Fruits Basket, Vol. 3 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 3

A family with an ancient curse...And the girl who will change their lives forever...It's Valentines Day and you know what that means - lots of chocolates for the cutest boys at school! In this case, it's a pretty close tie between hot-headed Kyo Sohma and "Prince Charming" Yuki Sohma. Of course the kind-hearted Tohru, guest of the Sohma family, has chocolates for everyone! But when White Day comes around, what will the Sohma family give her in re...

Details Fruits Basket, Vol. 3

TitleFruits Basket, Vol. 3
Release DateJun 8th, 2004
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Reviews Fruits Basket, Vol. 3

  • Merb
    🐱 This volume is Kyo! 🐱In the third volume of Fruits Basket, the story and characters really begin to get into their groove. The illustrations, both chibi and realistic, are just perfect at capturing the feel of this story. During this installment, we follow Tohru as she attempts (and due to certain events fails) to complete her schools endurance test, makes Valentine's chocolates for her friends and all those from the Zodiac she has met, g...
  • Rain Misoa
    *Flails* OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! HARU WAS IN THIS VOLUME AND IT EXCITES ME SOOOOOOO MUCH TO SEE HIM IN ACTION!!!! HOW I LOVE THIS MAN! BOY! COW! WHATEVER! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! *Piano falls on head* Oof! @_@ ...thanks. I needed that. I got a bit too fangirly there... heh? *Ahem* Anyway, as you probably already know... I love this volume of Fruits Basket. Mostly for Haru but also because more things were revealed. Seriously, it's painful seeing how sl...
  • Kate (KayvaJuice)
    *This review only covers volume 3*In this volume we are introduced to a new character which is Haru the cow. Haru's story is revealed along with more of Yuki's childhood which leads us to the understanding that living with the curse can be very lonely even with the other Sohmas around. It reminds us that this family isn't what we could call "close" and the characters probably don't really see themselves as a family. They probably see each other a...
  • Jamie
    So cute! I adore this series! In this volume we really get to see just how kind and caring Tohru is. How she puts others' happiness before her own. She really is super sweet. Yet still naive! Shigure I was really liking but this volume I am really arching my eyebrows in his direction. He is up to something shady... Adds new intrigue as well to this series. It is starting to have a darker edge... Join Tohru and the Sohma's as they celebrate Valent...
  • Andrea
    I am hardcore shipping Tohru and Kyo and it's only VOLUME THREE. I have no shame!! (This from a previous Tohru x Yuki shipper til like the very end too) Every time they have one of their deep conversations and get to know each other better or Kyo does something really nice for Tohru, it makes my insides go all gooey
  • Krystal
    Not gonna lie, I'm still a little bit in love with Kyo Sohma to this day.
  • Cath
    5/5 stars.First book of the year! I've just decided to reread this series again, I love it so much. :') Third time rereading it and I still notice things I never noticed before. :D
  • Corinna
    I'll give it one more shot with Volume 4, but I really don't know that this series is for me.
  • Farhin
    In my previous Fruits Basket review, I advised anyone reading to take caution. If you haven't already seen the anime (in which case you should) or read the previous volumes (in which case you should), I'd highly advise avoiding this particular review too....You're welcome.So anyways, Volume 3 of Fruits Basket!After being briefly introduced to Hatsuharu Sohma in the previous volume when Shigure makes a trip to the main house for New Years, natural...
  • Cath
    5/5 stars!!I'm falling more and more in love with this series all over again. And Haru! We got to meet Haru! :)
  • Delirious Disquisitions
    I love that we are getting to meet other members of the zodiac sign while still focusing on the relationship of our central characters. These boys and their love for Tohru will be the death of me! It's so refreshing to get sweet, kind, and considerate love interests in a manga. Usually it's just the side love interest who's kind while the main guy ends up being a jerk. I was also really touched by Momiji's foolish man analogy and its parallels to...
  • Mitchell
    Continues to be readable. But still too hard for me to keep track of who is whom. I liked the trip to the Hot Springs and the hostess, though not when she when all crazy monkey. I'd like the book better if it was more detailed, more chance to see the setting. And if so much of it wasn't repetitive. And on to the next one.
  • Ferdy
    3.5 stars - Spoilers-Pretty good but not as enjoyable as the previous two volumes.-Tohru was still as likeable and ditzy as ever.-Yuki was blah. Definitely not a fan of the potential Yuki/Tohru pairing. -Loved Kyo and Momiji. Haru was pretty good too.-Liked the onsen tour, and the double date with Kagura/Kyo and Yuki/Tohru. -The only thing that was disappointing was the dialogue/story didn't always flow well or make sense. β€” it made for frustra...
  • Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)
    Another great addition to this series. Again, we meet more of the family, but most importantly the subtle larger plot continues to grow and we find out who is pulling which strings. I loved this and cried during it, as seems to be normal for me during this series. I look forward to the next volume!
  • Jackie B. - Death by Tsundoku
    Typically, I begin my reviews with a brief summary. But I just can't. These chapters are all over the place! That said, Fruits Basket Volume 2 still connects everything clearly. It's such a strange and wonderful reading experience. I am so glad for the introduction of Hatsuharu (aka Haru). He's the sort of character which really makes an anime. Eccentric, extreme, loving, and downright hilarious. I hope we get to see more of him! I've also notice...
