The Bellmaker (Redwall, #7) by Brian Jacques

The Bellmaker (Redwall, #7)

It has been four seasons since Mariel, the warrior-mouse daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, and her companion, Dandin, set off from Redwall to fight evil in Mossflower.  Nothing has been heard of them since.  Then one night, in a dream, the legendary Martin the Warrior comes to the Bellmaker with a mysterious message.  Clearly, Mariel and Dandin are in grave danger.  Joseph and four Redwallers set off at once to aid them.  As they push over l...

Details The Bellmaker (Redwall, #7)

TitleThe Bellmaker (Redwall, #7)
Release DateFeb 9th, 2004
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Childrens, Animals

Reviews The Bellmaker (Redwall, #7)

  • Amy
    I'm a little fuzzy on all the details, but I know I adored this book. Mariel, Dandin, and Mariel's father were all so dear to me.Instead of trying to recall details about the book, I'm gonna write a little something to Mr. Jacques (may he rest in peace.)Dear Brian Jacques,I only ever met you once in my lifetime. You came to a book signing at Third Place Books in Seattle a long, long time ago. I remember you saying, "I love book signings: kids wai...
  • Josiah
    This book is at the same time one of the singularly most beautiful stories I have ever read, and one of the most original and humorous. I can't explain how author Brian Jacques is able to turn out bold, mysterious, resounding and completely wonderful stories every time he takes pen to page, but The Bellmaker easily rivals any of the other classics that he has created. The depth and shining beauty of the writing is unsurpassed in all of literature...
  • Joseph Leskey
    This was very much enjoyable. All the tangled plot was very fun, as was the assorted dialects, naturally.
  • Jen
    Methinks it's time for me to take a break from Redwall for a bit, although this means I won't get all of the intra-series references in the next bajillion books. But there's only so much repetition I can take before I start wondering if I've actually read this one already. Otters are scary but lovable: check. Rats are bad: check. Badgers are hell on wheels: check. There will be a sea voyage: check. There will be a tyrant who is cooked in his own ...
  • Tim Man
    The Bellmaker, written by Brian Jacques, is part of the Redwall series. This book is about Joseph the Bellmaker trying to find his daughter and her companion. The protagonists are Joseph the Bellmaker, Mariel, Joseph’s daughter and Warriormaid of Redwall, and Dandin, Mariel’s companion. The antagonists are Urgan Nagru, the Foxwolf, and Silvamord, his mate. Joseph doesn’t know where Mariel and Dandin are, and it’s been four seasons since ...
  • Elizabeth
    As much as I dislike Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker (the sequel to Mariel) is probably one of the better books in the series. It has that nice focus that Martin the Warrior had, despite its many characters and viewpoints, and the typical Irrelevant Redwall Sideplot was made more interesting by the inclusion of a “good” vermin, Blaggut.Blaggut is one of the only vermin characters in the series that is a friend to the Redwallers. There are a ...
  • Huisung Park
    Mariel and her friend Dandin go off into mossflower woods to fight the evil vermin that are under the rule of Foxwolf Urgan Nagru and his mate Silvamord. They meet a hedghog Bowly Pintips, a hare that calls himself Field Marshal Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificient and his four nephews. So they go onward towards Castle Floret and tries to help free Gael Squirrelking from Foxwolf Urgan Nagru. there they meet Rab Streambattle and his mate Iris Stre...
  • Leila
    This is a great book and in my opinion can be enjoyed at many levels for all ages. I have read every one of Brian Jacques books and am now on the second round of reading them. Brian Jacques is sadly no longer with us so no more wonderful tales of Redwall. In this book Joseph the Bellmaker is visited in a dream by Martin the Warrior. He is told to set off and find his missing daughter. The book is full of action and adventure and of course a wicke...
  • Leona Carstairs
    What a wonderful tale, full of talking animals. I had to say "bye bye" to it when I used it to bargain with my sister. I wanted her Lord of the Rings box set and so I had to give her 10 books for it. *sigh* But that box set sure looks nice on my shelf ;)
  • Natalie
    One of my favorite Redwall books yet, especially since there is a searat who actually gets to have a redemptive arc! It makes it more interesting when you can't classify an animal as "good" or "bad" merely by species. There are 3 different storylines going on at once, which isn't unusual for a Redwall book, but Jacques does a marvelous job of bringing them all together.
  • Slytherpuff
    I like how all the books in the story are tales told to another group of animals. I feel that they should come back to the tale tellers at the end of the book. I am happy how they successfully found Mariel. I loved the twist when we thought two of them were dead but the came back.
  • Gus
    This book is very exciting. The journey begins with Mariel and Dandin while they are travelling the land of Southward. While they are on their journey they meet a new companion named Bowly. Shortly afterwards they are captured by the evil troops led by the foxwolf Urgan Nagru and his mate Silvamord. They are taken to Castle Floret which was stolen from the king and his wife by the evil pair a couple seasons earlier. On the other side of Mossflowe...
