The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone, #6) by Steve Berry

The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone, #6)

The tomb of China’s First Emperor, guarded by an underground army of terra-cotta warriors, has remained sealed for more than 2,000 years. Though it’s regarded as one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, the Chinese government won’t allow anyone to open it. Why? That question is at the heart of a dilemma faced by former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone, whose life is shattered when he receives an anonymous note carryi...

Details The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone, #6)

TitleThe Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone, #6)
Release DateNov 23rd, 2010
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Reviews The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone, #6)

  • Jeanette
    This is my least favorite of the Cotton Malone series. I'm grudgingly giving it three stars because I respect the research and travel Steve Berry did prior to writing the book. I did learn some interesting things about China and its history, and also discovered that there are some debates about the nature of what we consider fossil fuel. As for the story, though, it was just too muddled and confusing. I could never keep track of who was on whose ...
  • Elizabeth
    Emperor’s Tomb by Steve Berry (pp. 480)When the best thing you say about a thriller is that’s well researched, you know you’re in trouble. Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Witt return in Berry’s sixth book to take the reader on a clunky journey to rescue a boy (weak premise at best) and get involved in a deep behind the scenes political intrigue in China.From the start the premise misses the urgency of a thriller. The backroom politics of mul...
  • Miles
    When I grow up I want to be Cotton Malone!There I’ve said it – I feel better now – now that I’ve been true to myself – I am Spartacus - I am Cotton Malone! If only life was that easy and exciting! The world would be a better place and I’d go to work satisfied that I’d made a difference!Long before I opened Steve Berry’s “The Emperor’s Tomb” I knew I wanted to read it! Not only did it sport an incredibly seductive and colourf...
  • Patrice Hoffman
    I won't write a full review since I was only reading this for fun but I still feel compelled to throw my thoughts into the fray. I only have a few reasons why anyone should read this and those reasons are as followed:1. You're a Steve Berry fan or Cotton Malone series fan!2. It's fast, fun, and typical Berry...(which can sometimes be a bad thing if you're persnickety)3. There is constant action coupled with pretty interesting historic facts yet t...
  • Piyangie
    Only good thing was that I learned a bit of Chinese history. Apart from that, nothing impressed me. I virtually had to force my self to read and finish it.
  •  Olivermagnus
    This is the sixth book in a series featuring retired Justice Department operative Cotton Malone. He receives an intense video of his friend, Cassiopeia Vitt, being waterboarded and knows he has to do whatever he can to save her. This set up Malone for one of his most traumatic adventures. He will travel from Denmark to Belgium to Vietnam and then on to China where he will be tested by ruthless ancient brotherhood.It turns out several groups are s...
  • Pamela
    For some reason, this book by Steve Berry did not grab me the way that his other books have. In it Cotton Malone teams with Cassiopeia Vitt and travels from the museums of Europe to the terra cotta soldiers of China to rescue a stolen child. They become embroiled in a power struggle between Ni (a moderate) and Tang (an extremist) as each determines to be the next leader of China. Pau, the leader of the Ba (an organization of eununchs seeking cont...
  • Steven Z.
    Steve Berry’s sixth novel in his remarkable Cotton Malone series, THE EMPEROR’S TOMB has tremendous resonance in today’s geopolitical world. For example, Chinese leader XI JinPing recently had his presidency extended for life. Second, is the US, China, and Russian competition for energy resources and control of new land masses. Third, the world geostrategic balance is being reoriented through the use of new technologies. All of these contem...
  • Greg
    I'll quote from the author, age page 170 of the hardback: "But none of this makes sense." Yes, exactly. However, a 5-page "Writer's Note" at the end of the book contains fascinating historical information. Unfortunately, it takes 428 pages to get there and these 428 pages are so choppy- jumping from scene to scene so quickly- that I was unable to get a sense of a decent narrative story. Some authors are good at this style of writing, some not so ...
  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    A fast-paced thriller, The Emperor’s Tomb by Steve Berry is the 8th book in the Cotton Malone series and it pulls you from the moment Cotton is faced with having to save Cassiopeia Vitt’s life in exchange for an ancient Chinese artifact that different groups want and will do anything to get it in their possession. He’s soon drawn into a power struggle in China, which takes him from Copenhagen, Antwerp and to the most incredible cultural sit...
  • Giovanni Gelati
    Does Cotton Malone ever get to be behind the counter of his book store and actually sell a book to anyone? If so what would the book be and to what famous figure or character would he sell it? Fun thought? Well, since he didn’t sell any books this again, what exactly did he do with his bad self ?“The tomb of China’s First Emperor, guarded by an underground army of terra-cotta warriors has remained sealed for more than 2,000 years. Though it...
  • Mary
    Berry brings China and its history to life with the lastest adventure of Cotton Malone. With lots of betrayals, and agents involved from the US and Russia and high ranking officials in China this mission gets really tangled over the retrieval of a little boy. Parts of the story are somwhat complicated and it gets a little tough to follow and you may find yourself re-reading parts of it. But I have found that in several of his books. However, I di...
  • Donna