  • Ijeoma
    As usual, I am never disappointed with my Fruits Basket journey. There are major developments in this book. Several characters are experiencing growth and learning to come to grips with who they are and how they feel. We continue to meet more members of the peculiar Somah family. I find that I am intrigued by the members and their association with the different members of the zodiac sign. At times, the storyline appeared quite childish; however, ...
  • Kazen
    Another solid volume, but not my favorite. (She says three volumes into a 23 volume series, ha.) I'm glad that we've finally met Haru, who I remember vividly from the 2001 anime. Watching the new (2019) anime while reading the manga has become interesting - some story lines are being reordered to suit the screen better, meaning I sometimes have to read half a volume before moving on to the next anime episode. It's not bad, just interesting.Still ...
  • Jenna | Silver Spines
    3 starsThis volume had so many iconic scenes, it felt so nostalgic! I'm honestly quite impressed with how accurately the anime adapted the original content- I didn't expect there to be frame-to-frame scenes in the manga. However, because I'm so familiar with the episodes from the anime, nothing surprised me, making this volume a bit of a boring one. I found the most entertaining parts to be those from Shigure's perspective. A lot of his scenes we...
  • Jess
    Kyo is my favorite character and I love how calm he's becoming. it's such great character development. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yuki and Kyo aren't friend but they'll pretend to get along for Tohru. also Momiji is adorable and I'm glad that translated from manga to anime.
  • Kassidy
    Two new characters joined with interesting personalities, they are now some of my new favorites.I find it cool that all the characters all have their unique characteristics and personalities. even though they have different personalities they all unite as a family. :)
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    Momiji is my child.
  • Jamie
    Awesome! I can't wait for Volume 4!*REREAD* I still love this so much! This manga series makes me so happy!
  • Lexie
    Volume 3 aka HEY MOMIJI MY LOVE MY SUNSHINE MY EVERLASTING JOY IN LIFE. Also Hatsuharu...who is 15. I must keep reminding myself of that because when he goes "Black" its kind of sexy (I blame most of this on the anime, the English Voice Actor had a hot voice). Welcome to what happens when Yuki over extends himself, Kyo doesn't QUITE understand his feels and Shigure is...:sigh:Oh! And though we don't know WHO she is quite yet, we also meet Ritsu's...
  • dani! ❀
    This series--gosh, I love it. I can't actually express how much I love it. (Also, this is obviously better than all the other volumes because Kyo's on the cover! Yes!)Introducing Hatsuharu and... someone else. (It might just have been Hatsuharu...) He's interesting. All the Sohma's are interesting, actually. He's sort of like Kyo, but less severe, and he obviously likes Yuki more. (view spoiler)[Sort of awkward when he spontaneously declares that...
  • Lanie
    :D this manga is so cute. My friend Karri recommended it to me, and I'm so glad I have it a chance.Seriously. Super cute! Like, a painfully fluffy overload of sappy cuddle party cuteness. :D Which is SO different from the kinds of manga I usually read. Seriously, just look at my manga shelf. It's literally overflowing with dark and gore-filled mangas like "black butler" "attack on Titan" and "Tokyo ghoul". (Although, I am trying to widen my horiz...
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    In this volume, we meet Hatsuharu with his wild hair and dark side. I love this guy! I think it's hilarious how the guys are always fighting and Tohru is so upset, always trying to make peace between them, but in the end all these zodiac guys really do care about each other.They may fight and get on each other's last nerve, but they are still family.I love the whole storyline with the Valentine's chocolates. It's funny how something so small can ...
  • Sophia F
    Hellos Fruits Basket lovers!! I have finished volume 3, and it seems so much happens in each volume it's hard to keep track of everything!A new character joins us, Haru who looks kind of hot, (*giggles*) and interrupts an intense race during school. Kyou and Yuki run so fast, I'd probably get out of breath and pass out just from watching them...Tohru also gave chocolates to everyone using her own money, (where's mine...? :'( ) and the Souma famil...
  • Kunori
    Hatsaharu's epic bike sceneis a great opening to volume 3. The fact that Yuki just stuffed negi (Leeks) into Kyo's mouth is absolutely hilarious. The dramatic and hilarious fight between Hatsaru and Kyo... It's definetaly amusing. Ahh... And the sudden encounter with Kyo's 'Love', Kagura. She's really funny and made me want to read even further to the book. Not forgetting my favourite panel: Shigure with the maid dress to 'repay' Tohru for the lo...
  • Aimee
    Soooo what if I'm read a manga? I swore to myself in high school that I would never become one of those obsessive girls - its just weird. And I have stayed true to that promise. But I have to read these. There's no going back. The story and situations the characters find themselves in are nothing short of hysterical. Yes, Fruits Basket is my greatest guilty pleasure. I love it.
  • Hannah Heath
    Momiji telling the story of the very foolish traveler? Made this volume awesome. I love how this series can be both hilarious and touching at the same time. Excited to read the next volume.