The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1) by Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1)

Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWho is Jason Bourne? Is he an assassin, a terrorist, a thief? Why has he got four million dollars in a Swiss bank account? Why has someone tried to murder him?...Jason Bourne does not know the answer to any of these questions. Suffering from amnesia, he does not even know that he is Jason Bourne. What manner of man is he? What are his secrets? Who has he killed?

Details The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1)

TitleThe Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1)
Release DateMar 24th, 2005
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Spy Thriller, Espionage

Reviews The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1)

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    First of all let me say...the recent movie with Matt Damon, I hated it. They butchered the story. I understand shortening for time (as in The Lord of the Rings) I understand combining characters...but why take a book's title then completely rewrite the story? I like this book and its sequels. I hate the movie and its sequels. Please try reading the books and finding out what the plot actually is. The book is well plotted, thought out, with comple...
  • Seth T.
    I loved the movie and heard that I the book was comparatively awesome. And it was.The thing is: I haven't the faintest idea how the movie came out of the book. Beyond the premise of a man fished from the sea with no memory but incredible ingrained abilities and talents that make it look like he's really probably and assassin with no amnesia, and the fact that the first act after the prologue occurs in Zürich and deals with a Swiss bank, nothing ...
  • Duckie
    I don't remember how this ended because I had to buy myself a Jack-and-Coke to get through the last chapter. Ludlum belongs in a very small, elite group of authors who don't know what words mean. To illustrate this, here are some passages from the book followed by the first image that came to mind when I read them:"'If I scream, Monsieur?' The powdered mask was cracked with lines of venom now, the bright red lipstick defining the snarl of an agin...
  • woody
    Sorry if you loved this book, I HATED it. Maybe it was above my reading level. There were just too many "alpha, bravo,cain, delta...Cain is for Charlie, Delta is for Cain!" This book put me to sleep so many nights it is surprising that I finished it. I just kept hoping that jason bourne would die...Good thing I shop at Goodwill and it only cost me 50 cents! Everyone tells me that I should give the movie a chance and that it is better than the boo...
  • Bagtree
    This book caused me pain. Intense boredom, odd moments of indignation, and pain. It's poorly-paced. The prose is a clunky, redundant, pointlessly vague affront to all that is good in the English language. The dialogue is stilted and horrid. The characters are so robotic I begin to question whether Ludlum ever met a human being, and the "romance" is not only horribly oversold BUT PREDICATED ON BOURNE USING HIS LOVE INTEREST AS A HUMAN SHIELD. I do...
  • Jim
    I FINALLY finished this! I just don't have time to read long books in print any more, but I've wanted to read this for a while & found it worthwhile. It's certainly not a perfect book. There's a lot of convenience, especially Marie's love & expertise. Several times there were silenced revolvers, too. I hate them, but the plot was twisty & the psychology was good - better done than the way amnesia & all is typically done. Well, for me, anyway. My ...
  • Wanda
    ***2018 Summer of Spies*** Perhaps I came into this novel expecting a bit too much—I’ve never seen the movies, only advertising for them, so I didn’t go in completely blind to the story, but about as close as you can get in our society. I can certainly see that this would make a great shoot-‘em-up, car-chase intense movie. I really can’t say that I cared whether Bourne got his memory back or who he actually was. I would have been much m...
  • LaFleurBleue
    The scenario is absolutely excellent and probably one of the best I ever read in terms of complexity and continuous action and/or new discoveries. What an imagination ! The story and the characters are slightly different from the movie; I should say the storyline is way much more complex in the book; the characters could do with a bit more substance. The major drawback which explains my rather poor quotation of this book is indeed the writing qua...
  • Danaja