    This wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. I just lost a dear friend to lung cancer and I think I'm just in mourning. I have two more books by this author, and I feel compelled to give them a try at a later date. I liked Cassiopeia, but I think the story line wasn't for me....ancient oil. It didn't pull me in and it didn't make me forget my problems. This wasn't the book I needed at the moment.
  • RumBelle
    Not the most exciting of Steve Berry's books. The Chinese history angle is fascinating. However, the subplot about oil reserves is tedious, somewhat boring and makes the book too long. Overall, it has exciting moments, but it can be slow at points.
  • itchy
    of course there was waterboarding, too, besides chili and ratsp390: he fired the instant later the arrow slammed into (view spoiler)[viktor tomas (hide spoiler)].
  • Daniel Audet
    I finished this book a few minutes ago, and, among other writerly thoughts I'm walking away with an awestruck kind of respect for Berry's masterful use of multiple POV's as well his his fine tuned use of sweeping historical relevance in both his subplot and main storyline. Narration, dialogue, back-story - all woven into a spectacular tale. Love is the hardest thing to add to this kind of action thriller, in the sense that our hero Cotton Malone ...
  • Elaine Seiler
    I loved it. If you enjoy an engaging story, against a fabulous landscape, with an amazing amount of history thrown in, this is for you. I have read a lot of books on China and I still learned a lot. A very intriguing picture of the socio-political conflict that has come down through the ages of Chinese history and brings us right into current time with the need for oil and authority being paramount. Steve tells a really good story....his characte...
  • Lucie
    The history of China is long and varied, and a great deal of it comes into play in the plot of this book. Understanding of Chinese history and Chinese mindset is important in our world today. Since so much of this well researched book is accurate, it is an introduction to China for someone with no previous exposure. The story was well written, fast, and intense -- all things that go into making a good thriller. Not only do I highly recommend it, ...
  • John Bastin
    The story includes a long, slow slog through the history of China and its dynasties. Interesting information, if you care. To me, it just brought the flow to a crawl, and by the time I got to the ending, I really had lost all interest. Most of Steve Berry's books have been interesting and a learning experience; this one just didn't hit the mark for me.
  • Mark Rabideau
    Not Steve Berry's best effort... Although this novel was okay, I found it sadly disappointing. The adventure levels were low and the excitement was simply not up to expected norms.
  • Matt Halpern
    This was not one of my favorite books of the Malone series so far. It was difficult to keep up with the names and who was who.
  • Rbucci
    I haven't read a Steve Berry book in a while, and i forgot how Much i enjoy then. . This one didn't disappoint me.
  • Lydia
    My first Steve Berry book. Didn't realize it was the middle of a series...but didn't feel lost. Enjoyed the details into Chinese history with the added current/future possibilities of science. Lots of action.
  • John
    The sixth book in the Cotton Malone series disappointed me more than any sequel since Police Academy 2. It was the "Temple of Doom" of the series thus far. After this one, I'd gladly have just eaten an entree of "chilled-a monkey brains" for a chance to remember Cotton before this installment. After The Paris Vendetta, we confirm that Henrik Thervoldsen is indeed, seriously dead. Henrik was the (primary) billionaire whom Berry had relied upon to ...
  • A.M. Dean
    I enjoyed this book, I really did — and I wasn't necessarily expecting to, since I have a bit of a hot-and-cold relationship with some of Berry's books, and even with this Cotton Malone series itself. But I found this a pleasurable, interesting, entertaining and fast-paced read, which hooked me in and drew me along right from the beginning to the end.Perhaps what I enjoyed the most was the heavy dosage of creative Chinese history and modern pol...
  • Angela Risner
    I panned Berry's last book, the Paris Vendetta. I was so disappointed in it.I am happy to say that I was very happy with The Emperor's Tomb. This book is a huge step back in the right direction, toward the Cotton Malone escapades we have come to know and love.First of all, Cotton seemed, well, like COTTON again. He just wants to sell his books, enjoying his quiet little life. But of course, that will not last, as he is soon pulled into a quest to...
  • Tony
    This book began with a very exciting prologue. I discovered much later, in Chapter 75, the exact same words, so it wasn't a Prologue, but an excerpt from much later.Unfortunately, there was very little between the "Prologue" and Chapter 75 to keep my interest, and little after.Goodreads lists this as Steve Berry's 6th Cotton Malone novel, but it was my 8th Steve Berry, so I guess two of his earlier ones didn't have Cotton Malone as the central ch...
  • Nightowltoo
    Steve Berry's Emperor's tomb is escapist literature at its best. He hits all the required elements of the adventure/thriller genre - familiar recurring hero's (Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt), exotic locales (China and Belgium!?), historical mysteries (Chinese history and the 8000 man terra cotta army), chases gun-fire, explosions, women/children/fate of nations in jeopardy - without seeming stale.Fans of Berry will not be disappointed. Which ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Cotton Malone's life as an antiquarian book dealer in Copenhagen is never boring, hell, I wonder if he even has time to be an antiquarian book dealer since he spends much of his time traveling around the globe saving things and people. In this book, he has to save his close friend Cassiopeia Vitt and suddenly he is smack in the middle of a power struggle between two of Chinas leading men. It’s nonstop action from the beginning till the end. Jus...
  • Kim
    The latest Steve Berry action-thriller takes Cotton to China with a conspiracy linking back to the first Chinese emperor. At first it reminded me a lot of The Tiger Warrior but thankfully went a different way and had it's own unique conspiracy.As usual with these books I enjoy them mostly for the history, spending half my reading time looking up articles on Wikipedia. There were some interesting historical facts I picked up interspersed with the ...