Killer Move by Michael Marshall

Killer Move

“[A] subtle and unnerving story of the little things that can tip the balance of one’s life and send it spiraling into chaos.”—Publishers WeeklyStephen King called Michael Marshall’s debut novel The Straw Men, “a masterpiece…brilliantly written and scary as hell.” With Killer Move, the acclaimed author of Bad Things and The Intruders demonstrates that he has only gotten better with time. The electrifying story of a man on the fast...

Details Killer Move

TitleKiller Move
Release DateJun 28th, 2011
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Killer Move

  • Al Swanson
    I think I've read everything that Marshall has published. Which is a bit odd, considering how I feel about his books. It's a dichotomy, my feelings. I look forward, each time, to his next novel. I feel let down when I complete them. Every. Single. Time. Let me explain...Marshall indeed writes well. Moreover, he makes his writing interesting. You can write plainly and well. You can write in a way that is interesting, but ultimately poor. Some writ...
  • Roger
    This book was going to get four stars before the ending, where it completely fell apart. It felt like the author did not know how to end it, how to tie up all the pieces and had to end it quickly. Very very disappointing because leading up to that point, the plotting was great, the characters were well formed, but the end just was completely wrong. In fact, when he's doing the final wrap he GETS THE NAME of one of the characters WRONG. The main c...
  • Michael
    Every now and then an author writes a book that is truly unique and causes the reader to think extra hard about what is going on.John Hunter is released from prison after serving sixteen years for a crime he didn't commit. He's had plenty of time to plot his revenge against the people who framed him.Bill Moore is a real estate salesman in Florida. He's successful and loves his wife but wants more. One day he notices a paper on his desk with the w...
  • Roger Scherping
    This started out to be a very amusing story with a unique premise. Right away I found it disturbing how the story alternated between the humorous and intriguing chapters about how Bill's life was being modified and the dark, sick chapters about Hunter.Eventually the two story lines merged and thus began the most muddled, confusing, pointless story I've ever read. I still don't understand what happened, and I only finished the book to see whether ...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    Michael Marshall's latest book Killer Move opens with a newly released con named Hunter seeking payback for a crime he says he didn't commit.We then meet realtor Bill Moore, a man with a five year plan - increasing his condo sales numbers in the Florida keys, opening up his own realty office, rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in his corner of the world. Problem is - it's year six. But Bill is nothing if not upbeat. It will happen.. he...
  • J.M. Cornwell
    What do a recently paroled murderer and a successful real estate agent in Florida have in common? They have been modified. Bill Moore is an enterprising person and he wants success in a big way. He has a lucrative job, a beautiful wife, and everything going for him until he gets a message. Modified. Everything changes and Bill’s life unravels around him. John Hunter was just paroled. Once he leaves the prison, he sets out to break all the terms...
  • Adam Nevill
    Fantastic thriller from a writer I've long admired. With the Straw Men books Marshall combines a literary style in very effective commercial plot-driven fiction, at the border where the thriller touches upon and then mingles with horror. And the plot here is superb: inventive and surprising. I'd have been happy to just read a novel about the real estate agent's life in Florida, because even without the more fantastical element, the book stands up...
  • Kathleen Kelly
    This book starts out with a bang and does not let go. Little things start happening to Bill Moore, an upscale realtor in Florida, and he really does not pay attention at first. Then it starts affecting his personal life when his wife accuses him of being a peeping tom with his co-worker. There is proof on his computer but he didn't do it. From that point on the action just keeps on going. A very suspensful story about how your life can get turned...
  • Nigel
    Smooth, smart, thriller, brilliantly written as always and full of strange dark things. A bit more derivative than you might usually expect from Michael Marshall Smith, as it's going to be hard to read it and not be reminded of The Game. But that's okay, it's a lot better and a lot scarier than The Game.
  • Maura Heaphy Dutton
    I enjoyed this well enough, as a quick, relatively brainless read. (That, I'm sure, sounds like a very backhand compliment, but I feel that the world needs well-written, quick, brainless reads, and we should thank those willing to put in the hours to provide them for us ...) However, I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, I felt there were serious plot holes, and problems with tone. I didn't feel that I wanted to rush out and recommend it, as I did when I...
  • Genie
    Author is great at building suspense and a sense of paranoia... quick and compelling read.
  • Paul
    I really liked this book. Intriguing, suspenseful. You feel for the main character as you try to figure out what is going on. The book keeps you guessing to the end. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5.Paul StermanAuthor, Daddy Versus the I really liked this book. Intriguing, suspenseful. You feel for the main character as you try to figure out what is going on. The book keeps you guessing to the end. I would rate it a 4...
  • Em Hatherley
    Awful, don't bother
  • Tracy
    Scary good
  • Laura Riley
    Pretty good book - mentions the Straw Men which ties in his trilogy.
  • Claire
    Another good book, I really do prefer his more futuristic stories, but this was well written and an easy read. Even though I didn't much like the lead character I found myself getting annoyed on his behalf as the story moved on. As his life got shitter his personality got better. Some really twisted characters popped up in this one, a properly nasty old woman, a crazy goth girl, a corrupt cop and a sadistic killer, all good. Not my fave of his bo...
  • Victoria Watson
