Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5 (Spinward Fringe, #5, Rogue Element, #1) by Randolph Lalonde

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5 (Spinward Fringe, #5, Rogue Element, #1)

The crew of the Triton, a rare, Earth built Space Combat Carrier, make their way to Ossimi Station, a safe haven for independent ships and traders. In a galaxy gripped by conflict and teetering on the verge of chaos, Captain Jacob Valance and his crew will be faced with the unexpected, the unknown, and an opportunity to save thousands of lives. Will their sympathy be their undoing? [Broadcast 5]

Details Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5 (Spinward Fringe, #5, Rogue Element, #1)

TitleSpinward Fringe Broadcast 5 (Spinward Fringe, #5, Rogue Element, #1)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction

Reviews Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5 (Spinward Fringe, #5, Rogue Element, #1)

  • Dan McGirt
    Previous entries in the ongoing Spinward Fringe saga had the sprawling feel of a classic Edgar Rice Burroughs yarn, with several groups of characters having independent (though interrelated) adventures scattered across various ships and planets, but ultimately converging (at least those who survive). Lalonde changes up the pace with Broadcast 5: Fracture. It is a faster read than the last couple of outings. Though characters do split up, the acti...
  • Dan
    Very good!
  • The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
    Another strong showing by Randolph Lalonde. The Spinward Fringe series is a wonderful read and this is no exception. The journey getting the team back together keeps going foreward. The old crew meets the new crew under Jacob Valence (Don't call him Valentine) and there are harrowing escapes (some miraculously so) and wicked sci-fi villains in the mold of sci-fi villains before us. We start getting a glimpse that there is a deeper thread running ...
  • ron dean
    Number 5Loved this book they just keep getting better as they move along. Just bought number 6 I'm starting it right now. Would recommend this book to any science fiction reader out there start at number 1 and hang on for a great ride.
  • Fred
    This, Broadcast 5, is actually the beginning of a new trilogy set in our future out on the fringe of human colonization. The writer points out that even though there are hundreds of planets which have been colonized, and whole interstellar empires that war against each other, only 14% of the Milky Way has been explored and nothing outside of our galaxy. I like that because it's realistic in scope as far as how large the universe truly is. For an ...
  • Kyle
    Spinward Fringe Fracture is a continuing story in the Spinward Fringe Broadcast series, and it also appears to be book one of the Rogue Element Trilogy. Having read the preceding books in the series, this one felt like starting over in many ways because of the way the author chose to continue the story.The once unflinching hero, Jacob Valance, is struggling with doubts and uncertainty about his mission. His daughter, Alice, is dying, and he's on ...
  • nick
    apparently this is "starting a new" but dont worry the authors just taking a slight look back, while still being where the story left off, an introducing new characters. well I wouldnt refer to this as a new start. like the previous book this experiments with taking a slower pace to flesh out characters & ship, which was intriguing. while still having fast pace action. maybe not as much happens but this shorter book still has merit. in no means d...
  • Nanne
    This book annoyed me which is why I am giving it a 2 star rating instead of the 3 stars it probably deserves. Going from a 450 pages book to a 175 page book in a series just felt wrong to me and the whole book felt sort of frantic as did the way the story was being told. In all honestly there was probably nothing wrong with the story but it simply wasn't the story I was hoping for after the last book. I think the author could have done a lot bett...
  • Kane
    It was better than the previous one. The one thing which stood out to me in this book is now throughout most of the book, the author kept switching between two different storylines to show that they were occuring at the same time. It kept going back and forth until the end when the two storylines combined. I have seen it before in this series and others but it seemed drawn out in this book. At first it wasn't to my liking because I ended up havin...
  • Douglas Cook
    First paragraph. "It was the most irritating thing. Nerine could never stop her mouth from watering as she cut peaches and strawberries into a bowl and brought them to Captain Gammin every morning. He always watched the video feed from the galley as she did so. Eating half a strawberry once earned her a severe beating. All she had to do to remind herself of what a taste cost was run her tongue over the bare gum where two of her molars had been."L...
  • Donna
