not one but two ancient languages. The ending is both predictable and too cute. However, the book in-between works, and is exciting, As a person who has bee...
  • Mark Muckerman
    Not bad. Decent story, and another easy "brain candy" read. I liked the historical tie-in, and to a place and time not often seen in this type of historical fiction novel. The overall premise was interesting, but written a bit simply - I'm no genius, but the antagonist plot line and scenario vehicle was transparent early on. My only other issue is that the wrap up was too quick. A problem I'm seeing more and more in stories of this type: good sto...
  • Donald
    The Promised War is the fourth book by Greanias that I've read. I loved the three Atlantis books and so I was excited to read this one. After reading the preview and finding that the book takes place in biblical times and ties into the story of the fall of Jerico I was really curious. In short, the story is pretty interesting from the start through most of the book. The ending felt a bit rushed to me. I would have liked another chapter or two to ...
  • C.O. Bonham
    I don't know what to say about this book. It has so many levels. On one level it's a time travel novel about two Israeli Defense Force operatives who find themselves in ancient Israel before the battle of Jericho. On another level it's a political and religious commentary. Trying to explain what I mean would provide too many spoilers. to conclude the plot is a bit predictable and the author never really takes a theological stand. The author mixes...
  • James Kidd
    Oh dear. I read 2 chapters today. I have given up. I hate giving up! I did not like the writing and especially did not like how the main character escapes seemingly with ease and then his confederate produces a gun from nowhere. Just poor writing. No thanks. I have not read the other books by this author and given the tag line promise of being like James Rollins, I had high hopes. Avoid. Glad it was a library book.
  • Rob
    Strange premise, haltingly executed. Plot twists were not well thought out, not well explained. Did not rise to the criteria of "willing suspension of disbelief" that I was told all good fiction must meet. Started his second book "The 34th Degree" and found out there was a "Sam Deker #1", so compulsively had to read it first. If it isn't better, his second book may be my last from him.
  • James
    Thomas Greanias proving to me to be an authro I would like to see more of. The idea of taking the story back to the days of the Old Testament as a means of obtaining information from the key character was good. Now will look to read more biblical related stories.
  • Sue
    I struggled with the first few chapters of this book, but I gave it a chance. I don't regret it, the story really came into its own, after Deker goes back in time. It was enthraling and I couldnt put it down. This is the first novel I've read by this author, and I'd like to read more.
  • Wilde Sky
    Two Israeli agents are apparently transported back in time to the siege of Jericho.The writing / narrative is difficult to follow only really making sense / being interesting for the last hundred odd pages.
  • John Betts
    A pretty good thriller, though the end does stumble a bit. An Israei special-ops soldier while on a dangerous mission is transported back in time to ancient Jericho, where he joins the Israelite invasion of Canaan. Or is it all a hoax? Hmm... You'll have to read it to find out.
  • Tommy
    I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as I did the Atlantis trilogy. I couldn't get into the whole concept of the main characters going back in time to help fight the battle of Jericho. Hopefully his next book will be more like the first three.
  • Steve Schlutow
    I liked this book.. It was definitely different, and unexpected.. I like surprises, and the book got me reading the Old Testament again.. It was an enjoyable popcorn-adventure-reading book..
  • Marika
    Didn't like it. Nothing like his others. Kept getting confused.
  • Steven Raszewski
    Good quick read, entertaining story.
  • Melissa
    I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't find it very compelling and eventually gave up on it. I couldn't follow the plot or cared about the characters.
  • Dennis
    Well-written: 5Accessible: 5Kept Attention: 5Meaningful: 1Must Read: 3 (if you like the political/mystery thriller genre)