    This book was my introduction to spy novels and its still the best I've read in that area. Incredibly detailed and full of suspense. My favorite spy and one of my favorite villains rolled in to one in to exhilarating package with fast pace action.If you like authentic tooch in what you read you'll love this! Must note that the movie is completely different from the book. In my opinion the book is a much better experience.
  • Bodosika Bodosika
    A marvelous book.
  • Benjamin Stahl
    A HEARTBREAK HIPSTER REVIEWThe Bourne Identity? More like the Bored Identity. Am I right?Anybody? That’s funny right?Oh, well that’s just fine then. Don’t all fucking laugh at once. Though I'll stay true to my word. This shit was pretty goddamned boring. Let me take you back to 2002. When rock-music still existed on the charts. Myspace had not yet reached its prime; Facebook was a half-developed foetus in the head of some backstabbing nerd ...
  • Jonathan Terrington
    I decided to finally jump on the Robert Ludlum train and read this. I'd recently also jumped on the Mat Damon train and watched the film trilogy. Yes, where had I been the past few years? Well being a teenager of course and living in places where these trains didn't run. Humour aside I'm going to use the next few paragraphs to convince you of why I enjoyed this novel so much and to assure you why you should read this book (or re-read or re-re-rea...
  • Lisa (Harmonybites)
    Wow, by the end of chapter one I was already thinking this was one of the most ludicrous novels I've ever read. And given that I've been reading through a suspense novel recommendation list, with such doozies as Vince Flynn's Term Limits, Brad Thor's The Lions of Lucerne and Matthew Reilly's Ice Station that means Ludlum is setting a really low, low. OK, there weren't any giant mutant seals at least, but right in the first pages our hero, later t...
  • Dyuti
    After finishing the book, I can totally understand why The Bourne Identity has attained such a cult-status among it's readers. In fact out of my 32 friends who have the book in their shelves in GR, 18 have given it a 4/5 star rating. To begin with, it is a pretty decent thriller. It has an amazing start, a couple of interesting characters, a protagonist you can root for, fast twists and turns and some powerful action sequences.The premise really ...
  • Abram
    My Rating: 2.4/5This could have been better. I am huge fan of the Bourne movies but this one is not what I expected!There are chapters that are fantastic but overall the novel is dull. The author spends two much time in explaining Bourne's thought process that you just want to scream. The characters are also not that interesting. I expected more but....I don't really recommend this one. Thank you for reading the review!P.S: I couldn't even finish...
  • Julie Balazs
    I tried, I really did; I kept reading even as my impatience for this book increased. I got 3/4 of the way through and I finally couldn't take it anymore (that's saying a lot, given that this book is well over 500 pages). My gripe list:1. It's so long. For no good reason. The plot isn't that complicated. The characters aren't that interesting. The writing isn't that gripping (original, lyrical, stark, poetic, etc). Nothing justifies the length of ...
  • Phoenix
    Robert Ludlum is a terrible terrible writer of dialogue and had a terrible style. The man can, however, tell a story. That is why his books are translated very well into great action movies.but if i have to read one more line of the "oh john! oh marsha' bullcrap in his novels, i swear i will stab my eyes out with a fork. man on man, if that woman goes on anymore in her inner monologue about "that poor man! he couldn't stand it! not knowing who he...
  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    This novel was published in 1980, and the primary antagonist (who just happens to be a real life person) was left out of the 2002 film, no doubt because he was apprehended and, to some extent, demystified, in the 1990s. The fact that this person is central to the plot of the novel, but does not appear in the film, inevitably drives a contextual wedge between the two mediums, even though the central amnesia theme remains the same. There is also a ...
  • Victoria
    This book was so different from the movie ! ( But then again when are they ever the same ? ) I really enjoyed the story , I now wish the movie had kept a few more things in it. I thought marie was a much better character. I love the way it ended. HOWEVER : There is a TON of swearing ! And I do mean a TON !That was very disapointing . :( but, I now have a fully edited book if someone wants to swap/sell with me. :)I just got a black pin coverd the ...
