Hauntings by Henry Mazzeo


Collection of 17 short stories.1. The Lonesome Place by August Derleth c. 1947 by All-Fiction Field, Inc. and c. 1962 by August Derleth. Reprinted by permission of Arkham House.2. In The Vault by H. P. Lovecraft c. 1932 by Popular Fiction Publishing Company, c. 1939, 1945 by August Derleth and Donald Wondrei; c. 1963 by August Derleth. Reprinted by permission of Arkham House.3. The Man Who Collected Poe by Robert Bloch, c. 1951 by Popular Publica...

Details Hauntings

Release DateJun 1st, 1968
PublisherDoubleday & Company, Inc.
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Fiction, Paranormal, Ghosts, Anthologies, Ghost Stories

Reviews Hauntings

  • Melki
    No guts or gore. No walls dripping blood. And no chainsaw-wielding maniacs. Instead there are disembodied voices, ghostly apparitions, and spooky old houses with residents that will never leave. Though tame by today's standards, here is a collection of good, old-fashioned scary stories by Lovecraft, Henry James, H.G. Wells, Robert Bloch, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and more. My favorite was the super-creepy The Red Lodge by H. Russell Wakefield.And t...
  • Peter
    If you enjoy a good to honest ghost story that delivers, this is it. A selection of fine stories that, aside from one or two, are really worth a look. I shall not go through each individually as it would be more fun to read without any comments to colour your own opinion. ENJOY.HELLO CHUMS! Sorry if I han't been about for a while but work and other things had to take precedence.
  • Jeannie Sloan
    I have to say that I was nicely surprized on how good the stories were in this little book.I have read dozen's of anthologies on the supernatural and thought I had read all of the 'good' stories out there.While there are a couple of stories that I have seen in other collections, like The Lonesome place and The Open Door,most of the stories are 'new' to me.Ghosts are the predominent supernatural manifestation here so if you like ghost stories you ...
  • Doug Lamoreux
    I cannot recommend this collection of short stories by the masters of literary horror strongly enough. A spooky joy from start to finish. H.P. Lovescgraft amuses and shocks with In The Vault. Robert Bloch charms and alarms with The Man Who Collected Poe. (A story brought to the screen by Peter Cushing and Jack Palance in Amicus' Torture Garden.) M.R. James sells you an amazing and frightening little toy called The Haunted Doll's House. You'll fin...
  • Abby
    This is a 1968 first (and only, I think) edition that I purchased on etsy. I wanted this mainly for the Edward Gorey illustrations but the stories actually impressed me more. The illustrations looked like etchings or lithographs which were quite small and muddy. The stories, though, were great, very impressive for what I thought would be a dull collection. I read most of them. The following are included in the book and the starred ones were my fa...
  • trina
    OUTSTANDINGly creepy stories: in the vault, h.p. lovecraftwhere angels fear, manly wade wellmanlot no. 249, conan doylethe open door, margaret oliphantthus i refute beelzy, john collierthe whistling room, william hope hodgsonthe grey ones, j.b. priestlymidnight express, alfred noyesthe rest are varying degrees of good, and i'm quite glad i picked this up. victorian/early 2oth century horror pretty much beats all, being so much subtler and creepie...
  • Mintkittytea
    Illustrated by Edward Gorey (!)
  • Steven
    Great, great collection of classic horror/ghost stories that have been reprinted many times in many places, but this is one of my go-to reads for October in preparation for Halloween.
  • Rodney
    Compiled with an inerrant sense of wit, this book is a whole lot of eerie fun, and the Gorey illustrations are just perfect. I have a long shelf of ghost story anthologies, but this one is special because the stories all kind of work together to create a very singular mood peculiar to this book. Highly recommended if the late-Victorian/Edwardian Gothic is your thing (or even more highly recommended if it's not and you kind of want it to be, but i...
  • H.E. Bulstrode
    An entertaining collection of supernatural tales, some by authors that I have previously read, and others that I have not. What united them for me personally was the fact that I came to them all as a fresh reader, for I had not thumbed my way through any of the stories in this volume before. Although a number of the authors included will doubtless be familiar to horror aficionados, some of them were new to me, even a figure so apparently well kno...
  • Elizabeth Nesbit-comer
    wonderful illistrations and wonderfully creepy stories :) A must read for fans of classic haunted house stories
  • Jo Anne
    Ok, I admit I initially grabbed this book because the cover was illustrated by Edward Gorey, whose book covers I collect. I wasn't sure about the writers; I hadn't heard of a lot of them, and the stories were all written in the late 1800s. Wow, double trophy! The stories were scary and elegantly written. Now, I've heard of H.G. Wells, Lovecraft and Conan Doyle, but the other writers were unknown to me and their stories were the best. Each tale is...
