Point of Dreams (Astreiant, #3) by Melissa Scott

Point of Dreams (Astreiant, #3)

The city of Astreiant has gone crazy with enthusiasm for a new play, The Drowned Island, a lurid farrago of melodrama and innuendo. Pointsman Nicolas Rathe is not amused, however, at a real dead body on stage and must investigate. A string of murders follow, perhaps related to the politically important masque that is to play on that same stage. Rathe must once again recruit the help of his soldier lover, Philip Eslingen, whose knowledge of actors...

Details Point of Dreams (Astreiant, #3)

TitlePoint of Dreams (Astreiant, #3)
Release DateDec 11th, 2001
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Mystery, Fiction, Romance, M M Romance, LGBT

Reviews Point of Dreams (Astreiant, #3)

  • Stephanie
    Flower-arranging has never been so lethal.
  • Jasmine
    Flower-arranging has never been so interesting.
  • heidi
    Chronologically, this is the third book in the series I think of as "CSI: Big Gay Fantasy". The mental name is probably an unfair depiction, since the book is much more about the teamwork between Rathe and Eslingen than about their growing intimacy.This mystery is set against the upcoming power changeover, a situation much like the tulip craze of Holland, and a magically important play. There is also a confluence of the stars that is causing ever...
  • Furio
    This second book in the late-Renaissance series centred on pointsman Rathe is similar at first sight to the first but subtly different nonetheless, as if the two plots belonged each to one of the two authors.The first was more focused on the mistery, on the action that brings to its solving and it was fleshed out with countless details about the lower-class characters' way of life.In this second one the mistery seems not to be the focus of the na...
  • Angela
    When I finished this book, I set it aside with a feeling of satisfaction, as if I'd had a good meal. The mystery was well-done, the fantastic elements of the story and the world well-conceived, the backstory well-integrated and relatively easy to pick up once I got into the rhythm of the plot.Scott and Barnett write with an attention to detail and a richness of atmosphere not often found in fantasy. The story moves along leisurely, over the cours...
  • Alison
    4.5 stars. So well done. This is a marvellous book in a marvellous fantasy mystery series and this is my favourite so far. The city of Astreiant and its residents continue to capture all my attention. There's so much depth and subtlety and complexity in this story and the characters continue to be totally compelling. The mystery is absolutely fascinating, as is the theatrical setting. It's a murder mystery story based around a big theatrical prod...
  • Cat M
    In some ways the murders are the least interesting part of this book. They matter, and they drive the plot, but it's the thematic stuff going on around and in cause of the murders that I found most interesting.This is a book about relationships, and the ways they are seen and controlled by society and societal pressures. It's mostly about queer relationships. The growing intimacy between Philip and Nico and the ways in which they are both drawn t...
  • Eva Müller
    I am not a big fan of mysteries where stubborn higher-ups want to stop the detective from investigating a murder because of reason/politics/whatever and they get into more and more trouble because they, of course, investigate anyway. And Point of Dreams started with exactly such a situation which is why I had a hard time getting into it at first. But Rathe got quickly distracted by other murders (lots of them) he was actually supposed to investig...
  • Hannah
    when i say “fun matriarchal renaissance-fantasy police procedural with astrology magic, flower magic, tea, theatre, and low-key background romance” is your immediate response “yes, i want to read that right now”? GOOD. read this series!!!! the only word i can properly use for it is delightful. it just delights me! and this one was about the theatre and flowers, two of my favorite things, and what can i say when something just knows the wa...
  • Vendela
    What a delightful series this is. And it’s such a good blend of my favorite genres - mysteries, fantasy, and queer romance.
  • Abi Walton
    I think I preferred this book to the first one, which was brilliant don't get me wrong. I just love Nico and Philp being lemen together it makes me so happy. And I adore how Scott and Barnett write their relationship, it is there, but also so subtle making the moments of tenderness more heart moving and wonderful. I really want all my books to be set in this world, where everyone is bisexual and it doesn't matter. Nico and Philip are lemen and it...
  • Alarra
    it was diminishing returns with the second book, Point of Dreams, as Nico and Philip investigate strange murders at the playhouse. I felt there was too little time exploring how they felt about each other - even as past loves were thrown in to the mix, it felt like all the relationship stuff happened offstage (lol pun unintended), only so they could bring it to the fore to hammer home a pertinent point to the mystery. I also felt the crime was ri...
  • Kate
    Still hitting EVERYTHING I LOVE. Some of the theatre stuff got a bit impenetrable at times, but it didn't take away from the book.
