World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z

The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity. Max Brooks, driven by the urgency of preserving the acid-etched first-hand experiences of the survivors from those apocalyptic years, traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world, from decimated cities that once teemed with upwards of thirty million souls to the most remote and inhospitable areas of the planet. He recorded the testimony of men, women, and some...

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TitleWorld War Z
Release DateSep 12th, 2006
GenreHorror, Fiction, Zombies, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews World War Z

  • Ellen
    This book was initially recommended to me by several people in the office and since I love zombies and apocalyptic themes, well, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations and I struggled to finish it. (I'm going to write this review under the assumption that the reader has some inkling about the story and how it's constructed.)There are two issues that killed it for me. Firstly, most of the characters had the same...
  • Jason Pettus
    (My full review of this book is longer than Goodreads' word-count limitations; find the entire essay at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [].)Anytime I hear of some funny, gimmicky book suddenly becoming popular among the hipster set, I always squint my eyes and brace myself for the worst; because usually when it comes to such books, the worst is all you can expect to find, an endless series of fluffy pop-culture pi...
  • Penny
    I know what you're thinking. "Five stars for this book? Why???" If you've been following my reviews then you know I tend to stress over how many stars to give a book, and I'm not one to hand out five-star ratings willy-nilly. I'm usually quite cautious when it comes to handing out that all-important fifth star. I'm stingy. That being said, every once in a while a book, that may or may not be amazing, comes along and wows me. And now you're (proba...
  • Miranda Reads
    Humanity survived Zombie apacolypse. Like after any great tragedy, the government wants a record. Max Brooks is their oral historian. Only, when he hands his documents, the bureaucracy whittles it down to the bare facts. Humans, over every nation, dragged their bone weary bodies through this war. They are now faced with the numbing task of rebuilding society. They deserve to have their stories told. So, he publishes the true account of Wor...
  • Jeffrey Keeten
    The book of war, the one weve been writing since one ape slapped another was completely useless in this situation. We had to write a new one from scratch.With most apocalyptic situations, I think the hardest part to deal with is that there are no wrong decisions or right decisions. There are simply too many variables to consider if your ultimate goal is to survive. The most meticulously planned strategies can still result in failure. You make the...
  • Kat Kennedy
    At this current moment in time my husband and I do not actually have a working will. We are the legal definition of intestate. We have not yet made any preparations for our death and we only have life insurance/house insurance because his mother organized the whole damn thing (come to mention it she is also the reason we have electricity, water and a phone line - the internet though was all us because we'd die without it.)So believe me when I say...
  • Rebecca DeLaTorre
    I just can't get on this bandwagon. The pseudo-government reports the book is written in handicap it in many ways. First, there are no protagonists to grow with, no story arc, no climax, etc. You know what's going to happen from day one--there was a world crisis involving zombies and at least some people live to tell the tale. The sure knowledge of the outcome deflates any tension and book feels flacid. The pseudo-scientific jargon is a poor imit...
  • MischaS_
    So, I've seen the movie several times when it was on TV, and I have to say that I even watched a scene or two a couple of dozen times on Youtube. Yes, the action and visuals are fantastic. (Okay, except the one where the guy tears his own tooth, yuck!)But after reading the comments where people were angry at the movie, saying that it does not hold a candle to the book, I knew I had to read it. And yes, I do agree that the only things the movie to...
  • karen
    this book is about zombies the same way the bible is about god. they are mostly background actors who are the reason other characters do what they do and occasionally they will rarrrr in and kill a bunch of people because they cant help it, but mostly they are an invisible presence, always to be feared but never given a voice. this whole book takes place after the zombies have already destroyed most of the world and is a collection of the testimo...
  • seak
    Update: See end of review for movie review.I've broken my cardinal rule for reading books just before the movie comes out. This rule I've alluded to is the following - I don't read the book directly before the movie (at least 1 year before or it must be read after or just wait on the movies). The reason for this is that I want to enjoy the story through both mediums and if you read the book just before the movie, you've set yourself up to be a cr...
  • John Wiswell
    There are reasons to be wary of this book. The title is a little silly, and Max Brooks's Zombie Survival Guide was tongue in cheek. Hell, he's the son of legendary comedy director Mel Brooks. And zombies are creatures that gained popularity thanks to film, which is contrary to the nature of most good creatures. Vampires, ghosts, wizards, witches, dragons, orcs, goblins, angels, werewolves and even Frankenstein's undead abomination came from liter...
  • Alex Duncan
    This book is not a novel. You learn very little about the characters (even the narrator) and cannot follow them from story to story. There's no common thread, no arc, etc. It's a hodgepodge. For many of you, this is all you need to know about this book.If you're looking for a great zombie NOVEL, my favorite is Cryonic: A Zombie NovelI suppose there are parallels between the book and the movie in the sense that both are disjointed. It's too big a ...
  • unknown
  • mark monday
    On the menu tonight: WORLD WAR Z Amuse BoucheOur rich Tartare à la Homo Sapien will astonish you with its hauntingly familiar flavors, its bright and vivid colors, and the truly gamey taste of terror, tears, and trauma. Fresh kill will never appear so carefully arranged and presented: prepare yourself for a buffet that appeases both the palate and the intellect.AppetizerA surprisingly hearty summer soup: tantalizing hints of summer flavors froz...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    The deadly epidemic started in China. This time its ... zombies.4.5 stars, rounding up because sheer brilliance.I'm not, generally speaking, a fan of horror fiction in general or zombie tales in particular, but World War Z popped up on my radar so many times that I finally decided to give it a go. (I checked it out from the library; I wasn't going to stick my neck that far out for this book that I'd pay actual money for it.)Anyway. World War Z ta...
