My Schizophrenic Life by Sandra Yuen MacKay

My Schizophrenic Life

Vancouver artist Sandra Yuen MacKay has an abnormality of the brain - a disease called schizophrenia. As she says, "my life is schizophrenic because I have schizophrenia. It will always be there." Much of her life has been a struggle to cope with the symptoms of her disease and the side effects of the medications required to keep those symptoms in check. Early in her life, Sandra started to exhibit the typical symptoms of this disease which came ...

Details My Schizophrenic Life

TitleMy Schizophrenic Life
Release DateSep 28th, 2010
PublisherBridgeross Communications
GenreNonfiction, Psychology, Health, Mental Health, Autobiography, Memoir, True Story, Biography

Reviews My Schizophrenic Life

  • Maria
    'My Schizophrenic Life' is a memoir about Sandra Yuen Mackay's experience of living with schizoaffective disorder. It is ultimately a book about how Sandra has coped with the illness and more importantly the lessons she has learnt from it and how she has been able to recover, although the author does still suffer from symptoms but has now been able to find a way to almost control the effects. The book is a fascinating and compelling story giving ...
  • Darcia Helle
    This is a profound true story, told by a remarkable woman. Sandra Yuen MacKay bravely steps forward and shares her experience as a person living with schizophrenia. Her journey is both heartbreaking and inspiring. She shows us the truth of this mental illness and reminds us that a person is not defined by the illness he/she lives with. There is so much good in this book. Sandra finds hope in a difficult world. She finds love and acceptance. And s...
  • Jen Knox
    This is a very straightforward, honest and personal account of one woman's battle with schizophrenia. As a person who has seen what this illness has done to people I love, I was particularly drawn-in by the subject matter, and I am therefore probably extremely biased. That said, there's no denying that MacKay wrote a very enduring and important book about the topic, one will strike an emotional cord and open the eyes of those of us who are curren...
  • Stuart
    Sandra Yuen Mackay’s memoir, ‘My Schizophrenic Life’ is a courageous and moving story of living with the (seldom written about) mental illness schizophrenia. The author does a wonderful job of sweeping the reader into her world, beginning with the confusion as a teenager when the illness entered her life, through the many challengers of trying to cope while living in the anomalous world of schizophrenia.Having experienced psychosis as a dir...
  • April Helms
    This fulfills the challenge for reading a book that has a main character with a mental illness. This "main character" is actually an autobiography penned by MacKay, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teen. She pulls no punches; MacKay is honest about her struggles and shortcomings in dealing with her illness, and the difficulty of her recovery and managing her life. The reader, through her eyes, gets a glimpse of what schizophrenia is like...
  • A.
    I don't even know what to say about this book it was so good, useful, and helpful.
  • Lori Henry
    A powerful and honest look into one woman's life with schizophrenia. Courageous!
  • Wendy
    So informative!This is a great opportunity to finally understand what my son hasn't been able to put into words. He told me that Sandra had been able to explain what was going on in his head to him so he could tell me and me get it. I had to read it and now I do get it as much as I can. A lot of things make more sense in retrospect. He's been diagnosed and accepted the offer of treatment. This book gave him hope. Thank you Sandra, from both of us...