  • Carrie
    Great collection of old-fashioned horror and ghost stories accentuated by illustrations from Edward Gorey. Fun read all around.
  • Deborah
    I made "doing a review" my excuse for re-reading this delectable little book, though truly I need no excuse save the book itself. My sister and I had one old copy that we traded between us for thirty-plus years, each panicking if we thought the other had lost it. Now we each have a copy. My favorite story is "Where Angels Fear" by Manly Wade Wellman. A nice young couple heads out by the light of the moon to explore a haunted house around midnight...
  • Scott
    - Midnight Express - “It was the story of a man who, in childhood, long ago, had chanced upon a book, in which there was a picture that frightened him.” – Narrator, The Midnight ExpressMidnight Express is a dark short story which tells the tale of a twelve year-old boy’s fear of a battered old book, bound in read buckram. The old book names “The Midnight Express” had the strangest fascination for the boy even though he had never quite...
  • General H. Sassafras
    For people who like stories about ghosties and things that go bump in the night AND want to find some newer authors that they haven't checked out yet? This is a great gift. The main reason I got this book was to look at Edward Gorey's art for each of the stories in the anthology. I was slightly disappointed that the sketches weren't integrated with the stories, but on the first page - but the selected works all worked together beautifully. I foun...
  • Ann
    What a wonderful horror anthology. The stories in this book, not to mention Edward Gorey's magnificent illustrations, made such an impression on me that thirty years later I still remembered them. Finally found and bought a used library edition of this book. It was well-thumbed when I got it, and it's even more well-thumbed now. I envy those young, middle-aged, and old people who might be reading it for the first time. Enjoy the ride!Each story s...
  • Richard
    I own quite a few anthologies of ghost stories, but this one has always been toward the top of the pile. It's been long out-of-print (1968), so if you find it in a used book store do *not* let it go by. The mix of authors is excellent, and the selected stories tend to be ones that don't turn up in other collections. Plus you get some wonderful Edward Gorey illustrations. The only disappointment about this collection is that it seems to be the onl...
  • Michael Hughes
    I credit this anthology with shaping my love of literary horror. All of the stories are excellent, but John Collier's "Thus I Refute Beelzy" creeped me out to my core, and to this day I can't shake its simple, elegant intimations of supernatural evil. And the evocative cover art by Edward Gorey was as influential on my appreciation of the macabre as the stories themselves. This belongs on the shelf of everyone who appreciates literary horror. If ...
  • Mike
    Between the covers of "Hauntings" there were many excellent stories ("Lot No. 249," "Levitation," "The Visiting Star," et al.) & several worthless stories ("The Face," "The Grey Ones"). Overall, I'd call this experimental voyage into horror a success, though my preference is still for novels rather than short stories.
  • Elyse
    These are the kind of ghost stories I like - big on psychology and low on gore. They don't depend on big surprises. They're more subtle. The copy I own was published in 1968 and is illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey. Instead of passing this book along to a new owner I think I'll keep it for future Halloweens.
  • Kayleen
    It felt like it took forever to read. They were all written a long time ago, and so they were slow and kind of boring. There were a few that I liked a lot, but now I can't remember them; I'm just happy that I finally actually finished it.I don't think I can read another short story collection for a while.
  • Monty
    An amazing collection of ghostly and supernatural fiction, including a very early Mummy tale by Arthur Conan Doyle, a gem by M.R. James, "The Man Who Collected Poe" by Robert Bloch, and other eerie tales.
  • Jeanine
    I loved the first few stories (they were a 5 for sure), then the next few were a good solid 3... and then I ended up skimming the last few. I enjoyed the editor's notes about the authors throughout and am thankful that a wonderful librarian selected this book for the "recommended" shelf.
  • Dawn Severson
    I am a fan of short stories that leave you wanting more, this book has them. They are truely good old fashioned ghost stoires from some of the best victorian era authors and up. I do love a good super natural or ghost story and this book is full of great stories.
  • J. Dallas
    One of the best anthologies ever published. And great drawings by Gorey.
  • Trevor
    Have only read The Grey Ones by JB Priestley from this collection. I may read more of it down the road...
  • Ayu
    This book presents plenty of classic ghost stories, the one has reminded me of bogeyman movie.