The Legend of Luke (Redwall, #12) by Brian Jacques

The Legend of Luke (Redwall, #12)

-Luke, father of Martin. is joined by Trimp the Hedgehog, Dinny Foremole, and Gonff--the ever-mischievous Prince of Mousethieves. Martin hopes to discover the truth of a legend when he embarks on a perilous journey to the northland shore, where his father abandoned him as a child. There, within the carcass of a great red ship--broken in half and wedged high up between pillars of stone--he finally uncovers what he has been searching for: the true ...

Details The Legend of Luke (Redwall, #12)

TitleThe Legend of Luke (Redwall, #12)
Release DateJun 2nd, 2005
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Childrens

Reviews The Legend of Luke (Redwall, #12)

  • Leila
    Wonderful story as always with all Brian Jacques's books.
  • Josiah
    "It was a wondrous tale he had to tell...It was also very sad at times, but does not sadness mingle with joy, to make us grow fully into the creatures we are?" —Abbess Germaine, The Legend of Luke, P. 373 I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up this book to read it. Would the plot be focused more on Luke the Warrior or his son Martin, who has become a legend to fans of the Redwall series all around the globe? Ultimately, I believe ...
  • Joseph Leskey
    Somehow, I managed not to review this when I read it, but it was highly fine and of excellent quality and all that.
  • Cole
    What I loved about this book is that the beginning is in the present then in the past. It really unearths some of the characters' personalities. It also helps understand how Martin feels.
  • Anne L.
    The Legend of Luke is one book in the series A Tale from Redwall, in which all the characters are animals, with their own quirks, dialects, and interests. Redwall Abbey centers in most of the stories. An immense (for critters) edifice that houses dozens or more, it’s a place where anybeast (part of the series’ lingo: nobeast, everybeast, etc., just substitute “beast” where you normally would say “one” or “man”) can come to live in...
  • Ross
    The Legend of Luke was written with the same high quality that we have come to expect from Brian Jacques and his Redwall series. Unlike his previous stories though, this novel lacked the same level of character connection that the others created between the characters and the reader.The story leading up to Martian finding his father's former comrades had some adventure, but nothing that we have not seen before from Martin and his loyal companion ...
  • Jeff
    I first red the book Redwall over 20 years ago. It brought back a love for reading which had been dormant for a few years. After that I would read each of Jacques' books, many just as soon as they came out. Later I moved on to other books and genres. I was given this book as a gift, and while grateful - because of the special place in my heart for Jacques and his tales, I was too busy reading "more important" pieces. Then I decided to take a litt...
  • Jennifer
    The wonderous thing about reading Brian Jacques' writing is that it is so enchanting, you always want to return to it, in particular Redwall Abbey. Yes I have the audiobooks and I love how they have been dramatised, but reading the words created by Jacques is something altogether special.This book gives the final piece of background to the one character who appears in nearly all of the Redwall books, Martin the Warrior. The story is in toxicating...
  • Leona Carstairs
    This is a great book and to own it, but I gave it to my sister along with 9 other books in exchange of her really nice hardcover box set of Lord of the Rings.
  • Jenny Clark
    This was a really good Redwall book. I like the ones that have Martin in them, because he is not just a warrior who fights and stands for good and has no personal issues, like a lot of the other protagonists. He has a history, and it comes back to him. He wants to know what happened to his father, he wants to know where he came from. He is a very dynamic character. The writing is great as always, very descriptive, especially the feast scenes. Thi...
  • Meaghan
  • Jonathan
    "The Legand of Luke" by Brian Jacques is is a story about a mouse Named Martain, who is like a person in this series, looking for his father. The main character Martain was level heade,"wondrous indeed, Trimp, but you must always remember what a sword is really made for. It has only on purpose, to slay..."(Jacques 22). Martain was aware that Trimp admired the sword as if it were holy and could do no evil. He was aware of the perpous of the sword ...
  • Joshua
    Spoilers luke dies.
  • Sam