    This installment in the series was a quick read and is different from the others in not having an intricate plot with a lot going on. Instead, this is more of a quick snapshot--the action takes place over a couple of days in one place. The book ended abruptly and the story wasn't resolved in any way. I believe the action picks up immediately in the next book. Considering how short this one was, I think the author should have combined them into on...
  • John Boettcher
    Honestly, the books in the series keep getting better and better. I thought that this read was a bit faster than some of his others, but not in a bad way. The story just flowed and the characters came upon some more moral and ethical questions and situations than they were used to dealing with in the past, which made the book very interesting to read. Still surprised at how fast these books are coming out.
  • Jim Kratzok
    Great series!The continuing story of Captain Jake Valence and the crew of the Triton is a pleaser. I can't decide if it's worth 5 stars or not so I'll give it 4 for the abrupt ending. It came to a halt right in the middle of a scene that I think needed more of a finish. Also, this book is a little on the short side of things. But otherwise, it's a good read.
  • Bas Kreuger
    Nice book, as Sci-Fi books go. Very fast paced (a bit too much now and then) and a good diversion from reading heavier stuff. And the price is right too ($ 0,00), so try it and see if you like it.Lalonde uses a very technical SF writing style, with lots of detail on engines, weapons and shields, but human beings play a prominent part too luckily.
  • Yvonne Boag
    In Broadcast 5: Fracture, adversity never weakens the Triton crew or their captain; it just makes them more dangerous. This series just keeps getting better and better...(Click here to read the complete review).
  • James
    Events continue to spiral for our beloved team from Freeground and the crew from the Sampson. As they hop from one fire to another, as old friends and lovers reunite, as a small crew and thousands of refugees meld into a family, this story continues to speed us along and surprise over and over. A blast to read, hard to put down, and always engaging.
  • Dale (Aus)
    For a self published author I find this series of books outstanding. This story just builds from the first and gets you hooked further. The first 3 are free in an omnibus and worthy of the download. I now await the next to be published.http://www.smashwords.com/ Has the first Omnibus of the "First Light Chronicles" for download.
  • Suzanne Lavine
    Would be a 5, butThis is a great series - wonderful storyline, characters; in depth descriptions of life in space and on spaceships - and the story has it all; love, enemies, war, survival, etc. But the incorrect use of personal pronouns is distracting and unfortunate. Read this series anyway though!
  • Kimberley
    I chose this book because the price was right. I wasn't expecting much, and so was pleasantly surprised and delighted when I looked forward to moments I could snatch away to read it. I'm looking forward to reading of further adventures of Captain Valent and the crew of the First Light in the rest of the series.
  • Alexander Bradley
    I'm finally back on track with this series, loving every minute of reading it and dreading the moment Randolph changes the whole thing again.Lucky enough, things seem to stare where there put from here onwards and the story just keeps revealing more well hidden gems and jewels.
  • Mayjori NoneYoBusiness
    This is my all time FAVORITE scifi series, possibly my favorite of any genre. The only problem is i get hacked off every time I read it cause it isnt long enough, short books, is actually pretty frustrating ;).
  • Gary O'Brien
    Fast-paced, action-packed series that will keep your eyes glued to the pages (or screen).The edge of the seat style of these books is just fantastic. I really loved these and hope to read a lot more by this author.
  • Eddie
    Another great installment of the Spinward Fring series. The action is fast and plentiful, the characters are easy to like and are certainly underdogs. The text for the most part is free of profanity and devoid of overt sex. A great read.
  • Rob
    Yet another good entry within the Spinward Fringe series and a good start to the Rogue Element trilogy. This book did seem to have a few more editing errors in it than the previous books but nothing that spoiled my enjoyment.
  • Doug
    Great book. editing lacking but great book.
  • Drew
    Another update in the 'will they ever catch a break sage' of Triton and crew. Hard core sci fir details mixed with internal story telling. Can it get a little worse for the crew, yes it can.
  • Buford VanDeman
    Great readingRead the books there. Great. To read have read them over and over again so please give them a try
  • Kirby
    It is a really good space opera, but I'm getting tire of the space opera action which dominates the story now.
  • Joan
    My biggest gripe is it takes them forever to run a hallway. I skimmed the last part of this cause I got so tired of the endless detail.
  • Randy Mccallum
    Issues with editing but continues a decent story. A little fractious and hard to follow at times, but good sci fi.