Dinosaur Brains by Albert J. Bernstein

Dinosaur Brains

Discover how to cope with instinct, emotion, and irrationality--the dinosaur brain--that disrupts any business enivronment, with a step-by-step process that helps you reason your way through turf wars and power struggles, surly subordinates, temperamental bosses, and more...."The key to thriving in the corporate jungle is understanding dinosaurs."TIMEFrom the Paperback edition.

Details Dinosaur Brains

TitleDinosaur Brains
Release DateSep 29th, 1996
PublisherBallantine Books
GenrePsychology, Business, Nonfiction, Self Help, Leadership

Reviews Dinosaur Brains

  • David
    Another reread of a book from my past. As the title describes it, Dinosaur Brains explores the types of personalities you may be dealing with at work or anywhere. The primary aspects of the Dinosaur Brain include instinct, emotion, and irrationality among other traits. The author presents various ideas on how to cope with them and even thrive in the corporate jungle. The book contains some insight into developing your strategy and applying it (ho...
  • Tim Ponygroom
    I found this book at a time when I really needed it. I was dealing with a psychopath at work, a man who left behind him decades of human wreckage. Ruined careers, wounded souls, emptier wallets, and incredible anger were his legacy. Yet he maintained a veneer of cordiality, the very picture of a gentleman.I accepted the task of mastering him. The company needed a software project completed in spite of this man, and they were willing to pay top do...
  • Pascal Mestdach
    A 'dinosaur' collegue of me, has driven me to read this book. I wanted to know how I could deal with his impossible behaviour. The book learned me to understand quite a lot about my own dinosaur brain. I didn't even knew I had one before :-)The book has a lot of practical tips on how to deal with dinosaur behaviour in your environment. I didn't like some of the psychological talk, but that's my nature. :-)
  • Damien
    Funny yet practical.
  • Tung CHENG
    Sorry I lost interest to read it through.
  • Piotr P
    Amazing insight into human psychology in the workplace. Bernstein gives the reader tips on how to handle different kinds of people and how not to behave like one of Dinosaurs.
  • David Robins
    I believe this is the source for what Seth Godin calls in his books the "lizard brain" (I may have learned of it from the bibiliography of one of his books), but it goes into, as might be expected, more detail. While the explanations of territoriality and other motivations, and the best ways to react are powerful explanatory and defusing tools, the book does show its age in a few ways, e.g., by promoting or condemning practices considered unaccep...
  • Jason Chiang
    This book was recommended by a friend and was indeed a good recommendation. Although it has a neanderthal title and upon 1st glance, appears to be overly simplistic, it does contain several grains of truth and does seem to have some application and insight. At the very least it is quite an entertaining read.
  • Brent
    A good explanation of mans default/primitive thought pattern, called "Lizard Logic". A fairly entertaining written book. Some of the ideas and techniques are a bit dated, but then again the book was first published in 1989. Nevertheless it hits many of mans default behaviors and reactions right on the head.
  • Dee
    Good book describes the different attitudes and emotions of the people we work with. Describes how we use instinct not true logic to deal with them. How to act not react and deal with these people and make like more peaceful and productive.