  • Warren Watts
    While perusing the library shelves for something new to read, I came across The Bourne Identity, a 1980’s era Cold War espionage novel by Robert Ludlum. I'm not usually a reader of this genre of fiction, but based on what I felt had been an excellent film, I borrowed the book. The 1980 novel (which spawned the 2002 film) opens with a man barely clinging to life being discovered by fishermen, nearly frozen to death in the cold French Mediterrane...
  • Pradnya K.
    That was the winter of 2011. It had been harsh, cloudy and too foggy. I lived on the outskirts of my city then for few months and apart from the luxurious noon sunlight and biting cold, there wasn't much happening around. I ran to my sacred haven. There I met Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne. The winter will be always remembered fondly! I liked everything about this book. Since I opened it without much knowledge (yup, I was too ignorant then) so it t...
  • Rade
    3.5 I loved the movie (Matt Damon one), I like the book, but I did not love the book. My biggest complaint is that in this espionage thriller there were a lot of political twists and turns that sometimes bored me or became too hard to fully understand. Another thing is the whole Stockholm syndrome thing that did not work too well for me. It left me asking way too many questions. I love Ludlum's style of writing. He's the kind of writer that expla...
  • Mark Hebwood
    I am still looking for well-written thrillers, and I think I have found one. Robert undoubtedly possesses writing skills that elevate him above the pack, and for the most part he delivers an enjoyable, at times even immersive, experience.In the opening chapters, Robert demonstrates that he is able to guide the reader's perception of the characters masterfully. In the first chapter, the protagonist of the novel is being nursed to life by a local d...
  • Lance Charnes
    I had reason to read this again after a loooong time, not really remembering much about it.First, forget the movie. The only things the book and movie have in common are the title and the names of the main characters. This can be both good and bad. The good part is that you don’t know what’s going to happen based on Matt Damon’s adventures; the bad part is that it’s not nearly as much fun.This is about as close as Ludlum gets to a semi-re...
  • Matt
    The first book of the Bourne trilogy series, The Bourne Identity begins the tale of Jason Bourne, one of the US government's greatest assassin creations, rescued by fishermen off the French coast. The only problem is that the incident that put him adrift in the water, bullet-ridden and unconscious, had resulted in amnesia. He does not know his name nor his profession. He only knows what his body has been trained to do. The adventure starts, and c...
  • Esma Tezgi
    Geçmişi Olmayan Adam uzun zamandır aradığım ama bir türlü bulamadığım bir kitap, ne kitapçılarda ne sahaflarda ne de internette bulamadım. Bir ara tesadüfen e-kitap halini bulunca da çok sevindim ve nihayet okuyabildim. Uzun zamandır aksiyon kitabı okumuyordum bu kitap iyi geldi. Jason Bourne hafızasını kaybetmiş biri, geçmişi yok ve geleceği bilinmeyen geçmişinden gelen güçler tarafından tehlike altında. Yazar haf...
  • Janete
    I saw the first movie and didn't understand nothing. Too much action! But this retold version is quite different from the movies, because the story takes place after the Vietnam War. But now I completely understand this abridged version from the original book (with MP3). I studied German at the university 30 years ago and thought this language was very difficult, but learning English is also very difficult, but I'll succeed.
  • Matt
    Terrific pulse-pounding thriller that has its fair share of twists and turns. Who is Jason Bourne? Who can you trust? Ludlum does a fabulous job of creating a mystery that weaves it's way through various points in time and in several locales. The characters are also top notch. This is action and intrigue at its finest
  • Lewis Weinstein
    The best opening scenes ever set a compelling premise.
  • C. Lorion
    If you've seen The Bourne Identiy movies starring Matt Damon, but you've not read the book by Robert Ludlum upon which the movies are loosely based, you owe it to yourself to read this early 80s spy-thriller. The original premise: a man wakes up in the Mediterranean with amnesia. He's an undercover US operative with the name Jason Bourne, yet he doesn't remember that his mission was to expose and kill the world's deadliest assassin, Carlos the Ja...