    Sam Bequette1st period11/06/17The Legend of Luke, a fantasy novel by Brian Jacques, is a classic tale of heroism. The book opens in a place called, Mossflower Country, where woodland creatures are in the process of creating a giant abbey for all to live. The main protagonist, Martin, is helping to construct the abbey when suddenly, for no apparent reason, he is hit with a wave of questions and longing for the home he had to leave when he was just...
  • Wing Kee
    I am biased so disregard this review. So much of my childhood has been spent here and therefore I can't really be objective here. World: The world is dense and fully lived in and magical. It's the most beautiful of forests and adventures are high stakes but not really. This time we travel to the north to learn the origins of Martin's father Luke. It's a tale of the high seas and it's beautifully described. Story: Follows the Redwall formula and d...
  • Joe Brown
    Brilliant as I knew it would be! Both Martin and lukes tales made for some exceptional reading but lukes tale especially was a very bittersweet adventurous story. I expected that Martin would end up reuniting with his father and so I'm glad that this wasn't the case as the actually finality to lukes story was so much more rewarding, a truly engaging warriors vengeance tale. There were a lot of characters in this one, though I had very little trou...
  • Caroline
    Martin, Gonff and Dinny Foremole along with other familiar friends like Ferdy & Coggs (all grown up), Abbess Germaine, Bella and Skipper lead the reader on a new adventure. Trimp the wandering hedgehog finds her way to Redwall and unknowingly causes Martin to reflect on his past. Trimp along with Martin and his two best friends, Gonff and Dinny decide to leave Redwall and their loved ones--who are in the process of finishing Redwall Abbey constru...
  • Marianna
    The writing, story, and character are all done with great quality. The story start with Martin wanting to know what happen to his father Luke. We get to know how Martin feels. The journey at the beginning felt a little long. Some of the characters they meet do appear in the other books before and afore this book.Luke's story brings a satisfied conclusion as to what happen. At the end, Martin has find contentment.
  • Theresa
    I love the Redwall books. Somehow, Brian Jacques takes warrior mice, goofy but gallant hares, rustic hedghogs and other creatures, combines them with adventures and terrific descriptions of food, and creates compelling stories. I'm not always a fan of anthropomorphized animals, but I find the Redwall series to be very enjoyable.
  • Tez Cain
    I loved this book. I've reread it a dozen times, it contains humour, sadness, excitement, battles and adventure. I was sad to finish this the first time as I was really enjoying the book and anxious to see how it ended, however I will keep rereading this book and keep an eye out for more of the Redwall books
  • Matthew McAndrew
    Oh man, this one was good. I loved delving into the lore of Martin the Warrior's family, seeing his ancestors' past. There were a lot of unique ideas in this one, and I remember enjoying it so much I couldn't put it down.
  • Masada
    My favourite Redwall book by far. What an enthralling and encompassing story and so many memorable characters! A story I'll think of fondly for a long time to come and happily rereard when I get the chance to! Thank you Mr. Jacques for your wonderful work.
  • Thomas C.Curtis
    Always pleasing to read. I very much enjoy seeing how the animals of Redwall work together to help each to accomplish their dreams. This time, Martin the Warrior is searching for his past.
  • Musab-San Joshu-Kun
    My favorite in my favorite childhood series.
  • SophiaB
    This book was okay.
  • Diana
    a traveler who stops at the abbey sings a song about martins father. his curiosity aroused, martin sets of to learn the true story behind his fathers death.
  • Paul Carter
    In short, as I am reading through the Redwall books in published order, "The Legend Of Luke" is the best of the series so far. I had been looking forward to reading it for a long time because obviously there is some backstory and character development left to be desired if left with "Mossflower" and "Martin The Warrior" alone. I loved being able to revisit Martin and finally dig deeper into his past and his lineage to learn more about the charact...
  • Emily Kessens
    My stars are completely unfair here. It only got 2 stars because it made me sad. I cannot abide sadness, even if sadness is happy for deep people.
  • Shira Bea
    The ultimate sacrifice done by Martin the Warrior's father, Luke. At least there is some closure as to what happened to Luke, as Martin has been thinking about his father for a long time.
  • Thomas Ray
    SO GOOD!!!!!