The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

Every first Sunday in June, members of the Moses clan gather for an annual reunion at “the old home place,” a sprawling hundred-acre farm in Arkansas. And every year, Samuel Lake, a vibrant and committed young preacher, brings his beloved wife, Willadee Moses, and their three children back for the festivities. The children embrace the reunion as a welcome escape from the prying eyes of their father’s congregation; for Willadee it’s a prec...

Details The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

TitleThe Homecoming of Samuel Lake
Release DateJul 12th, 2011
PublisherRandom House
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, American, Southern

Reviews The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    The Lake family heads home to the Moses clan every year for the yearly reunion. Samuel Lake usually leaves his wife Willadee and three children there while he runs to see what congregation he will be assigned to preach at for the coming year. This year Willadee's father dies and they find out that Sam has no flock to preach at. So they move in at the Willadee's mom's home. That happens to be a store and all night bar. The Lakes youngest child Swa...
  • Dem
    Jenny Wingfield's debut novel The Homecoming of Samuel Lake is a real gem !Set in rural south Arkansas in the 1950s this story is about the Moses family and when good and evil cross paths and its consequences, but above all else it is about the love courage and struggle of a family and rural live. I loved the title of this Novel and was intrigued to see where this story was going and Jenny Winfield’s tale really flows from the opening line . ( ...
  • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    There’s a lot of well deserved buzz about this debut novel. Circa 1950's Southern lit with terrific characters, clever dialog and a story that hooks from page one. If you’re into realistic fiction and looking for some great escapism you’ve found it. In a nutshell it’s the story of Samuel Lake, a flockless Methodist minister forced to return to his roots, the home of his wife’s family on a backwoods farm in Arkansas, a tight knit clan wi...
  • Angela M
    From the title you might assume this is just about Samuel Lake , the minister who loses his congregations and moves from church to church but the precocious, kind hearted , eleven year old Swan Lake and the little boy named Blade that she tries desperately to protect were for me the center of the story. From the title you might assume that it's just about Samuel Lake but it is about so much more - good and evil , darkness and joy , love and infid...
  • Jen
    This was a gem of a book. Truly "a diamond in a turnip patch." This is a story of innocence ending when bad things happen to good people. A story of redemption, hope and faith. Of miracles happening when one least expects it, especially for Sam Lake, a preacher who is without a pulpit and his faith beginning to wane; and his daughter, Swan Lake, who captures the innocence and purity that only a child can have. Grab a tissue as this story will mak...
  • Cheri
    The Moses clan gathers annually on the old hundred acre family homestead, home now to Calla and John Moses. Annually, Samuel Lake and his wife, Willadee Moses, head from Louisiana to the family reunion in Arkansas with their three children in tow. Samuel Lake is a good and loving husband to Willadee, a loving father to his children Noble, Swan and Bienville, a passionate preacher to his congregation.Samuel and Willadee’s daughter, eleven year o...
  • Melissa Crytzer Fry
    This novel will have you thinking about faith and miracles in a whole different light. Debut novelist Jenny Wingfield conjures a cast of characters fresh and imaginative – all set against the lush backdrop of a rural Arkansas farming landscape in the ‘50s.“I think maybe miracles are something everybody has to find out about for themselves.” This astute knowledge comes from one of the key characters, a likable, resilient pre-teen Swan, and...
  • Crystal Craig
    Recommended Reading The Homecoming of Samuel Lake is just one of those books you must read. My attention grabbed as soon as I read the first sentence."John Moses couldn’t have chosen a worse day, or a worse way to die if he’d planned it for a lifetime."The story takes place in the backwoods of Arkansas. The characters, especially the children are fun. As I read, I found myself laughing out loud several times. "Here I've been, dogging your tra...
  • Cathrine ☯️
    DNFI made it a third of the way. I do not want to read books that contain animal and child abuse.
  • Karen
    4.5 starsThis book is just so good, touched on every emotion, I loved the Moses clan and especially the children.
  • Cher
    4.5 stars - Incredible. I really loved it.I blew through this one in 2 days and loved it from the first paragraph. It's southern lit set in Arkansas in the 1950's, which does not have a romance-centric plot and does not focus on the overdone racial tropes. Can we please, please get more of these?? The author delicately balances the power of hope against a realistic portrayal of the cruelty in our world. Her characters are memorable and there are ...
  • Bette Crosby
    Awesome book...loved the story, the pacing, the language. Were it possible, this would be a six star fro me.
  • Diane Barnes
    First, let me thank Cher for writing such a good review that I went straight to my library and checked this one out. I hadn't come across it before and it wasn't on my book radar at all. I opened it up to page 1 and fell in.In 1956, Samuel Lake takes his wife, Willadee, and his 3 kids to her family reunion at the old home place in Arkansas. The Moses family is big, rambunctious, noisy and loving, with a lot of history, resentment, jealousies and ...
  • Laura
    This book started out as a 5-star read. Then the villains became overly villainous and one-dimensional, the writing was just ok, and when it wasn't predictable it stretched believability beyond belief. There are a couple of characters who are interesting, but not worth reading the book for. My advice? Don't waste your time. Oh, and if you have issues with domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse, then you have three more reasons to skip th...
  • Sheree
