The Rule of Benedict by Joan D. Chittister

The Rule of Benedict

Contains wisdom for addressing issues facing us - relationships, authority, community, balance, work, simplicity, prayer, and spiritual and psychological development.

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TitleThe Rule of Benedict
Release DateDec 1st, 1992
GenreSpirituality, Religion, Nonfiction, Christianity, Theology

Reviews The Rule of Benedict

    The insights gained from this book are powerful, and derived from just a few minutes a day of reading. I highly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone with a busy schedule. After reading it, you will find, as I did, how much can be done in life to walk closer with Christ.
  • Mike
    The Rule of Benedict was originally written more than 1,500 years ago. Chittester's book reproduces the rule (73 rules actually)with commentary for the modern reader.The material is good and I would have given the book five stars if not for Chittester's insistence on making everything "gender neutral." Replacing the word "abbot" with "prioress or abbot" makes parts of the book tedious to read.I would still reccommend the book to anyone interested...
  • Claudine
    My first four-month daily reading of the Rule of Benedict with Joan Chittister's commentary (which was getting repetitive).
  • Deacon Tom Frankenfield
    Spectacular Great reflections and direct applications to daily life. Although it is a life lesson for us Benedictines and Oblates, Sr. Joan writes for all. Great Read.
  • Barry
    Over the past several years, my friendship with Brother Cassian, one of the monks at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA, has been a special blessing. I visit him occasionally, usually arriving at the monastery in time to join the community for Vespers, singing the Psalms set to Gregorian Chants, which is done antiphonally from choir stalls facing each other across the nave of the monastery church. Cassian was our prayer partner this ...
  • Sean
    The Rule of Benedict is a simple rule book for monastic life that was written over 1500 years ago. In it one can learn about the importance of community life within the monastery. Each and every person is to submit to the rule, although all throughout there are exceptions because of unforeseen situations, and disobedience in regards to the rule will result in varying degrees of punishment. The rule speaks about all the various tasks that occur in...
  • Brian Ross
    This book provides an introduction, in the form of the full text and accompanying commentary, to the Rule of Benedict. Benedict of Nursia cited as the founder of western monasticism, wrote his rule in the 6th Century and it lives to this day. His rule describes both the principles and practice of monastery life (the Benedictine user manual, so to speak). The Benedictine Rule was notable for many things, including preaching a course of moderation ...
  • Amy
    This book is a fairly good introduction to the Rule Of Benedict. It was helpful to have commentary to help interpret the original text. In some ways though the interpretation was a bit lacking. At times the author seemed to think there was nothing redeeming about modern society. It's a point that you an argue but the reality is that we are not all going to live in monasteries.
  • Elizabeth Andrew
    A thorough introduction to Benedictine spirituality. Chittister is thoughtful and accessible, if a bit dry. She examines the Rule paragraph by paragraph, interpreting it and giving contemporary applications for Christians today.
  • heardtheowl
    I'm not even Catholic but even I can get behind the Rules of Saint Benedict. I like this volume because it relates how people can apply to rule of St. Benedict everyday in their lives. I also love how the author incorporates the teachings of other religions into the book.
  • Donna, Walks In Spirit
    I had to read chapters of this for my class. I ended up reading the entire book. Joan Chittister did a great job of explaining the rules, in the context of other religions. Our assignment helped us to write our own rules of life.A must read for those looking for structure & a deeper meaning.
  • Leah Colbeck
    Not an easy read by any means but full of challenging, inspiring and centring wisdom. There is a lot to process here. I recommend more as a daily devotional than a read straight through book.
  • Nancy Jurss
    St. Benedict wrote the rule for his monasteries in 516. This became the foundation for thousands of monasteries in the Middle Ages and is the most common one used in today's monasteries. Before Benedict, most monks lived a life of extreme poverty and severe self-discipline. Benedict called for moderation and balance. Monks prayed for eight hours, worked and read for eight hours, and slept for eight hours. Chittister's interpretation adapts it for...
  • Christy Baker
    This book had been recommended to me by my spiritual director and a women's spiritual direction group I was in a fair number of years ago. I'd picked it up a couple of different times, but hadn't really resonated with it on first attempt. This time, I read through the daily readings to completion, but don't think I will continue with the recommended three times of reading through for a full year. Once feels sufficient for what I want to get out o...
  • Phil
    Sometimes start and end dates are deceptive and they are here. It looks like I've been reading this book shockingly long, but, really, I'm on my third way through it. That is an indication I may be liking it. It is also an indication of what kind of book it is. This is a commentary by the notable nun, Sister Joan Chittister, on the Rule of Commentary. What makes it especially useful is that it is organized into daily chunks and put into a calenda...
  • Bob Price
