The Secret Crown (Payne & Jones, #6) by Chris Kuzneski

The Secret Crown (Payne & Jones, #6)

From the mountains of Bavaria to the secret tunnels under King Ludwig II's castles, no one is safe when they search for the Secret Crown. Hidden among the crates in a recently discovered World War II bunker are documents stamped with an elaborate black swan, the insignia of the murdered King Ludwig II. According to legend, Ludwig stockpiled a massive treasure in the years before his death, a cache of gold and jewels that would finance the constru...

Details The Secret Crown (Payne & Jones, #6)

TitleThe Secret Crown (Payne & Jones, #6)
Release DateSep 30th, 2010
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Secret Crown (Payne & Jones, #6)

  • Kim
    This book was disappointing to me. The first fifty-one chapters are nothing but a gun chase through the Bavarian Alps and sophomoric jokes. This is just not my cup of tea. I do have to admit though that my Dad really liked it and my sister liked it too, so I think the issue is that it's just not my genre.The portions of the story about Ludwig and his castles are fascinating though! I do wish the author had developed this portion of the story more...
  • Stacie
    77 Pages in and I have to quit! I can not stand one more bad, sexist, frat-boy joke. The first 50 pages went no where. It was almost as if the first chaper was re-written 9 different ways for the first 9 chapters. Too drawn out. I really wanted to like this story, but after reading so many words soaked in maple syrup and stuck to the pages arranged to look like proper homework after a night of binge drinking, I decided I would rather pay hommage ...
  • Ronda
    I remember when I first picked up one of Chris Kuzneski's book, I believe it was back in 2009, I enjoyed it that much and kept on talking about it that a work friend of mine bought me his following book as a present. My favourite book has to be The Sign of the Cross, but this one is not that far behind...Jon Payne and David Jones, I love their relationship, their banter and their amazing clarity of working together. Being ex soldiers (MANIACs), t...
  • Cyndi Beane-Henry
    In a fast-paced, super action-packed story, Kuzneski gives us two men who are unstoppable. Think Dan Brown's Robert Langdon, Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt, Indiana Jones and Rambo all rolled into the two, and the possibilities for action, intrigue, mayhem and secret treasures are unfathomable!I literally read this book in one sitting! I simply could not put it down.I have one thing to say... Mr. Kuzneski, when does production for a movie begin? This ...
  • Billy Young
    This book would have been a better read if the author hadn't slowed the pace of the story by trying hard to get over how amazing his two main characters were. He repeatedly stopped the story to retell us how they had been part of the MAINIACs a secret, secret special force unit in the US military. I also thought the end of the story was a little on the flat side. Though the lead up to the end had been the best part of the tale and had me finally ...
  • David
    I had a really hard time digesting the banter between the two characters Jones and Payne. The immature, high-school level joking in a constant, three-jokes-too-far stream killed the action. No one jokes during a firefight, regardless of your skill level as a soldier. It removed me from the action like a buzzing fly removes me from a tranquil picnic. The historical aspect of the story was interesting (though I can't speak on how factual the inform...
  • Sampath Jayarathna
    I guess its my kinda genre, history-fiction and treasure hunting. But the problem is, you can see the plot twist miles away. I knew that there going to be some sort of an ambush after they discover the treasure in that Nazi bunker. And the peak of the cliff-hanger end up just a simple crown in a box. Yeah, thats all you got after pages of ranting about hidden treasure? So just 3 stars from me, because I like the Clive-Cussler type books, but may ...
  • charlotte
    what trash this book is, what trash i am for liking it as much as i did (ive got two more of these kind of books to read over easter its gonna be great)
  • James
    This was a confusing book. Not because the plot line, or the characters, were confusing, but because it was so damned hard to get into. Indeed, despite it being a brilliant book from about 150 pages onwards, I have come out of this book thinking a lot less of Kuzneski. Still, an entertaining book, and well worth the read. Three Stars. I haven't actually written a review for any of the previous books due to the fact that I read them before I joine...
  • Nigel
    This is the 6th book in the Payne and Jones series and it is probably the weakest so far. As usual Payne and Jones are up to their necks in historical discoveries that require the services of Petyr Ulster to untangle as they embark on another treasure hunt. What is missing this time is evil plot that has previously run in parallel to the Payne /Jones motif until they join together at the end. Yes there is a large scale battle on the mountains of ...
  • Dave Suscheck