    I'm not ready to leave, it can't be over ... this is hands down, without a doubt, my favourite read this year and I can't thank my friend Staci enough for recommending it. You know when you come across a treasure that is too good not to share, a book that you want everyone to read and love just as much as you do. This is that book. To borrow words from The Homecoming of Samuel Lake ... it's "enough to make your heart fill up and burst"Jenny Wingf...
  • Deb
    Gushing, just gushing with love for this book. Ugh I could cry again just writing about it. It is extremely rare that a book touches me like this one just did. It is also rare for me to give anything 5 stars but when a book evokes so much emotion that you cannot control yourself when reading in public, that is a sure sign of something phenomenal.I loved this family: sassy Swan, and teddy bear Toy, Willadee and Sam, Blade, Calla all of them! Well,...
  • Diane S ☔
    4 1/2 The story about a preacher and his family in the 1950's in Arkansas> when Sam Lake is not given a church for the year by the Methodist congregation the Lakes return home to Arkansas. There they encounter violence, but redemption too and the wonderful power of family and love. It is the children that make the book, Swan Lake is 10 and has 2 brothers and a small boy that she needs to save from the violence of his father. Another extremely wel...
  • Tony
    Wingfield, Jenny. THE HOMECOMING OF SAMUEL LAKE. (2011). ***. This first novel from this author who has several successful screenplays under her belt is likely destined to be a best seller. The reviews have all been glowing – to the point where the reader feels constrained to love the book, too. I thought it was capably written, but on the level of a YA novel told like Bible stories for children. It is the story of the Lake family from southern...
  • ☮Karen
    I love this book and this author. I have discovered that she wrote the screenplay for The Man in the Moon, one of my favorite coming of age movies; so no wonder I loved this! Another reason could be that it reminded me a lot of To Kill a Mockingbird and the Joe R. Lansdale books I have enjoyed. Similar setting in the rural South, similar characters -- a couple of precoscious children with gumption to spare, adults spewing wisdom, and an evil neig...
  • Camie
    The homecoming is that of Samuel Lake, an out of work Methodist minister, who finding himself without a flock, during the depression era, returns to his Alabama backwoods roots and his wife and children at the old Moses farm, where three generations of the family clan gather. While Grandma Calla runs a general store by day in the front of the house, Uncle Toy runs an all night bar at the back, and Samuel himself holds a nightly tent revival in a ...
  • Pamela
    Raw and powerful, Southern-Gothic, faith-based fiction well-written; woven with touches of humor and childlike mischievousness and a whole heap of delightful storytelling.“I think maybe miracles are something everybody has to find out about for themselves. Telling them about it don’t make them believe, it just makes them think you’re crazy as a Bessie bug.” Faith – Hope – Fear - Honesty - Betrayal – Courage – Sin – Redemption ...
  • Tina
    Congrats Jenny Wingfield on a very good debut novel! I mentally set myself up before I finished the first chapter. I was thinking this was going to be like a cream puff - flaky on the outside and creamy on the inside with not a lot of flavor. Boy, was I wrong. The Moses and Lake families are hit with one tragedy right after the next in 1956 Arkansas and Mrs. Wingfield has created some realistic characters that you can believe in. I felt like I co...
  • Sonja Arlow
    3 starsI have yet to read Southern Fiction I don’t like and this book was no exception. Set in the 1950’s Arkansas this story has a little of everything - romance, murder, compassion, cruelty and the value of family. The characters are all lively and especially the children were a delight. We have righteous Samuel, strong-willed Willadee, scheming Bernice, lively Swan, reserved Toy and of course young Blade who will crawl into anyone’s hea...
  • Imi
    Torn on this one. On the one hand, it was a 5 star read pretty much the whole way through. I loved this family and all the characters were so full of life. But the ending absolutely crushed me and not necessarily in a good way. It was too much for me. I think I found the tone too jarring and contrasting. Most of the book is full of hope and love, but then there are the horrific violent acts (view spoiler)[committed on children including the rape ...
  • ☕Laura
    As I started reading this book I thought it was going to be one thing and then, boom, it was another thing entirely. I love a book which can take me by surprise like that. Based on the first couple of chapters I was expecting an enjoyable but somewhat light-hearted quirky-characters-in-a-large-southern-family type of story. What I was not expecting were the dark themes which would later emerge: suicide, abuse, murder, incarnate evil. What is trul...
  • Ruth Turner
    I loved it, from beginning to end.Although this story deals with the disturbing issues of child abuse and animal abuse, it is still a wonderful read. Fair warning though, you need to have a strong stomach for some sections of this book.
  • Carol
    Great book.
  • Kiki
    This was an ARC sent to me by the publisher.The ARC has a lovely cover with a bird on it, the hardcover is due to be released this coming Tuesday, July 12, 2011.This is a story of the Lake family and their return to Willadee Lake's (nee Moses) family home in Arkansas. Samuel Lake is a Methodist preacher who is moved around in the South from parish to parish with his family, (they have two sons and a daughter, until one year, a parish is not offer...
  • Louise
    I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. For a debut novel, Jenny Wingfield has penned a winner!The story opens in Columbia County, Arkansas, in 1956. The entire extended Moses clan have gathered for their annual reunion. John and Calla Moses have been hosting this reunion for years. The majority of family members live close-by with the exception of John and Calla’s daughter, Willadee, who lives down in Louisianna. She is marrie...
  • JoAnne Pulcino
    THE HOMECOMING OF SAMUEL LAKEJenny WingfieldThis is a novel that was recommended by a friend on my good reads account, and I’m so glad that she did. This is a marvelous read.This is a beautifully written debut novel. Ms. Wingfield is also a screenwriter and this would make a great film so I’ll keep watching for that!The title character is a very committed young preacher who loses his job and the only option is to move his wife and their three...