  • Lyn
    A very pleasant surprise.TBT, not a huge fan of the zombie sub-genre: never watched an episode of the Walking Dead, never really bought into it as a fantasy vehicle.So I picked this up with not so much trepidation as an allowance that I probably would not love it. I didnt LOVE it, but liked it a lot more than I expected I would.Heres the thing:Its not JUST about an I Am Legend scenario where the world turns into monsters. Well it sort of IS abo...
  • Sci-(Fi) Nerd Mario
    As in the ironic Zombie survival guide, Brooks uses all possible aspects of a zombie apocalypse, from its beginning until how it could end, the sociological, economic and political consequences and each human's individual reaction to it to describe the happenings.Switching between the interviews, the book gives a new and more personal view on this very prominent topic, avoiding stereotypes and overused tropes and is instead telling it from the po...
  • carol.
    Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Not at all the typical zombie book, and not at all what I expected. Published in 2006, the issues and underlying plot points are as pertinent today as then. What would happen in a real zombie apocalypse? Given current politics, economics, cultural trends, and geography, I'd be willing to bet it happens closely to Brooks' vision.World War Z is structured along the lines of a documentary, a collection of remembran...
  • Fabian
    Having just read the most literary of all zombie novels makes one thing clear: haute lit & this particular horror genre simply don't mix. But that doesn't make the effort any less outstanding, unique, or outrageous. "WWZ" takes a scatterplot approach to begin to tell what's happened to the world after the zombie apocalypse has transpired. All accounts are so definitive, so individual as to seem 100% authentic. We get accounts all the way from the...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Never judge a book by its cover, especially if its cover looks too good to be true - I learned that the hard way after spending money on a new copy of World War Z. The title "World War Z" was cool as heck, the cover had a decayed, vintage kind of look and it said it was about zombies, and since I was a fan of Romero's Living Dead film trilogy, I figured this could be a really exciting book.Big mistake. World War Z was mostly just ranting and ramb...
  • Raeleen Lemay
    Going into this, I knew it wouldn't be full of action. However, I was hoping for a bit more discussion of THE ZOMBIES. I feel like I didn't learn much about the zombies that supposedly overtook the world, and what I did learn made little sense. Near the beginning of the book, somebody mentions how the zombies are extremely fast, and for the rest of the book they're described as being very slow-moving... Okay then.I was also hoping for more civili...
  • Paul Bryant
    update...update...To everything there is a time - a time to reap and a time to plant, a time to listen to Schoenberg and a time to listen to Lez Zeppelin, the all-girl tribute band, a time to read Marcel Proust and a time to read about zombie apocalypses. That time, for me, passed some years ago. I shouldn't've picked up this novel but I was seduced by shedloads of great reviews on this very site.Although my copy has a front-cover blurb by Simon ...
  • Amanda
    I have biblio-cooties.There. I said it and I accept it. Because the majority of my friends really, really loved this book. And I fear they will reject me now that they know that it did little to nothing for me. I shall have to sit alone in the library, other readers keeping a wide berth for fear of contagion, but I cannot tell a lie and I stand by my pronouncement: Hi, my name is Amanda and I did not enjoy World War Z. In the past, I have ripped ...
  • Jason
    ZOMG!The first time I ever saw that chat acronym my brain immediately registered zombie. Is that weird? I mean, I figured out pretty quickly that the acronym is nothing more than a joke, a mere play on words (so to speak) made at the expense of lazy n00bs whose left fingers slip off the shift key in an attempt to type, OMG! But somehow that initial association has stuck with me, as even now when I see someone type it (and usually its Ceridwen, Qu...
  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)
    Well this didn't go as I expected...I love post-apocalyptic books. When I learned after watching the movie that there was a book I couldn't wait to read it! Turns out I was bored and had to skim through the last part...Love the story but hated the format with the "interviews".
  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    Doing something in reverse bit me in the butt this time. I started the book but didn't get very far in before seeing the movie.What I thought the movie was going to be :What I actually got :Damn, those zombies were fast.Yes, I am only doing all of this to amuse myself, for the rest of you probably see my self-perceived cleverness as silly. But World War Z the book was a series of interviews, so of course my mind goes right to Brad Pitt's other ro...
  • Brownbetty
    This book is like ordering ice-cream and receiving a punch in the mouth.I've been wanting to read this book for a while, since it seemed right up my alley; I love a good apocafic, and zombies are always fun. I made it to page 69 before putting it down with great force--I would have thrown it, except it was a library book.This book is, as advertised, about the global zombie apocalypse as told by the survivors. You don't stay with a narrative voice...
  • Dan Schwent
    Honestly, I didn't finish this because I lost all momentum on it after a string of interrupted lunch breaks but what I did read, I liked quite a bit.World War Z is an account of the zombie apocalypse, told by the survivors in interviews. This structure made the book very readable when people weren't trying to talk to me on my lunch break. A zombie book is an easy thing to fuck up and this one was decidedly unfucked.Max Brooks ladles out the detai...
  • TL
    I remember seeing the movie of this and thinking "Youins screwed this up big time." I've heard the story of how this particular plot was decided on and rolled my eyes but I still gave it a chance. I was mostly bored during it.IMHO, I hope the sequel doesn't ever get made if its gonna be anything like the first one. Worst book adaptation (for me) alongside the *coughPercyJacksoncough* films.This was a balm after crazy busy or frustrating work nigh...
  • Matthew
    I read this book a few years ago - the Zombie Survival Guide was super-hyped so I wanted to check this followup out as soon as it came out. I love the documentary format. Brooks did so well in telling it in such a way that it really did feel like non-fiction.One of my favorite parts of the zombie genre is not necessarily the horror and gore, but how the survivors deal with the threat and rebuilding. The before, during, and after stories in this b...