Fruits Basket, Vol. 8 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 8

Summer is on its way, so of course Tohru and friends are excited about the upcoming vacation and field trip. But what's that sound? It's Hatsuharu going beserk in the classroom... again! Black Haru is full of more rage than usual, so what will happen when Yuki intervenes? Meanwhile, Ritsu of the Sohma's hot spring resort shows up...but what's with her appearance?

Details Fruits Basket, Vol. 8

TitleFruits Basket, Vol. 8
Release DateApr 12th, 2005
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Reviews Fruits Basket, Vol. 8

  • Dilushani Jayalath
    The extra star cuz Hatsuharu is my favourite character ;) Stupid reason but who cares :D
  • Ferdy
    This one was a bit disjointed and all over the place. Tohru and co were still fun to read about though.
  • Rain Misoa
    Why is Fruits Basket so freaking awesome? There's really nothing for me to complain about the series (except for Akito but you already knew that). I will say this, however... THERE'S SO MANY CHARACTERS TO LOVE!!! That's right, we got to meet the monkey in this one (and a little sneak peek of the horse... is that a spoiler? O_o). In any case, I was so happy to see more characters revealed, more pasts being explained, and seeing Haru being a total ...
  • Laura_sommeils
    The thing with this series is that there's A LOT of silly stuff and weird stuff that makes you uncomfortable (like, hello, family incest crushes), but then there are scenes that are deeply touching and wonderfull, and are a delight to read. Like how the anxiety towards one's future and goals can overwhelm you, and how fixing what you have in front of you little by little, instead of becoming frozen by your expectations, can be a better solution.
  • Mary ♥
    5/5 starsI'm at a loss of words...nowRITSU APPEARED!Also, I realized that I have only some volumes left to finish the series.It will make me SO emotional *deep breath*I will liveAlso...literally everyone in this series has a troubled past!Recommended ~Mary
  • Victoria
    This was an interesting volume. We got to meet quite a few new characters who I think might play bigger roles later on. I'm certainly interested in learning more about Rin. Plus, I had no idea that Hastuharu had a girlfriend! It would figure that his crazy outbursts would cost him his relationship.
  • Alexandra
    Hatori's story was the saddest of all! :(
  • Mitchell
    Dragged a bit. Still readable. But not much happened here that I cared all that much about.
  • Arta Sallabegolli
    To many things about this series annoy me. I tried but I will not finish this series.
  • Ronyell
    Alright! I have finally been able to read the eighth volume of the fantastic “Fruits Basket” series by Natsuki Takaya and I really enjoyed this volume! This time, in this volume, Tohru, Yuki, Kyo and Momiji discovered that Haru has gone “black” and he ends up tearing the classroom apart. It turns out that Haru had just broken up with his girlfriend and it is up to Yuki to intervene. Meanwhile, Tohru meets another new member of the zodiac ...
  • Andrea
    Two more zodiac members are introduced, one directly and one indirectly. Ritsu is a funny character with a very frenetic energy. Out of the all the zodiac members, Tohru & Ritsu seemed to hit it off really quickly. They both also freak out about the same kinds of things which is kind of funny! Ritsu usually takes it to another level and so Shigure usually has to poke him in the side haha. The other reason I liked how they bonded was that Tohru ga...
  • Lucyˎˊ˗
    Son tan bellos
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    In this volume, Hatsuharu turns into his "black" personality and starts destroying the school because his girlfriend dumped him. Poor darling! I just want to hug him! I'm interested to see how Haru tries to get his mysterious unnamed girlfriend back.We are introduced to Ritsu, who is possibly the most annoying person in the world, and the least likable character in this entire series. Ritsu screams apologies to the world at every breath, and even...
  • Jen
    Favourite Character: HatsuharuAt school, Hatsuharu wrecks a classroom. Afterward, he tells Yuki he is down because he was dumped by a member of the zodiac, whom he does not name, while she was hospitalized by injuries. Tohru meets the beautiful but unstable Ritsu Sohma and tells him his mother (see volume 3) is not ashamed of him; when he expresses anxiety over his uselessness, Tohru says her mother told her some people have to find their reason ...
