تراب الماس by أحمد مراد

تراب الماس

"للمرة الثانية بعد "فيرتيجو" يتّخذ أحمد مراد من الجريمة خلفية تكشف بأسلوب مشوّق كواليس المجتمع و الفساد المستشري وسط كل طبقاته.. وهو بذلك يؤّكد قواعد النوع الروائي الذي أصبح رائدًا له".. صنع الله إبراهيملم يكن "طه" سوى مندوب دعاية طبية في شركة أدوية؛ ...

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Titleتراب الماس
Release DateAug 21st, 2019
Publisherدار الشروق

Reviews تراب الماس

  • Engi Amin
    Hmmmm.. How shall I start..It's good, no doubt, in terms of creativity and evolution of events. I totally loved the creativity of the idea. Ahmed Mourad did an incredible effort researching and preparing for it. Diamond Dust. I bet no one who had read this novel didn't google about diamond dust! :D Found no satisfying results though, just like Taha stated! (Taha: the protagonist of the novel)Another interesting thing about it was the idea of taki...
  • Mohammed Ashour
    that was amazing! the first pages was slow to read. it took me one day to read 85 pages. and another 1 day to finish the whole book! in a moment the story becomes very exciting and takes a totally different way. I loved the author's style. he's one of my favs. now! :)
  • Abeer
    I would recommend this book to those who love crime books. It is a quick read and very interesting. I only gave it 3 stars cause I wasn't crazy about it. The story was well-built but there were parts that I got confused and couldn't totally understand what the author was meaning to say.Taha is the main protagonist, liked his character, how his father's death/murder completely turned his life upside down, from being a so typical pharmacist to the ...
  • Nahla
    "أظلم الاوقات فى تاريخ الامم هى الاوقات التى يؤمن فيها الانسان بان الشر هى الطريق الوحيد للخير "It is amazing! Main theme is same as in " Crime and Punishment" well done and perfectly reflecting political and social life in Egypt starting 1954 till now.. I guess this quote, by Taha's aunt, perfectly describe how it is like to think this way.. Raskolnikov in 'Crime and Pu...
  • Rania
    After reading this book, I find it difficult to start reading any other book! It's become my best book of all times! Ahmed Mourad is just an amazing writer! I love his language, his style, his description of setting and characters, his unprecedented sense of humour, everything! The central character in this book is Taha, a 30-year-old medical rep who works for a medical company as well as in a pharmacy. His life has been monotonous since his fath...
  • Angel Bino
    I read alot of English books and arabic too, English books always impresses me with new ideas and new writing styles while Arabic books is totally the opposite.but this book is good and it impressed me alot that I actually enjoyed it and finish in a very short time, it is a mix of drama,romance,comedy and mystery .
  • Hager Orban
    i got 5 recommendations on this book but when i read it, it is really poor filled with too much not needed sexual expressions and all what would sell but the story it self is poor and the writer is much worried of all the slogans and curses that are told in the street.
  • Mustafa Kamal
    I liked it. It 'll make you smile, laugh and engage with the characters feelings. But I feel it is for boys as it speaks from the prospective of some men (I don't know if they are few or a lot but I'm not one of them).I laughed a lot as I found the style is new for me.
  • Laila Tarek
    ._. x the number of pages in this book.
  • Ahmed Youssef
    Seems like a true story even if it's not. Started enjoying it a lot after the first two chapters.
  • Ahmed Etman
    I liked the novel but not that much....I liked how he mixes the proper Arabic with the Egyptian slang I LOVED the relationship between Taha and Sarah and how Taha is always confused and disturbed when she is around.I did not like the end as I guess it would be better if the Taha has been punished for his crimes as he is still a murderer.I guess the author is developing and he is doing it righteventually I enjoyed that two days I spent in reading ...
  • Marium Mohamed
    As a matter of fact i didn't like how the writer presented revenge and murder as the only way to justice in our country, its not realistic to see so.he presented killing to be an easy thing that the characters do many times and sometimes with no hesitation, its just not right, we talk a long time to decide to buy a piece of clothes what about killing.
  • Shireen Zayed
    A new interesting writing style for an Egyptian writer.. I enjoyed it, with all the surprises, details and different emotions in the book.The moral conflict with in the lead character, made it worthy 2 read even more .
  • Shaimaa Atef
    great!but just not convinced by how he didn't show any signs of guilt while killing any of those he killed, and how the author justified killing people in order to place justice in order !people shouldn't get away with killing other for any reason !
  • Sandra
    nice one ... good sequence of that kind that makes the book stick to your hand until you finish it ... it raises that moral question whether "killing" is a sin along the way or it can be a tool in service of humanity !!!
  • Kamal Elhoseny
    An epic thriller and a way new theme in arabic novel as I may assume .If there're others then I am not good as I think :D . I enjoyed every second reading it that's why I am giving it the highest rating .
  • هدير
    i didn’t finish it or even half of it coz it was boring ..
  • Nouran Attia
    Liked the plot .. but overuse of indecent wording
  • Nesma Mostafa
    Ahmed Morad Set the Mode.. and turned it on since the first page :)
  • Ahmed Essam Arafa
    Brilliant novel ... really brilliant
  • Shereen
    it was unexpectedly...cliche?
  • Shehab-eldin
    an unusual crime + about life style of a certain egyptian class + what it was like mostly before the revolution + great sense of humor in ''Yasser's'' character
  • Maha
    A very interesting fast paced thriller. A book that you can't put down.
  • Aya G.
    bears the fictional mystique for a reader his boundaries is spiritual ultimately,the moral chaos offended me..but the plot played it to the beat
  • Mohamed Shebl
    Really nice one .. i enjoyed reading it.
  • Ola Amen
    this book is more than amazing :)i enjoyed reading it to the max its just amazing :)
  • An Gham
    the end of the story could hve been better
  • Yomna Elsherif
    amazing ... very good one for me it amused me than ( el fel el azra2 ) .. it even gave me some new ideas
  • May Sebaie
    simply PERFECT!i loved it and really enjoyed it!
  • سلمى
    Ahmed Mourad's imagination level: 100. His writing level: 50.