    As a fan of crime novels, I was looking forward to reading this book by Michael Marshall – best selling author of ‘The Straw Men’ and, more recently, ‘Bad Things’.The main character of this book, set in the Florida Keys, is go-getting estate agent Bill Moore. Bill’s got a good job, a great marriage and a beautiful house. He also has a five-year plan in which he imagines himself to be even more successful. To get this plan to work, how...
  • Michelle Greathouse
    Killer Move is a novel by Michael Marshall and a Thriller from William Morrow.Book Blurb:Bill Moore is a man with a plan. He's got a lucrative job selling condos in the Florida keys, a great marriage, and a beautiful house. He had a five year plan for world domination, too, but it's already creeping into year six... so now he's decided to mix it up - just a little. This means getting in tight with the people in power, the players who run the area...
  • Lizzie Hayes
    Bill Moore works for Shore Realtry, he has a good job selling condos in the Florida Keys. He is happily married to Stephanie, who is successful in her own right. They have a beautiful home, but Bill has a five-year plan to achieve super success, and the five-year plan is now in its sixth year. Bill decides to be pro-active and arranges a meeting with his immediate boss Tony Thompson to jig things up a bit. Things go reasonably well.Returning to h...
  • Jay Tate
    JUST A COUPLE OF SPOILERS - IF YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO READ THIS AWFUL MESS, SKIP THIS REVIEW.This isn't the worst book ever written. Then again, Sharknado 3 isn't the worst movie ever written.I only finished this because I wanted to see if the author could wrap everything up in any logical sense. He couldn't.The main character is having a rough week, but every time he has a chance to think about making a decision, he abandons all reason and charg...
  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    Bill Moore already has a lot, but he wants more...much more.He's got a lucrative job selling condos in the Florida Keys, a successful wife, a good marriage, a beautiful house. He also has a five-year plan for super-success, but that plan has begun to drag into its sixth year without reaping its intended rewards. So not Bill's starting to mix it up - just a little - to accelerate his way into the future that he knows he deserves.Then one morning B...
  • Suspense Magazine
    You have a nice, ordered life. For the most part, you control your destiny. You have dreams and seek to fulfill them. Then one day, you wake to find you don’t have control, someone else does. This is the basic premise to Michael Marshall’s latest novel. Open the cover and step into a world where almost nobody is who he or she seems to be. Where a deranged mind seeks personal gratification by playing a dangerous game and where a man seeks veng...
  • A. S.
    “Killer move” by Michael Marshall follows the life of Bill Moore—a successful realtor whose life gets ruined when suspicious events start happening to him, right after a card bearing the word “modified” is left after each situation-gone-wrong. At first the game seems silly, and Moore takes it in stride. He receives a book from Amazon that he never ordered, and a joking email is sent from his email address to all of his co-workers—exce...
  • Randy
    Bill Moore had a five year plan for success. Build his stake, then open his own realty office. Have people working to make him money instead of him doing for others. Okay, the five year plan was into the sixth year. But he was doing okay. Married with a nice home.And then his life started falling apart.He gets a card in an envelope with one word: Modified. Then Things he knew he didn't do started showing up. The mildly pornographic coffee table b...
  • Aaron Maurer
    I enjoyed this high stakes action packed thriller. At first I was not exactly hooked, but I think so much of this comes from the difference between YA and adult books. YA novels always(almost always) suck you in instantly with something right away while adult books take time gather steam.Once I got going in this book I was so involved with the plot that I had to find out the ending. I was not going to let this book just sit around while I did thi...
  • Mary
    Bill Moore already has a lot, but he wants more . . . much more. He's got a lucrative job selling condos in the Florida Keys, a successful wife, a good marriage, a beautiful house. He also has a five-year plan for supersuccess, but that plan has begun to drag into its sixth year without reaping its intended rewards. So now Bill's starting to mix it up--just a little--to accelerate his way into the future that he knows he deserves.Then one morning...
  • Dea
    This is the first book by Marshall that I want a continuation of. This is not to mean that I did not want to read continuations of his other works, but more along the lines of things were settled and things were concluded and I was willing to let go of the story in his other works. Not this one. This one needs a continuation. Things cannot just be left like this!(view spoiler)[ Bill is a protagonist I did not like. I mean he is a jerk, even in th...
  • Craig
    After his last book fell a bit short, Marshall is back in fine form with Killer Move, a book that tangentially ties into his "Straw Men" trilogy. This is an excellent book that continually ratchets up the tension as an everyman Florida realtor finds little things in his life going wrong: a book of risque photography he never ordered from shows up and he can't convince his wife he didn't order it; photos of a female colleague show up on...
  • Victoria
    I enjoyed Marshall's latest thriller, though perhaps not quite as much as some of his previous books. I think I would have liked it more had I not recently read David Rosenfelt's latest standalone thriller, On Borrowed Time. Both books shared a lot of common themes with their main character's lives being totally overturned in just one day, causing them to doubt everything and everyone around them. While I liked that Marshall's version hearkened b...
  • Kevin Bresnahan
    I would probably give this book 2 1/2 stars. It was OK, yet not memorable. Bill Moore is a successful realtor who is caught up in an identity theft scandal. At first, it is emails he did not send, the appointments not being kept, and upped to deception and murder. Apparently, there was a club (I think it was to screw with people minds) that picked Moore to pick on him. Well, the action is intensified as murders occur, and the antagonists are know...