    I don't want to put down authors, especially ones that have reached the bestseller list, but this book is so heavily cliched and over the top in telling that it was hard to get into. He over explains everything from the simple to the complex that it's hard to get into the story. Also, I get that the characters are wealthy well trained former ex-SF soldiers. Doesn't need mentioned over and over again. Give your reader credit. This surprises me bec...
  • Deborah Dicks
    Highly unrealistic with some errors too (e.g. How military radios work) although then again maybe my knowledge is outdated. Don't take it as a serious novel- while it purports to have history at its core. It's really more of an action novel - lots of gun battles, heroes that never make mistakes and can't be defeated or have a moment of self doubt, but nevertheless a fast paced, never-a-dull-moment kind of book.
  • Paul Bourke
    Payne and Jones at it againI really enjoyed this adventure for Payne and Jones. While the story wasn't as intricate as some of the earlier adventures, the setting and (for me anyway) the obscurity of the settings made it that little bit more enticing. I think I'm going to have to see if I can visit some of the locales in future travels.
  • Becky
    I was actually kind of disappointed. I really love these action/treasure hunt/historical mystery type books and this one was nothing short of a bromance with little substance. It took a long time (somewhere in the 300's pages) to become interesting. I'm not sure I would read another by this author if this is the usual M.O.
  • Sharman Kunes
    This is a book club discussion choice. We have a rule, we must read 100 pages to score the book from 1 to 10. I have read 100 pages. This wasn’t well written, it should have been strip cartoon with bubble speak.
  • Warren Thoms
    This was a great romp through Europe. The only thing I could have less of is the cheesy one liners from Jones. I know that is part of the relationship between him and Payne. There was lots of action and a really good story taken from history.
  • Caroline
    Enjoyed the adventure with Payne and Jones .
  • Anita
    Great suspense and taught me history of Ludwig II! I read this book because I will be visiting Neuschwanstein Castle December 2019 and the story is descriptive of his castles and the area.
  • Rosalyn
    Fast action as always with interesting details .Left wondering how Kaiser was no doubt in the long run we will hear
  • Robin
    I've become a huge fan of this author and this series recently. If you like Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, you'll enjoy Kuzneski!
  • Diane
  • Penny Hoover
    Like reading a 10th grader’s adventure story. Quite trying....
  • Ian Willey
    Same characters and usual side kicks. It's an OK read but felt less polished than the last couple I have read.
  • Emmie
    As always I am in total awe of Mr Kuzneski. He knows how to weave a tale that has you gripping your seat and biting your nails right up to the end. I was absolutely fascinated by the subject of this book. He made Ludwig come alive in the pages of this book and it made me realize again that the amount of research done for each book must be staggering!I cannot wait to read the next book!
  • Tad
    The Secret Crown by Chris Kazneski is a fast-paced adventure that reminded me a lot of a Clive Cussler novel.Payne and Jones are ex-members of the MANIACS, a secret, highly trained group of soldiers. A call from a somewhat shady but trusted friend sends them on their way to Bavaria where they discover a clue to a long-rumored treasure hidden by King Ludwig, II, the Swan King. They, of course, are not the only ones on the trail and have to solve t...
  • Tessa
    several years ago in an archival mystery kick i read the Gabriel Knight books by Jane Jensen which were thoroughly entertaining fluff. The second of these books also suggested a hidden history of Ludwig II in which he was a werewolf who was murderedit is a sorry state of affairs when a book that sees a famous historical figure recast as a fictional creature is more realistic than this.I love archival mysteries. i am a huge fan of Ludwig II and as...
  • Pallavi Ivashkov
    Well here is what my friend's first words were before she handed me the book, "Warning: The wriiting part is amateur. Something like Chetan Bhagat" And to be honest, I definitely felt that way when the writer failed to get one of the scenes, which was I think one of the most important event in the story. Ofcourse I hated him at that moment. But then ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. And add the beginning to it too.The story is about Ludwig, his castles...
  • Jennifer Footman
    I think that the biggest problem with this book is that the author was telling, not showing. Where to begin? in the 1st 100 pages, the two main characters complain about a hike. the dialog suggests they don't like their hike, but the author says "they were exicted." The author is telling me they are excited, but he's showing me that they're miserable. Also in the 1st 100 pages, one character makes a joke about playing Marco Polo. The author then ...
  • Jason
    traces of Clive Cussler, although a different story model. The story was good, but some parts of the book were either cliched (mostly the repartee with Heidi) or underdevelped (some of the gunfighting and action scenes). To me, those issues just seem to be be from a writer early in his career, or new to this genre. I would be reading along, "in the story", and BAM, a cliche that would just about make you jump out of the book.HOWEVER, the story it...