The Mayan Codex (Antichrist Trilogy #2) by Mario Reading

The Mayan Codex (Antichrist Trilogy #2)

Six months ago, Adam Sabir risked his life to find the legendary lost prophecies of Nostradamus. Now he's racing against time to unlock their secrets as the events foretold begin to come true. But he's not the only one looking for answers. Hot on his heels is the Corpus Maleficus, an ancient cabal devoted to placating the Devil. Disfigured since birth, orphaned, and groomed to cruelty and violence by their adoptive mother, the twelve remaining me...

Details The Mayan Codex (Antichrist Trilogy #2)

TitleThe Mayan Codex (Antichrist Trilogy #2)
Release DateApr 1st, 2014
PublisherAtlantic Books
GenreThriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews The Mayan Codex (Antichrist Trilogy #2)

  • Liliana
    Gostei deste livro, torna-se bastante viciante e queremos sempre saber mais.A história é novamente bastante interessante e tudo se passa a um ritmo alucinante, numa viagem ao México que nos leva a imaginar todo aquele cenário do povo Maia!Este livro é a segunda parte da trilogia e, se no primeiro não se notou assim tanto que existia continuação pois ficamos a achar que há mais mas também nos contentamos com o final, deste já não posso...
  • Hemantkumar Jain
    The book with its cast of characters had some very good potential. The 13 brothers and sisters with different / unique qualities could have been woven into a fantastic story (a la X-men) but somehow they were reduced to a crowd ... a team. The story has moved forward from the first part - Nostradamus Prophecies - and the climax paves the way for the final part of the trilogy - The Third Anti-Christ. Will be picking up the last part next month and...
  • Caroline
    I wish I could give this book better than a five star rating. It was better than the Nostradamus Prophecies.Sabir and Calque are back on the trail of the Corpus Maleficus. There are many twists and turns in the story and plenty of subterfuge. Both sides deceive each other for their own reasons.Sabir and Calque arrive in Mexico and are taken in by some of the indigenous people. A ceremony takes place, in which information is inadvertently shared w...
  • Louis
    It was clearly a well thought through novel with some interesting Maya history too. I did think in the middle it was perhaps drawn out a little bit but the threads came together, linked in with book 1 nicely and overall was a good easy read.Certainly did toy with giving it 3 or 4, but decided it just made it.
  • Siddhesh
    The start was quite good. Good setup of storyline and characters. But few plots seemed to be to quick to happen.But interest is maintened well throughout.
  • Rach
    absolutely enthralling, so captivating in its language, context and vision xx
  • Susan
    I bought this book at NYC's The Strand Bookstore, after being dared to by my dear friend Elizabeth. I'm glad I didn't bother picking it up until this summer, because this is the ideal summer potboiler. You know how you couldn't get through any of Dan Simmons' books, due to their dreadfulness and the massive publicity around them? Well, The Mayan Codex is written better than anything by Dan (as far as I know; I could only get through four or so ch...
  • _edwin_
    In the second part of the trilogy Mario puts the main characters of the first part in the U.S. There another ordeal starts as the American author and the French police inspector search for a location in Mexico that is mentioned in Nostradamus prophecies. With them an apostate of the Corpus Maleficus travels along. To make things worse the twelve other members of the Corpus are right behind them and ready kill them and take whatever the three may ...
  • Katrin
    Eine recht gute Geschichte mit viel Humor und sehr interessanten Charaktern. Das war auch die starke Seite des Buches. Ich musste doch immer wieder lachen, außerdem überrascht einen der Umschwung am Ende des Buches doch ganz schön. Was mich doch ein wenig gestört hat war, dass das Mysterium also die Vorhersagen und der Umstand, dass sowohl Jesus als auch Satans Sohn wiedergeboren werden, von allen so einfach hingenommen werden. Leute sterben ...
  • Jaakko
    I kind of liked the first book of this series, so I thought maybe Reading has found something interesting about the Mayan thing. But most of the book is just boring driving and the "pseudo-factual/historical" content is very light and quite inaccurate, even if compared to DaVinci and stuff. If you don't remember the first book very well, you will be confused. And the end is maybe the worst ending I've ever seen.
  • Katja
    Extremely good written, it's a big pleasure to read this book. It's intoxicatingly thrilling and page-turning till 3 pages to the end. Then (or a bit earlier) you begin to ask questions - why all this, why such suspense? Not to spoil the pleasure, I won't go into further details here, but my remark will be: this is a book written by a scientist who really did his homework and cared to deliver a very good read to his reader, but I somehow feel it'...
  • Mukundan Srinivasan
    I don't know where to place this one. Just a flat novel... Feeble story line and weak characterizations, save Abigar de Bale's, and there is no rush of blood whatsoever with the exception of some pages towards the end and it finished abruptly like someone has pulled the plug off while watching a movie. One thing I found useful was author's vocabulary. As the saying goes "never judge a book by its cover"
  • Belinda
    Vond het tweede deel, de wederkomst, iets minder spannend dan het eerste deel. Waarschijnlijk om dat het verhaal voor mij niet echt soepel in elkaar overvloeid. Het verhaal gaat verder met Adam Sabir en de inspecteur. Eerst in Frankrijk, later in America en Mexico. Geschiedenis gegevens worden weer mooi vervlochten in het verhaal. Ook worden er meerdere hoofdpersonen wat meer uitgelicht.
  • Jonathan
    So how do I summarize? Someone trying to write like Dan Brown, and failing. Now, any ten year old with a sense of style could fail at that, but Reading manages to write even worse than Brown, and that takes some serious talent. Poor characterization, downright stupid plot, and the language of an inbred hillbilly with somewhat lacking education...
  • Alan
    Mario Reading writes well. Here we are exposed to the Mayan culture, both ancient and present-day.
  • Arja
    Todella erikoinen kirja, juoni hyvä ja piti otteessaan. Mukavasti historiaa mukana, ei liian raskas. Jännitystä kirjassa riitti ja loppuratkaisussa monta käännettä. Suosittelen!
  • Monica Romano
    Truly enjoyed the book. Excellent bed time read.
  • Afsheen
    The perfect combination of History and Mystery
  • Tommy Verhaegen
  • Cathy Johnson
    Read the first one before this! It probably would have been more enjoyable if I had! Interesting though but struggled to like the characters and therefore failed to get 100% engrossed in the story!
  • Aparna
    Could have been so much better. The book did not leave me wanting to read the previous one, nor make me curious enough to think of picking up the sequel.
  • Annette Gisby
    Fast paced, edge of the seat stuff with well-drawn characters. The ending was a little abrupt though.
  • Nuno Mendes Fernandes
    I love Intelligent thrillers and this certainly is one. Reading this book you an also learn something new about Mayan civilization and again this doesn't disappoint.
  • Martin Woods
    Very poor ending. Took a long time to get into this book and then ends unfinished. I know that there is a third book but that doesn't excuse this one
  • Aparajitabasu
    vry gud descriptions of the old mayan ways...........a thriller.......i really need the first book to make sense of a lot of points in this installment
  • Phil Tall
    I have tried and tried to read this book! It's just not happening for me! In fairness I feel the same about a lot of books, so it's no great criticism of the author.