"A" is for Abigail by Lynne Cheney

Lynne Cheney and Robin Preiss Glasser collaborated on America: A Patriotic Primer, which captured the imagination of American children and became a national best-seller. Now they turn their hands to A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women and bring the great women of American history to life. Filled to the brim with words and pictures that celebrate the remarkable (although often unmarked) achievements of American women, this is a ...

Details "A" is for Abigail

Title"A" is for Abigail
Release DateSep 16th, 2003
PublisherSimon Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
GenreHistory, Childrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction, Biography, Womens, North American Hi..., American History, Biography Memoir, Historical, Juvenile

Reviews "A" is for Abigail

  • Kaethe
    Tokenism, glamor, and trivia, not historyIf the children in your life don't know the names of enough women singers or film actresses, this is for them. Or if they need a timeline showing when poodle skirts and miniskirts were in vogue, this is the book. For someone who professes to love history, and to believe "A system of education that fails to nurture memory of the past denies its students a great deal," Ms. Cheney has written an appallingly b...
  • Kathryn
    This is a wonderful book, but be prepared to spend quite a bit of time reading it!!! Cheney has assembled a multitude of facts on women from scientists to writers to performers to teachers and the artwork is so intricate and detailed, sometimes a dozen or more facts or women mentioned per page, sometimes a border-quote around the page and then more border-quotes around smaller portraits. But don't think this is bland--far from it! It's so much fu...
  • Sarah
    As a general rule I dislike books that single out a particular group of people. Despite my reservations I was thoroughly impressed with this stellar alphabet book. I love the format and the fact that each and every page is brimming with historical tidbits. A wonderful addition to any classroom library and a great way to get children, both girls and boys, excited about history.
  • Marian
    Very impressive and inspiring book for girls featuring all types of prominent women in all fields from medicine to sports, science to the arts, historical and modern. Very well done. Lots of positive reinforcement and information, plus I collect alphabet books and this one is going to be purchased ASAP.
  • Lisa
    This tribute to american women is a great addition to either the elementary or the middle school library. So Many Women lauded! Loved it
  • Cynthia Hundley
    Title: Cheney, L. (2003). A is for Abigail: An almanac of amazing American women. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.Citation: Cynthia HundleyType of Reference: AlmanacCall Number: Ref 305.409 Content/Scope: An almanac aimed at an audience of students in Grades 2-4 provides information on historically relevant American women. Basic biographical information is provided for hundreds of women trailblazers through small sections of te...
  • Judine Brey
    I wish I had read this sooner! While it is a children's book, it still offers great information, and the pictures are effective in drawing in readers. I was especially impressed with the four-page center pull out under "P is for Performers," which illustrated a variety of women on stage, so the children would literally open the curtains for the performers. My only qualm with this book was its formatting. The words were occasionally written around...
  • Kate Urban
    This book isn't one of my favorites but I can certainly see times that I could use it in my classroom. I love how it focuses on the important women in American history. It would be a great supplement to regular history books when they talk about important women as well as showing some lesser known American women. It is a very busy book and it is often hard for me to focus on it because of that. I think that if you took the book a page a time or i...
  • Angie
    While the pages packed with pictures, quotes, and bits of information were mostly fun to absorb, many of them were so packed and jumbled that it was difficult to find a good flow or even keep track of where and what we were reading. Also, there isn't much depth to it. We were left wanting more information about many of the women mentioned in the book, since that was essentially what each woman got: a mention. It could be a great jumping off point...
  • Miranda
    This is a wonderful primer for emergent or within-words readers, or any child with an interest in women's or U.S. history! Cheney goes beyond the standard female figures (think Amelia Earhart) and recognizes women of all races, in nearly every field from science to show business! I read this as a child, and now that I'm older I'm delighted at the diversity of women represented in this book. The illustrations are also beautifully done. I can't wai...
  • Lindsey
    So many wonderful women! A great celebration of accomplishments!
  • Autumn
    What a disappointment. It has too much flash and not enough substance. In other words, every page has was too many women portrayed and not enough information about them. At times, the pages are so busy that it makes it difficult to find the woman mentioned at the top of the page. In theory, this could be a great book. In reality, not so much.
  • Amanda
    This book is not an award winner and is listed for 3 months-12 years.This is an alphabetical list of notable women throughout American history. It gives the name of a woman that goes along with the alphabet letter, then also gives names of other women who made similar accomplishments. It's a good mini history lesson along with an alphabet book.I chose this for two reasons, one is that my daughter's name is Abigail and two is that I love history. ...
  • Suzannah Thompson
    This book guides you through the alphabet, one woman or group of women at a time. From first ladies to scientists, readers learn about women who changed the world. I loved how many examples there were of strong women who lead. The pictures were very intricate as well.I would use this in a classroom to introduce different women in history or science or literature. I highly recommend it.
  • Kelli Overcash
    Book Title: A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women by Lynne CheneyShort Description of Book: The author does a wonderful job using letters, pictures and anecdotes to describe the most influential women in American history. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned to a famous woman in history with details of her accomplishments. The book also contains a glossary with further information on each individual in the story.FOCUS: Informa...
  • Ashley
    Grade/Interest Level: 2nd - 3rd gradeReading Level: AD 1030LGenre: Biography/InformationalCharacters: Multiple, no main characterSetting:DNAPOV: Third PersonSummary: A is for Abigail is a book about historical women in American history. It doubles as an Alphabet book. Each letter of the alphabet pays homage to a woman who has made an impact in the United States. It lists female writers, all of the first ladies, educators, advocates, patriots, inv...
  • Annie
    Genre - Alphabet BookGrade - K-5 - maybe even a little olderThis book discusses important females in history, alphabetically. It starts off with the letter A, representing Abigail Adams. For each letter it has a different female or groups of females who have helped make a difference in our world. It gives some background information, and then adds a couple other females who have done the same sort of thing.This book would be excellent to use in a...
  • Janene
    It deserves five stars if I can't think of anything I would change to make it better, right? This book is exactly what it says it is! It gives praise to American women -- ALL American women, and does so from every angle. What I'm saying is, this is NOT just about the wives of the presidents. I'm talking about each and every angle: from nurturing, professional, creative, or athletic, to brave, resilient, entrepreneurial and determined.Do you feel ...
  • Lisa Skripps
    Lynne Cheney has created a masterpiece in A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women. This is a wonderful picture book that takes readers through the history of influential American women. The book begins by introducing Abigail Adams to readers, and explains how she stood up for the rights of women. Each page stands for a letter in the alphabet and discusses another influential woman of American history. From poets, to actors, to poli...