Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4) by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

For the 1st printing edition of this ISBN, see here.HARRY DRESDEN -- WIZARDLost items found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other EntertainmentEver since his girlfriend left town to deal with her newly acquired taste for blood, Harry Dresden has been down and out in Chicago. He can't pay his rent. He's alienating his friends. He can't even recall the last time he took a shower.T...

Details Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

TitleSummer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)
Release DateSep 3rd, 2002
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction, Paranormal, Magic

Reviews Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

  • Mary Beth *Traveling Sister*
    This is the fourth book in the Dresden Files Series. I was just in awe with this book! Also I love the character development. I just wish that Bob had a bigger part in the series.I just love Bob! The books so far seem to get better and better.The villains are varied and enjoyable, and pulled from fairy tales and legends. They include mean plant monsters, psycho fairies, pixies, unicorns and more.Harry Dresden, professional wizard, has practically...
  • Philip
    2.75ish stars.I hope no one's offended if I call this series a guilty pleasure. :) There's finally some semblance of a coherent plot and as a result this is the best book so far. Drinking game for this book: every time Harry says the word "sensual" or one of its derivations.
  • Will M.
    I never considered reading about faeries, but it was a mandatory thing for me to do so because I really like the Dresden Files. Harry Dresden is no doubt one of my favorite fictional characters. Witty and crazy will always be a perfect match.This novel was about faeries, and thrones. I really enjoyed how Butcher portrayed both. I've never read anything faerie related so I had no background knowledge of them. Based on the first three novels, Butch...
  • Heidi The Hippie Reader
    Harry Dresden, a wizard-for-hire, is in the thick of it. He's started a war between the vampires and wizards and the White Council is not happy about it. And, there's the small matter of his former girlfriend, Susan, who's been infected with vampire blood.Can he save her from a terrible fate? Can he save himself?Then, there's Karrin Murphy, the head of the supernatural department at the Chicago PD. She's suffering from nightmares caused by the la...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Buddy read began April 27th on Buddies Books and BaublesLook you know it is going to be a bad day when it starts out raining toads, there is an assassination attempt on your life, you girlfriend is avoiding you (she has some changes to deal with), you can’t find your good robe for your impending trial with the White Council and Mab shows up at your office.At this point you’d probably be better off going back to bed. But since you inadvertentl...
  • TS Chan
    3.75 stars.According to fans of the series, this is where the Dresden Files supposedly start to get better, and I won't disagree as this was quite an improvement from Grave Peril.The plot in the last book felt quite haphazard. Moreover, the character development of Harry, as intriguing as his backstory is concerned, annoyed me as he seemed to be able to ever 'dig deeper' into his power reserves from out of nowhere, powered by rage or something el...
  • Lyn
    Some Fairies, Puck, Oberon, Rob Anybody, Tinkerbell, Rumpelstiltskin, and Jareth gather in the Never Never to play Dungeons and Dragons and discuss Jim Butcher’s 2002 Harry Dresden novel Summer Knight.Puck: Jareth, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Bowie?Jareth: I get that all the time, you have no idea.Puck: So what do you know about the fourth Dresden book, Summer Knight?Rob: We dinna know anythin'!Tinkerbell: tinkle!Rumpelsti...
  • HFK
    Back with Harry.It has been too long since I dedicated my time to our boy Harry, but I am glad to be back with this series after a longish break, and as usual, I did it with audiobook version.I am so bad at doing audio versions because my mind likes to wander all over the place, and I tend to miss bits and pieces every now and then, but I am just too in love with the sexy voice and narration style of James Marsters to actually read these books. A...
  • Paul
    Before I start gnawing on the book, let me first say that I enjoy Butcher's writing overall. He does good character, a romping pace, and makes me care about his protagonists. In fact, Butcher's a good enough writer that he enters the "good enough to realize his mistakes, which makes it so frustrating when he misses them" category. So...yes...he's quite good.But....This is definitely the lesser of the 1st four books. I'm muchly bothered by the sev...
  • Ivan
    First half: 2 starsSecond half: 4 starsI read many times that series gets lot better from this point on but I didn't see it. From my angle it's same as previous books with all the good and bad stuff. Harry tends to be whiny and wallow in self pity, story is predictable and follows similar pattern like all previous books. On the other hand when it gets good than it's really fun. There is well written action, mystery(even though it's predictable it...
  • Hannah
    That was so much fun! I wasn't convinced about this series before - it was nice enough to read but Dresden got on my nerves so bad with his white knighting and his deciding who gets to know what and who is capable of protecting themselves (hint: women aren't). But this time around I really enjoyed it, very much so. A lot of that enjoyment comes from James Marsters' absolutely brilliant performance that lend Dresden a humanity and humility that I ...
  • StoryTellerShannon
    This is a revised review as of 4/14/2013. The strength of this novel is on the world building and character of Harry Dresden with a plot that moves along fast. One thing you can always say about the recent books is that they are fun and fast reads. This presumes you're a fan of Harry (a wise-cracking detective for hire style wizard, who had a tendency to piss off a lot of people) and the writing style. In fact if you don't like Harry then you sh...
  • Lindsey Rey
    [4.5 Stars]
