Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder

Business Model Generation

Business Model Generation is a practical, inspiring handbook for anyone striving to improve a business model or craft a new one.1) Change the way you think about business modelsBusiness Model Generation will teach you powerful and practical innovation techniques used today by leading companies worldwide. You will learn how to systematically understand, design, and implement a new business model or analyze and renovate an old one.2) Co-created by ...

Details Business Model Generation

TitleBusiness Model Generation
Release DateMar 1st, 2019
PublisherAlexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur
GenreBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Nonfiction, Management

Reviews Business Model Generation

  • Marko Savić
    Why is this book worth reading for? 1. Because it has a great design. 2. Because it was published as a innovative business model.3. Because it can easily change your life.If you don't believe me, read this review.I wouldn't know exactly if there is a definition in a book, but Wikipedia says business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value (economic, social, or other forms of value). From the expe...
  • Arjen
    The subtitle of this book says "A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers". I'm sorry but I have to completely disagree. This is "A Handbook by Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers" and, in my opinion, "A Handbook for your boring conservative boss, the neighbourhood bakery selling the same old loafs of bread in the same shop for 30 years, the mayor of your incredibly dull town and for your parents". In other words, it make...
  • Alaa Bahabri
    قرأت هذا الكتاب من أجل أن نقوم أنا وأعضاء مؤسسة عالم غراس بتطوير المؤسسة من أجل خلق قدرة تنافسية عالية،والحقيقة أنني لم أقر أ الكتاب فقط ، بل كنت أقوم بشكل مباشر بتطبيقه في اجتماعات المؤسسة،النموذج الذي يقدمه الكتاب جد رائع، مميز، وسهل ، ويساعد عل...
  • Sofia
    Posted on my book blog.A book on business model innovation and how important that is for businesses n today's economic and technological climate. I was torn between giving this book 3 or 4 stars. On one hand, it's a visually beautiful book which introduces some thought-provoking and useful tools, like the Business Model Canvas. On the other hand, for most subsequent chapters I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again, with sligh...
  • Michael Scott
    Business Model Generation is one of my first readings on economics. (In my defense, I have prior experience with modeling in general, and some experience with economic models in comp.sci. and the market of distributed computing systems.) This book turned out to be a mixed blessing. On the positive side, it's an easy-to-grasp, well-structured, richly illustrated book on the concepts, patterns, and processes that underlie the generation and use of ...
  • Kars
    This book sometimes suffers a bit from style over substance. Although a nice change from regular business books, the graphic design comes across as too eager to look trendy, and many of the illustrations aren't as illuminating as they first seem. Also, the tone of voice occasionally annoyed me with its love for buzzwords. Finally, in all honesty, it gets a bit boring and too shallow towards the end. However, the book did provide me with a useful ...
  • Samar binKhamis
    ملخص من ورشة عمل بعنوان : نموذج العمل - منتدى الغد- حاضنة بادر هذا الكتاب وضع من قبل عدد من المؤلفين ، وهو يشرح نموذج العمل ، كخطوة مسبقة لخطة العمل المفصلة . نموذج العمل : هو هيكل فرضيات يشرح الأساس المنطقي الذي تتبعه الشركة لصنع قيمة معينة ، مرتبطة ب...
  • عبدالرحمن عقاب
    كتابٌ مهمّ جدًا لكلّ باحثٍ عن خيوط البدايات لأي مشروعٍ تجاري. كما أنّه مهمّ أيضًا لكلّ صاحب مشروع اضطربت حساباته، أو تداخلت أوراقه.تكمن أهميته من كونه دليلًا عمليًا، حسن العرض والترتيب. يأخذ قارئه من بداية الفكرة إلى آلية التقييم والتعديل والتطوي...
  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Se você precisar montar um modelo de negócio para ajudar a sua empresa a inovar, ou até mesmo sobreviver. Este livro é pra você, ele apresenta-lhe o ‘Business Model Canvas’ (BMC), como uma ferramenta para criar, compartilhar e entender melhor modelos de negócios.O livro aborda uma explicação profunda do BMC, detalha também padrões consolidados de modelos de negócio, ensina uma visão holística sobre o processo de design relacionad...
  • Peter
    CanvasBusiness Model Generation is simply the go-to book for developing a business model. New start businesses have gradually transformed their approach in trying to fit into templates of business models and realised that every business has its own unique business model. "A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value". This book is the roadmap.The format of the book is very engaging, very gra...
  • Ben Donahower
    The business model canvass is very popular in startup circles, however, after reading the book, a lot of people are doing it wrong or have admittedly repurposed the canvass to into how they do business.I'm sure other ideas surrounding the development of a business model canvass, Ash Maurya has a completely different approach that works with his commitment to rapid MVP development and testing, are useful but they are very different than what's pos...
  • John Seno
    Reduces business to four essential components namely; offer, infrastructure, financial viability and customer interface. These components are spread out on a big picture visual canvas called "The business model canvas" which enables us to see crucial connections and relationships within the business. This book also incorporates classic strategic management tools like PEST analysis and SWOT analysis to further enhance the value of this book. This ...