  • Sarah
    Retracing my steps through the Redwall books that I read the least as a child has been really interesting. This book, along with the two directly before and after, definitely changed since last I read it. The Southsward story, which I thought I remembered the most, was much darker than I remember, what with the traumatization of Muta and Rab and the fact that Glokkpod actually does abandon the crew. It's a bit too reminiscent of the Terramort sto...
  • Caroline
    In the seventh book in the Redwall series by Jacques, the reader gets to revisit old friends on a new adventure. The focus of the story is on Mariel and Dandin, after they've left Redwall in search of new adventures themselves. Along the way they are swept up in the battle to free Southsward from the evil Urgan Nagru Foxwolf and his vixen mate, Silvamord, who overthrew Gael Squirrelking and his family and took over Castle Floret. Mariel's father,...
  • Abby
    I was missing Redwall and Brian Jacques so much. It's been years since the Rogue Crew and I hadn't read one since. Reading The Bellmaker again was the perfect cure for my nostalgia.This is classic Redwall fare. We have wandering warriors, hungry hares, cutthroat pirates, sea-faring adventurers, mysterious prophecies, evil tyrants, vermin hordes, guerrilla shrews, berzerker badgers, a convergence of heroes and villains and armies for battle, sumpt...
  • Ben.c
    I'm on page 66 and a rabbit named Meldrum has showed up and helped Mariel, a warrior from Redwall, defeat some vermin. I predict that Mariel and Meldrum wil help others on the island defeat the big group of vermin that the smaller group came from because the others on the island are all ready planning something and one of the islanders has had a dream about Mariel.12/5/10 pg.125So far Mariel, Meldrum, and Dandin, another warrior from Redwall, hav...
  • Richard Houchin
    The Redwall books ought to be a perennial children's favorite. They are simple and formulaic, but it's a good formula! Jacques has a real gift for dialect, and culinary descriptions. I credit an early fascination with the Redwall stories for my modern-day feats of gastronomic delight. "Salad anna scone!"
  • Devin
    This was my first Redwall book. As an eager 5th grader, I gobbled it up in just under twelve days. I've been hooked to the series ever since. I read it again not long ago, and it was just as good as I remember.
  • Jesse Clarke
    One of my favorite Redwall books. One of the best parts of the book, in my opinion, is Blaggut. It is nice to see that not all "vermin" are bad and that they can have good hearts if given the chance. It is a nice change from the usual "mouse is friend, rat is enemy".
  • Hazel
    One of my favorite child hood fantasy series. I still love it and occasionally pick one out to read for a light and easy novel. I have read the series many times.
  • Reading For Sanity
  • Joe Bliven
    This was my first time reading Brian Jacques in at least 8 years. This book was a great return to the Redwall series for me. This book has three plot lines and the two main plot lines are really fun, exciting, and full of adventure. The C plot is unfortunately really dull, I think it was mostly an excuse to have the Redwall Abbey be in more of the book but it was very unnecessary. The other two stories were fantastic. The main plot was about Mari...
  • Paul Carter
    Best of the series by FAR. I was starting to lose faith in the Redwall books, but I was pleasantly surprised here. First, I very much appreciated not having to be introduced to entirely new characters by picking up chronologically from "Mariel Of Redwall". Secondly, I have had issues with previous installments because they seemed to be saturated with storylines to the point where getting invested in any one storyline or character was almost unrea...
  • An Odd1
    I wish I could live there. Redwall is my favorite series, has been for some time, disregarding "children" niche label. Small line drawings add life and personality to "anybeast" people within. Babies get tickled, face pirates. Brave perish. Mouse Mariel returns, sought by father Joseph. Valiant otter Finnbarr captains the Pearl Queen. In Redwall Abbey, feasts tempt any appetite. How can the detail of perhaps impossible recipes be so appetizing? A...
  • Gabriel Chattaway
    Good and medieval like the rest. Valorous creatures slaying stupid rats in violently hilarious ways,and 'ole seadogs' sailing over the sea and escaping impossible odds. A 'bally good piece of writing, wot?'
  • Sophie Hancock
    Brian Jacques knows how to right a story that has so many story lines tucked into it, and than in the end bringing them all together to make an Amazing climax that makes you want to keep turning page after page. It made me cry at least three times. XD
  • Matthew McAndrew
    This one, to me, is the most fun of the series. Not the best, but the most fun, definitely. It felt like a lighthearted swashbuckler with a little bit of high seas epic mixed in there. The story is unique and I loved all the otter characters involved. Overall, a quick and enjoyable read.
  • Carol Aldred
    A rollicking Redwall adventure
  • Kaiti Laughlin
    I've always loved these books, and this one was no exception. Enjoyable from start to finish
  • Hannah Schuck
    Really Really adventurous!!