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    Harry Dresden, the wizard/private investigator, is depressed: major girlfriend troubles, problems making rent, various and sundry supernatural beings trying to kill him, outstanding obligations to the Fae that are equally likely to result in his death, and issues with the governing council of wizards, who want to turn Harry over to the vampire council who -- you got it -- also want Harry dead.Several people told me to just start with this book, #...
  • Otila
    I really enjoy listening to this series and this book has been my favorite so far. Of course it does, James, don't be silly.Aside from James Marsters ear-gasms, I'm really starting to get into the overarching storyline that seems to be developing.On to the next one!
  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    Summer Knight starts with Harry in a very dark place. He is reeling from the fact that his girlfriend has left him, and she's been changed into a near-vampire by the Red Court of Vampires. He feels personally responsible, and is desperate for a way to help her. This despair has affected him to a deep level, and he's barely functioning, living in a pig-sty, and not even taking cases or taking care of himself. It was very hard to see him like that....
  • Emma
    Yet again on a reread, a Harry Dresden book goes from 4 to 5 stars.This book was all action and very funny. Dresden is in trouble with the council after the trouble with the vampire courts of the previous book. This book however is all about faerie. Winter and Summer are in a battle for supremacy and only Dresden can save the day..I loved the plant monster at the garden centre (or chloro-fiend). The final faerie battle scene was epic and visual. ...
  • Apatt
    It has been two years since I read a “Dresden Files” book, Grave Peril, I enjoyed it a lot but not much of it lingered and while I intended to get back to the series, I felt there is no rush to do so. Still, these books are always fun reads, and sometimes the simple enjoyment is just what I need after a tedious day at work. Time for another wild ride with Wizard Dresden.The Dresden Files is an urban fantasy / hardboiled detective series set m...
  • Conor
    Another strong installment in the Dresden series. This one picked up where the last one left off very nicely with the introduction of some cool characters and an introduction to the White Council, the political leaders of the wizards, and all the scheming and backbiting that comes with them, which Harry finds himself caught in the middle of. There was also the unexpected return of a character who has been talked about quite a bit in the first few...
  • Brent
    Really starting to enjoy this series. Props to Harry for finally starting to trust Murphy and stop making his life needlessly difficult with misapplied chivalry.
  • Ashley
    This re-read has been a success so far. Weird, but good weird. It was weird revisiting the first three books, which I originally didn't like enough to continue the series, on audio for the first time. I knew that James Marsters was a huge part of the reason I ended up liking this series so much, but I don't think I realized just how much until starting this re-read. I liked the first three books more on re-read in large part because I'm invested ...
  • Roy
    I hadnt really like the previous 3 all that much but I was heavily convinced by a friend that I should. I'm glad I did. Great fun, the larger world is explored a little more, characters are fleshed out more. It seemed more together and it feels like Butcher is building towards something. Definitely going to continue with this series.
  • Nicholas Karpuk
    To reiterate my criticism of the series as a whole: Harry Dresden is a stupid, narcissistic, nerd (nerdcissist?) who's first impulse when it comes to problem solving is to run into the villain's lair and shout "Who's making all the bad magic!" and then get surprised when people attempt to murder him.The cover art for all these books, and the casting choice for the television show give me the impression that Butcher views Dresden as a sort of wiza...
  • Karla
    4 Stars! This is urban fantasy, not romance, but I want to jump in the book, lay Harry flat out on his back, and have my way with him! What a yummy wizard! Another stand out installment in this series. A kick-ass plot, lots of laugh out loud moments, amazing world building, and the knowledge that there will be more, more, more! Loved Billy the Werewolf and his crew! Harry can't keep his eyes in his head when the female werewolves get naked...naug...
  • David Sven
    Another solid entry in the Dresden Universe. James Marsters as audio narrator has really come into his own since the first book to the point where I can't imagine anyone else being the voice of Harry Dresden. His rendition of other characters and creatures has just improved out of sight as well.The pace of this book took a bit of a hit compared to his previous books, with a large chunk of the middle taken up with a lot of dialogue and world build...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Another Harry Dresden audiobook, another winner! I ADORE this series!The audiobook for this series is simply sensational! Sure, James Marsters doesn't have a wide range of voices and sure, he wetly clears his throat a lot, but you know what? I don't care! He IS Harry Dresden and DAMN does he make these books come alive. An excellent listen and another fabulous visit to my favorite wizard of them all!
  • Israt Zaman Disha
    Have you seen a child eat too much sweet and it's energy level go up, and then it starts jumping, running, bouncing? This book is kind of like that. I don't know any other way to describe it. :P It's only 4th book of the series. I have to read 11 more books which are already published and more books are on the way to publish (hopefully). It is in this condition now, I am just wondering what will happen as the series goes by!P.S. No point in savin...
  • Jody McGrath
    Another great Dresden book but not as good as the rest. The whole fairie part really overwhelms everything. It is pretty much way over Harry's head and his powers are useless. Of course he finds a way, but watching him be helpless wasn't very fun. Still better than most books!
  • Angela
    Murphy with a chainsaw. Awesome.