  • Jonathan Lu
    I've had this book on my shelf and after mowing it down in 24hrs, have to admit it's one of the better entrepreneurship books I've read that deserves to be up there with lean startup and blue ocean strategy. In hindsight, this would have been useful to read before I started my own business, let alone for completing business model canvasses in the three entrepreneurship classes that I bought it for.Business Model CanvasCS - Customer SegmentsMass M...
  • Oleksandr Golovatyi
    The book "Business Model Generation" can easily be called a "bible", a real reference book for innovators and entrepreneurs. Author Alexander Osterwalder together with 470 co-authors created a masterpiece. All information in the book revolves around the business model scheme, which consists of nine structural blocks:- consumer segments- value propositions- sales channels- relationship with customers- revenue streams- key resources- key activities...
  • Francesco
    Un ottimo libro con degli ottimi metodi per ideare, sviluppare e testare un modello di business esistente o da creare.Una lettura consigliata a chiunque si occupi di queste cose o anche solo ne venga saltuariamente in contatto
  • عبدالله حسن
    مع أني ما لي في الإدارة ولا كتبها بس هذا الكتاب كان تجربة جميلةمفيد لأصحاب المشاريع خاصة لمن يريد تطويرهامكتوب بطريقة شيقة جداأعطاني فكرة لا بأس بها عن عالم الأعمالأكثر شيء عجبني في الكتاب إنه يعطي طرقا عملية وتقنيات (وليس مجرد كلام أو نظريات فارغ...
  • Tadas Talaikis
    ... and I came to the Google business model. What's out of reality with this book's idea - almost nothing works liek planned in reality. Suppose, we create some business under "Google model", nope, Google realized its model in the process, not some mystical "model".In a broader sense, - probably most of the so called "success" comes as a consequence of pure old luck. We can think about it like Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... an...
  • Fab Mackojc
    Books like this help me realize that you can go very deep into business model generation and business strategy. This is a great in-depth guide to understanding one of the best business model tools out there: The Business Model Canvas.It takes common design principles like storytelling and prototyping and brings that to business model generation. The book is very nicely designed and also offers a range of helpful tips on business strategy. The SWO...
  • Tammy Whitten
    This book came highly recommended at a business workshop I attended. The way I interpreted the title and the recommendation, I anticipated a book full of charts with different business models to skim over and select the one that fit your vision.For instance, if you had this many employees in your vision, or this many products, then these are some models mapped out for you to see how they flowed.That was not what this book was at all. While I enjo...
  • Sarah
    Reading In Progress: So far a lot of great book design with pages with awful book design. Seriously some of us have dyslexia, others might have problem with low contrast. Seriously people inaccessible design is BAD design.Finished: I wanted to love this book, or at least like it. Whoever said that this book has great design is THE liar (~ableist asshole ~ knows shit about what good design is). Sans serif fonts for long texts? What the hell! Photo...
  • Mark M. Whelan
    I recently completed the design thinking course at Stanford and was compelled to read this after seeing the author there. It's a summary of the design thinking decision process in relation to all business models. An intuitive and inspiring examination which is easily actionable after a single read.The overall approach appears to borrow heavily from IDEO; however, doesn't appear to sufficiently credit them..nevertheless, it's quite simply...brilli...
  • Raafat
    إذا بدي اكتب عن هالكتاب فيمكن اكتب كتاب كامل عن التجربة والعظمة.محتوى الكتاب بعطيه عشرة من عشرة وتصميم الكتاب والصفحات عشرة من عشرة بدون أي مبالغة.كل صفحة عبارة عن رحلة. كل صفحة عم تجاوبني عن سؤال كان ببالي. صرت بآخر صفحة والكتاب عم يجاوبني لحتى وصل...
  • Nick
    I absolutely love this elegant workbook – both its design and the ideas. It takes the nine pieces of a business model – customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure – and gives you ideas, questions, activities and examples to generate ideas in each area. Work through this book if you’re thinking about starting a business and th...
    هذا الكتاب أخذنا فيه برنامج تدريبي عملي مقدم من جامعة بيركلي الأمريكية - Barclays university - عن طريق مؤسسة الكويت للتقدم العلمي وهو عبارة عن تحدي الإبداع وفهم نموذج business model canvas كتاب تفهم من خلاله كيف قامت الشركات العملاقة وتأسست ابتداءً من فكرة تم تطبيقها...
  • Felicita Hioe
    Once i understand the concept, once i understand it all.
  • Rahib Heydarov
    Great book for anyone is in the phase of a startup!!!
  • Hasan AbuMeteir
    من اهم الكتب الخاص بريادي الاعمال يساعد في وضع تصور كامل للمشروع و كما انه يعتبر من أكثر النماذج مرونه و دقة لا غنى لاي صاحب مشروع عن هذا الكتاب
  • Andra
    A useful induction into business models, how they're built and the disciplines necessary to be able to create and implement one.
  • Ag
    Алсыг харагч, тоглоомын дүрмийг өөрчлөгч, хувьсгал хийгчдэд зориулсан гарын авлагаРевью гэхээсээ илүүтэй товчлол бичих бодолтой байна. Учир нь хүмүүст ширээний ном гэж байдаг шиг энэ нэг хэсэгтээ миний ширээний ном болох нь. Өөрийн ном биш учир ...
  • Федор Кривов
    Книга полна практическими шаблонами для генерации бизнес-моделей и даже структура бизнес-плана есть. Читалась у меня тяжело, много сложно-построенных предложений:Организация должна сделать выбор, решая, какие сегменты обслуживать, а от каких от...