A Whisper of Blood by Ellen Datlow

A Whisper of Blood

Here are 18 chilling tales of vampirism from esteemed writers of science fiction and horror. Authors include Robert Silverberg, Suzy McKee Charnas, Jonathan Carroll, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, David J. Schow, Karl Edward Wagner, Kathe Koja, Elizabeth Massie, Barry N. Malzberg, Rick Wilbur, Thomas Ligotti, and many more.

Details A Whisper of Blood

TitleA Whisper of Blood
Release DateOct 1st, 1995
GenreHorror, Paranormal, Vampires, Short Stories, Anthologies, Fantasy

Reviews A Whisper of Blood

  • Jordan
    I picked this anthology of short horror stories up on mostly a whim. Vampire stories by Karl Edward Wagner and Kathe Koja were enough to entice me. Like most anthology collections, it’s a mixed bag. Some of these authors are able to deliver in the short story format, others are not, are frustratingly vague, like a half-remembered dream.What makes this vampire anthology different, though, is that the stories all push vampirism to its limits, try...
  • Anita Dalton
    This is a hard one because overall most of these stories were entertaining and well-written. Yet many missed the point entirely or I am being too strict in what I consider a modern vampire story. I tend to think it is the former. Many of the stories really pushed the boundary of what it means to be a modern vampire story and not in a good way. In a 'this really has nothing to do with vampires in any way, shape or form unless one redefines the not...
  • Riite
    Kirja on kokonaisuutena jokseenkin epätasainen, mutta olen varma, että jokainen löytää parinkymmenen tarinan seasta ainakin yhden, joka puhuttelee *juuri sinua*. Itse löysin jopa kaksi. Osassa tarinoista on ihan mielenkiintoinen ajatus, mutta jokseenkin pitkäveteinen toteutus, osan suorastaan hotkin. Muutama oli puolestaan niin ällöttävä, että oli pakko pitää välillä taukoa. Älkää ymmärtäkö väärin ja luulko, että koin sen...
  • Tatjana
    Datlow is a terrific editor, so I think I must have vampire fatigue when I type phrases like, "The stories just seemed fine". Nothing to write home about, but again... vampire fatigue.... Hey, at least none of them sparkle.
  • Edwina Callan
    Strange ... just ... strange ... and not in a good way.
  • Levi Tronnes
    I finally finished this anthology of modern vampire stories! I find that I always have trouble sticking to an anthology of stories, this was no different. The book does offer some interesting elements including a history and evaluation of the vampire myth within story telling! The collection is like a roller coaster ride with some stories being high points that are fleeting and long dull tales that seem to last for page upon page! The last story ...
  • Ric Proctor
    A fairly decent anthology, Ellen Datlow is one of my favorite editors when it comes to horror. The book takes a decidedly different view on vampires, which makes for some good stories, some great stories, and some bad stories. Overall, a good read, but as with most anthologies, a mixed bag to be dipped into and savored for the good over the bad.
  • Amy
    An excellent collection which includes the story "The Ragthorn," by Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth, as well as stories by Thomas Ligotti, Kathe Koja, and David J. Schow.
  • Emily
    Some stories were good, some not as good. The one that freaked me out, for some reason, was "The Ragthorn Tree."
  • Sara
    Great anthology with traditional and non-typical vampire stories.