The Shadow Woman (Inspector Winter #2) by Åke Edwardson

The Shadow Woman (Inspector Winter #2)

The second installment of the internationally best selling Erik Winter series It's August and the annual Gothenburg Party is in full swing. But this year the bacchanalian blowout is simmering with ethnic discord spurred by nativist gangs. When a woman is found murdered in the park-her identity as inscrutable as the blood-red symbol on the tree above her body-Winter's search for her missing child leads him from sleek McMansions to the Gothenburg...

Details The Shadow Woman (Inspector Winter #2)

TitleThe Shadow Woman (Inspector Winter #2)
Release DateSep 28th, 2010
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Cultural, Sweden, European Literature, Scandinavian Literature, Swedish Literature, Thriller, Scandinavian Lite..., Nordic Noir, Detective, Noir

Reviews The Shadow Woman (Inspector Winter #2)

  • Deb Jones
    I am thoroughly enjoying the Inspector Erik Winter series of police procedurals set in Sweden. There is a sense of realism there, from the crimes to the setting, but especially to the characters.Erik Winter, the youngest person ever to become an inspector in the Swedish police, is a multi-dimensional figure, as are many of the other characters in the story. Author Edwardson has him developing over time, both in his personal and professional life....
  • Megan Baxter
    It's difficult to tell what the main problem with this book is - the prose, or the translation. It could be either. Or both. But either way, in English, this book is clunky. The prose is distracting and frequently uses turns of phrase that make me shake my head. (Someone could see the headache? Through your skull? As opposed to just noticing that you were acting like you had a headache?) It's so devoid of elegance or grace. It's just stiff.Note: ...
  • Juliana Philippa
    Very enjoyable Swedish mystery - wonderful characters and an interesting plot with great twists and turnsI read my first Åke Edwardson book, Death Angels , a couple of weeks ago, and while I loved the characters and thought the plot was well-done, the delivery of it all and conclusion/explanation definitely fell short for me. That book is in the first in Edwardson's Inspector Erik Winter series, and since there were so many things I liked about...
  • Caroline
    During Sweden's outdoor summer Gothenburg Party, an undercover policewoman is attacked. In the middle of the August heat, a dead woman is found in a local park with no identification. This is police procedural at its best. As with some crimes that take place, there are no immediate clues and it is only through the tenacious investigations by a determined homicide team who broaden their search to all directions, even grasping sometimes at the most...
  • Michael
    I remember my daughter as a toddler, blond hair, mostly straight but with just a bit of poof to it, a wit far beyond her years, mostly unintentional, a love for Ariel and most other things Disney. And when I read this book, the loneliness, the fear that this little girl felt I cried. This, the second book by Edwardson I've read, the first being the initial novel with Erik Winter, Death Angels, confirms what I felt about the first; Edwardson is da...
  • Toni Osborne
    Book # 2, in Inspector Erik Winter series and book #5 in the English versionThe order in which this series is translated in English is quite bizarre but dont let this concern you this is a decent police procedural, intricately constructed and stuffed with details of crime investigations (way too much in my books). Most of all, this mystery stands on its own, no worries if you start here.In a prose that is bleak, Mr. Edwardson takes as its backdro...
  • J.
    Rather than the publisher's blurb-description above, (which seems to want to dial up some tabloid-style racial violence to splash on the book's back cover), Åke Edwardson's mystery is more about detection in and of itself. The ways the investigators may use to investigate, and the way crime gets brought to light. Which is kind of a shame. First, obviously, for the reader who just wants some sensational race-baiting conflict, but also for those w...
  • Maddy
    PROTAGONIST: Erik Winter, chief inspectorSETTING: Gothenberg, Sweden SERIES: #2 of 11RATING: 3.25The stereotypical view of Sweden paints it as a place of calm and peacefulness. The truth of the matter is that it is a place that is in a state of unrest. Places such as Gothenberg are experiencing unprecedented violence and instances of gang warfare. In fact, one of Gothenbergs police officers, Aneta Djanali, who is black, is severely injured by thr...
  • Bondama
    After finishing "Jar City", my sister loaned me the next book in the series, Shadow Woman" - which I have to say, I liked even better - Ake Edwardson is brilliant at plot, in particular. I do have to say that the unusual plethora of unfamiliar names and places are difficult for this poor American! But, especially if the book is being listened to, soon becomes very familiar. Please do not let the fact that this book is from Iceland - I sometimes t...
  • Dorrie