    Looking for a 'good' devotional? Then look no further, the Rule of Benedict is here!Joan Chittister has done the Church a great favor by taking Benedict's Rule and arranging it for daily reading. The Rule is good enough to stand on it's own, but Chittster has added daily thoughts to help the reader understand it and apply it to their lives in the 21st Century. She has taken a perfect text for because Benedict, while being strict to modern standar...
  • Connie
    This is not my favorite commentary on the Rule of St Benedict but it is a good place to start. In short daily essays, Sr. Joan goes through the ROB relating it to today’s world. It was helpful to me in providing an entry into this document from the 6th century. Human nature hasn’t changed and Benedict demonstrated keen insight into the challenges inherent in trying to follow a Christian lifestyle. Most of us function in communities of one typ...
  • James Andersen
    This book was a helpful and insightful book. With a book like this it certainly does seem possible that one could treat their own life as ones monastery. These seemingly monastic rules have been given a contemporary "living in the world" understanding as well and I think people would benefit from reading this book, it is somewhat simplistic making it easy for people to read. Nonetheless, I feel that this book reminds me of the scene in the New Te...
  • Bonnie Westmark
    This was my 26th Chittister book and a required reading for us Benedictine Oblates at St. Placid Priory. We will be discussing it each month during our meetings. I can't get enough of Joan Chittister and truly believe she is a gift from God. Her perspective on the Rule helped me to gain insight and understand the reasoning behind it. She also helped me to apply it to my own life few as a teacher, friend, daughter, mother, grandmother and member o...
  • Elisabeth
    This is a day by day read, cycled through x 3 in calendar year -- the first time through, as part of a Lay Chaplaincy class, I was unimpressed but for a few comments noted in yellow marker -- being me, I had to go the distance -- second time through, huh, starting to hear some bells of spiritual sense -- liking her use of the Tao, and Jewish wisdom inserted - more markings in black ink ... Third time through, red ink and folded corners -- it's no...
  • Elaine
    I am currently on my second reading of this fine little book, and fully expect to begin reading it again upon completion. "The Rule" is intended as part of daily reading of the Benedictine monastic tradition. Sr. Joan provides commentary that breathes life into the ancient text, giving reverence to Benedict's wisdom and providing a life-affirming understanding of the rule as it applies to life today.This volume is intended to be read as part of a...
  • Steven Strothman
    While I marked this book as finished, I did not finish this book. I tired of reading it and found many parts of it not applicable to me and my life. A book like this would typically receive one star from me, but there are a couple great sections. The best was the section on humility. I am a person that firmly believes that humility is waining in our society. I also know that I am person that fights being prideful. So the ability to take some time...
  • Pam I.
    This book offers much to ponder on humility, obedience, community, balance, leadership and simplicity. The commentary is alternated with Benedict's text to give insight for application in the contemporary non-monastic Christian life. The book is arranged by date for three reading cycles per year, and I am trying to read a section each day. This has become a grounding experience for me as I face the daily struggles of this world.
  • Kevin Orth
    Wonderful interpretation - in that it is gender neutral, appreciative of Taoist and Jewish awareness of Source while remaining true to the nature, meaning, and purpose of the The Rule of Benedict. Coming from a mystical Christian perspective, these elements ring true and make the text much more in line with my experience of the Divine. Highly recommend!
  • Kenneth
    The author, Joan Chittister, is herself a Benedictine Sister, and in this book she provides extensive commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict which the Saint himself composed some 1,500 years ago. She shows how the Rule has relevance today for anyone seeking after God in today's world. Excellent for either individual reading or for a group study.
  • Sue
    As a Benedictine Oblate reading and reflecting on the Rule is a daily ritual. This rendering takes the Rule into the 21st Century with thought provoking reflections. Sr. Joan's often used references to non-Christian ancient wisdom is refreshing and helps keeps meditations on a global perspective.
  • Bernard Glover
    Sr. Joan has a way of delving into the depths of even the most obscure texts of the rule and finding wisdom for the ages. She shows how Benedict's wisdom has value for everyone in today's at times negative culture. I have read it many times as it forms an important part of one's daily reading from the rule.
  • Elaine
    A Benedictine Oblate is to read part of the Rule each day, reading the whole Rule three times a year. this book follows that recommendation, each day providing clarification of the Rule in today's world. Sister Joan provides so much spiritual insight. I highly recommend this book for Oblate novices and even into one's second year. I shall certainly read it again.
  • Erin Nieves
    Daily readings for the Rule of St. Benedict with reflections to match each day's reading. Benedictines read the Rule three times each year, looking at a piece of it each day. It takes a lifetime to figure out how to live it. Part of it is the daily reading and praying that informs one's heart.
  • Greg
    An inspirational read that takes the Rule of Benedict and gives a modern understanding of a spiritual way of life. While you could read it straight through, the best way is to take a few pages at a time, and then reflect.