  • VertexArray
    Having read two books in the Astreiant series, I want to describe them as balanced. Procedural cop drama with an exemplary treatment of magic (consistent logic balanced against breathless wonder). Characters that obey the same rhythm of everyday life that you and I are bound to, even as corpses pile up. Seasons change, stars align, the logic of mercantilism and social class rule all. This constraints of internal logic and societal organization gr...
  • Denise
    The second full length novel in Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett's elaborately crafted Astreiant universe takes Nico and Philip into the world of the theater, where Philip has found new employment after losing his old job and Nico is called to investigate the mysterious murder of a nobleman on the stage who was rehearsing for the prestigious midwinter masque.Usually it takes me a while to find my way back into a world and reacquaint myself with ...
  • Oiorpata
    Shame they changed the narrator for this book. Matt Leisy who did Astreiant, #1 & 1.5 was excellent, very clear and easy to understand, and his regional accents were spot on. Mark Mullaney who narrated this one is so bad I almost stopped listening. His "British" accents are painful to British ears, and he mispronounces so many words in what I can only assume is an attempt to make them sound "British" that it becomes distracting and hard to follow...
  • Anne
    Love the world, the mystery is interesting but disappointed in the romance, which is a constant case of telling without showing. I like the two main characters but I don't get why the author keeps shying away from having them show any romantic or sexual expression toward each other. We keep being told they're in a relationship but they don't even touch each other or act romantically in any way. It's clear they have feelings toward each other but ...
  • Aussie54
    Once again, I found it very hard to follow the story to begin with. There are many new characters with hard to pronounce names. I find it difficult to remember who everyone is when I can’t work out their names. With these stories however, perseverance pays off, and after a while I was reading enthusiastically. I mostly enjoy the relationship between Nico and Philip in this series, (they really are appealing characters), but the plot was interes...
  • Elizabeth
    After enjoying the first two books in this series (the second being labeled 1.5), I hate this give this such a low rating but I was bored to tears. It was a huge relief just to get to the last chapter and by then I really didn't care who, how, or why of the murders I just wanted the experience to be over.
  • nisie draws
    I loved Rathe and Eslingen's relationship in this book, they were adorable, and in general i really enjoyed the plot. I was a little disappointed with the execution of the mystery - i felt there were a lot of scenes where the characters ignored obvious clues in order for the plot to work - which is very meeeh - but overall it was a good read!
  • Irma
    I was stuck in a reading slump for so long I decided to bring out the heavy artillery - fantasy with reversed gender roles. The plot of this one was a bit... milder than the first book but the whole setting is still interesting. Plus, I did finish it in 2 days after months of not reading anything so yay.
  • Nightbow
    Ooooh so much fun! I love this series! Can I just say—no harm done reading in publication order rather than fictive-world chronological order. Anyway: yummy detail, inventive plot, great characters, luxuriant world, terrible copyediting.
  • Antonella
    3.5 Well written, engaging, at some stages too much astrology.
  • Munch
    4.5 the second time reading this, just a bit of a slow start but still really enjoyable.
  • Lesley
    Maybe three and a half? Anyway I have fallen down a rabbit-hole with these and have already got the next one in the series.
  • Anne Skelding
    Good good.
  • Vanessa
    I almost gave this book 5 stars, because I thought it was an improvement to the first one that I also really liked. Maybe I'll raise it up later, but for now it's 4.5 stars.I think these books take place in a really interesting world. It's almost a normal medieval fantasy world, but everything is based on the stars and how they stood when one was born. Everything is influenced by it. Even murder, as this book will show you.It's also a matriarchal...
  • Jane
    I didn't comment on this in my review of Point of Hopes, the prequel to Point of Dreams, but I like how subtle and understated the authors are about the details and structures of their world, like they are taken for granted being so much a part of Chnedolle's society that one doesn't notice them. Details like Chnedolle is a mostly matriarchy society or as I mentioned, Boston marriages, for females as well as males, are legal and common or Gargoyl...
  • Lis Carey
    This is a sequel to Point of Hopes. Basically, this is a mystery series; it just happens to be set in a fantasy world with an interesting cosmology and magic system. Just as the real test of whether you're likely to enjoy Hammerfall is whether you enjoy Cherryh's fantasy, not her sf, I think the real test of whether you're likely to enjoy this book is whether you enjoy mystery series, not whether you enjoy fantasy series.Astreiant is the capital ...