    This is the second book in Inspector Eric Winter's series, and it was just as compelling as the first one. A woman is murdered and her identity is unknown. No one claims to recognize her, and it is as if she had never existed. What I find so intriguing about Ake Edwardson's books is the way he foreshadows the action by going into the victims' heads before (and sometimes during) the crime is committed. We feel the victims' fear and anxiety, but we...
  • Kay Robart
    I havent been reading Åke Edwardsons Erik Winter mysteries in order, making the private lives of the recurring characters a little difficult to follow. The books keep my interest and provide complex puzzles, but I still dont feel like I get much insight into the personalities of the main characters. The slower pace of Edwardsons police procedurals is probably more realistic than the speed with which crimes are usually solved in fiction, but the ...
  • sslyb
    I found this book confusing. Not only was the plot twisted there was too much hinted at. There was neither an explanation nor enough characterization drawn to understand motivation. 3 stars is generous. It's the author's second book in the Erik Winter series. I hope the books get better.
  • Peter Holland
    A good police procedural that keeps you guessing up until the last page. Erik Winter is a dogged DI who sticks with the perplexing case long after others might have filed it away. The 2nd book in this series.
  • Larissa
    Review here:
  • Marsha
    This second in the Inspector Winter mysteries was very well written, almost literary in style. I don't know what it is about Swedish mysteries that fascinate me so - perhaps it's the different society, perhaps it's the brooding, angst-ridden detectives. Whatever attracts me keeps me coming back for more and Erik Winter is no exception. The mystery itself was well plotted and dealt with a child in trouble - both in the past and in the present. The...
  • Susan Springer
    Disappointing that Inspector Winter #2 isn't nearly as good as the first. This is a long, confusinginvestigation about the discovery of a dead woman, which is tied to a bank robbery in Denmark morethan 25 yrs. ago. There is a double disappearance of a woman and her daughter, and that daughterand her own daughter. No wonder they had trouble solving the case!
  • Mintzis
    More like a 2.75. The central detective is the focus of this series as much as is the crime. Im not sure I buy all of the idiosyncrasies that make up his character. They seem a bit too contrived to make the detective a hamlet-kind of person. Nevertheless Ill give this writer another go. More like a 2.75. The central detective is the focus of this series as much as is the crime. I’m not sure I buy all of the idiosyncrasies that make up his cha...
  • Rebecca
    It felt like in the first half of the book nothing happened. The second part was definitely more of a page turner. I found the conclusion somehow unsatisfying. It's definitely written well as opposed to some other crime novels (even in its German translation).
  • Charlston Goch
    Real score 3.72.
  • Susan
    I liked this one better than the first, but its still a little mystical for me. I liked this one better than the first, but it’s still a little mystical for me.
  • Glennie
    I liked it better than the first one. I felt the recurring characters, like the detectives were introduced better, but still feel like the writing or the translation is choppy.
  • Janellyn51
    I read the one after this first, and liked that this was kind of catching me up with people. It was good. I'll read more of these!
  • Patrick
    The plot twists got a little confusing, but it is a good read nevertheless.
  • RustyShack
    Terrible writing, in just about every aspect. DNF at chapter 21.
  • Don Carey
    Fairly dark, as expected, but the psychological component did not seem to be well maintained. The ending also seemed a bit anti-climactic.
  • Lyn
    Let's see what #3 will bring.
  • Elizabeth☮
    i don't typically read books that are mystery/thriller, but this one caught my attention. i think i liked that it was from an international author. the book is set in sweden and is a series of books all regarding cases the detective erik winter encounters. this one involves the death of a woman, helene andersen, and the disappearance of her daughter, winter and his team of detectives begin what seems to be a futile investigation, they a...
  • Ashley
    This book just wasn't for me. The plot moved very slowly-for the vast majority of the book, the investigators have no clues and make no progress. Sure that is probably pretty realistic, but I don't turn to books like this for a realistic depiction of what it is like to work a cold case, I'm looking for a page turner. I also didn't find Erik Winters to be a particularly interesting character, which made the slow beginning all the more uninterestin...
  • Krista
    OK....well it's either that these books show promise to me as being worthwhile as the translator is going to change and the next book in the series is the first to appear in North American markets, or I'm a masochist.I like certain aspects of these books...the story lines are intriguing and the characters are sympathetic--but the plot twists are losing me constantly. I just don't understand some of the choices that are made both by the characters...