  • Rebecca
    If you are a Haru fan then this is your volume! Haru has gone black and torn his class room apart and the gang is trying to find out why. Yuki finally gets to the bottom of what is eating at Haru and it of course involves Akito in some way. I love Haru’s character and getting to see any of him is fun:)A new Sohma is introduced in this volume. Ritsu Sohma, who is well, a total spaz. Ritsu freaks out at the drop of the hat if he thinks that he ha...
  • earthy
    I think this is about where the series pacing starts flagging. We get some early hints of Rin, as well as the introduction of the hilarious Ritsu and some great stuff between Ayame and Yuki, but the horror house story feels like filler (even though Haru is great in it). There's also a lot of build up for the summer and what it will mean for the characters, but there's not a lot of explanation of why this foreboding should be happening right now.
  • La Revistería Comics
    Tomo que me hace...perder el habla...Uy, te cagué el final.
  • Pato Myers
    A quick and enjoyable read.
  • Marianna Rainolter
    Ad ogni nuovo volume è scontato che ci sia l’introduzione di un nuovo animale dello zodiaco: in questo ottavo volume facciamo la conoscenza di Ritsu, ragazzo che si veste da donna e si preoccupa per... beh, qualsiasi cosa? Ansia e insicurezza lo caratterizzano ma Tohru, come suo solito, sa tirar fuori dalle persone il meglio e dargli quella spinta per andare avanti e affrontare la vita con coraggio. E ci vuole coraggio ad affrontare il futuro,...
  • Sara
    I'm glad there are so many volumes of this manga because I'm getting sad already just thinking about finishing my reread of it! Here are a few things I jotted down while reading:- The haunted house scene still killed me! I was laughing out loud it was so hilarious!- We meet Ritsu Sohma in this volume. I can't help thinking that Ritsu and Shigure's editor, Mitsuru, should become a couple. Of course, that would cause an extra amount of screaming an...
  • JW
    In this volume we meet Ritchin Sohma and get a glimpse of Rin at the end when Hiro comes to visit her. Akito has hurt her like he did Kisa and for the same reasons. Akito is truly sick and uses fear, manipulation, and abuse to maintain control over the members of the zodiac. Ritchan provides us with another example of how someone emotionally abused copes with their troubles. We also get more background on Yuki’s parents and an endearing (and fu...
  • R Z
    2.5, down. I'm just always so disappointed with how Ritsu's character arc turned out/Ritsu's characterization overall— another issue wherein Takaya's painfully straight writing and even the time period this first was made in, did a character an overall injustice. Also, my calling Yuki a tool in a previous review had me feeling badly when reading this one because I totally forgot that was an entire issue with his past/abuse; I meant tool in a do...
  • Charity
    WOW!! Uochan's story broke heart!! She had been through so much and then to meet Tohru and Kyoko and have her whole life changed for the better, damn!! That is what I strive for, to be that much of a light in someone's life! Tohru may be naïve but her heart is so big and she is so kind!! I love her!! GODDAMN!! This is getting so good!! I can't wait to read the next one!!
  • Sophie
    Not much plot development, other than Hatsuharu being frustrated, and more Ayame + Yuki storyline. I'm getting a bit tired of Tohru - she's too much of a pollyanna, and everyone thinking she's the bees knees (and saying so all the time) is starting to get on my nerves... I mean, for someone with her backstory, I wish she'd have a more interesting personality!
  • Maud
    This series took a while to get started, but it has some really great characters, storylines and pacing. The author takes his time to introduce the characters. Though I still sometimes get the feeling that Toru is too perfect.
  • Kaley
    Rating: 7/10 (3.5/5)I did enjoy this but it feels a bit like a filler volume. Their are moments that will probably come into play further in the series so am looking forward to seeing some of those ideas expanded.
  • Sandra Delgado
  • Nicole Kang
    Not my favorite one1: black haru2: ritchan san3: sad memories of ritcha, Tohru, Yuki, haru4: admitting fears; kyo x Tohru5: aya and Yuki6: haunted house
  • Isabella
    Honestly, most of these chapters were pretty meh. I only really liked to see Ayame again.