Rape New York by Jana Leo

Rape New York

In the gripping first pages of this true story, Jana Leo relives the moment-by-moment experience of a home invasion and rape in her own apartment in Harlem. After she reports the crime, she waits. Between police disinterest and squabbles from the health insurance company over who’s going to pay for the rape kit, she realizes that the violence of such an experience does not stop with the crime. Increasingly concerned that the rapist will return,...

Details Rape New York

TitleRape New York
Release DateFeb 8th, 2011
PublisherThe Feminist Press at CUNY
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Feminism, Crime, True Crime

Reviews Rape New York

  • Ada
    4Després de ser violada dins el seu apartament de Harlem, Jana Leo reflexiona sobre el crim i la pobresa de Nova York, el límit entre l'espai públic i el privat i el sistema judicial i carcerari del Estats Units. Una memòria personal convertit en assaig polític-feminista. Pròximament a Lince Ediciones.
  • Sara Cranwell
    Es una lectura dura, difícil, pero completa y necesaria
  • Lahierbaroja
    Una historia cruda de una situación real que vivió la autora. Comienza muy bien y trata muchos temas que personalmente desconocía. El hecho de que inicialmente se tratara de un artículo ve mermada su calidad como historia más larga, debido a las reiteraciones y repeticiones, y a la traducción que se nota poco pulida (hay incluso expresiones calcadas del inglés). El postfacio de la edición española es muy interesante, pero creo que el ord...
  • S
    I didn't actually finish this book but I had to get it back to the library with like 5 pages unread. It was really scary and really interesting. An academic look at rape, but not in a boring way. Plus, I then looked up Jana Leo and read up on her performance art. I've gotta hand it to her, it's weird and cringe inducing and probably scares the shit out of some people.
  • Olga Herrero
    "Muchos siglos de lucha por la liberación de la mujer, y todas las batallas de mi vida en busca de la independencia, han quedado ahora diluidos. A pesar de la igualdad teórica, en la práctica las mujeres están en desventaja."
  • Virginia
    Interesting points and a very good approach: very personal but looking at the broader picture too. At some point, when she starts describing her thesis work, I felt like it dragged (and/or was somewhat repetitive) and lost clarity. But overall a very interesting read!
  • Sofia
    A difficult book to read, but an important one.
  • LudyentreLineas
    (3,5*) Después de una primera parte demoledora se convierte en un estudio sobre las causas de la violación en un estado como Nueva York y en un análisis de cómo esta es mucho más que un momento concreto. Muy recomendable, pero no os esperéis un relato de la experiencia en todas sus páginas; no es eso, es más que eso, pero en otro sentido.Reseña en: https://ludyentrelineas.wordpress.com...
  • Marsha
    Ms. Leo’s detailing of her rape at the hands of a home intruder reads in a very dry fashion, more like a stock report than a tale of violence and sexual perversion. The incident itself is written about in the very first chapter, with her clinically noting everything that happens with the intention of informing the police about it afterwards. She picks a glass with the belief that it will hold her assailant’s DNA and prints and collects his ci...
  • Brittany
    Jana Leo takes an academic and almost clinical look at her rape and the circumstances and violences surrounding it. (view spoiler)[ One concept that Leo coined in her book that will stick with me is the idea of domestophobia, a concept she notes is rooted in two things: 1. the idea of "home" is a myth that more closely resembles a prison and 2. that the home is a site of violence on women. The man who assaulted her was homeless, and as she stated...
  • Vegantrav
    Rape New York is Jana Leo’s account of being raped in her own apartment in Harlem. Leo also details the aftermath of the rape, describing her interactions with the police, the trial of her rapist, and her civil suit against the landlord of her building.But Rape New York is not what one would expect from a nonfiction crime story. Leo describes her rape in a rather dispassionate fashion and without being overly emotional, and yet she still convey...
  • Michael K
    Discovering the Semina series some five or six years after publication, this was the second of the set I read and the only one that gripped my imagination in any real sense. Was this a straight narrative or a novel? It oozed intrigue. On first reading, I found the ostensible account of the author's rape in her apartment almost as horrifying as the story of her ultimate 'revenge' upon both the rapist and her landlord. It was which of these account...
  • Alex N
    Jana Leo's Rape New York is a powerful book of feminist theory derived through her own life experiences. After being raped in her apartment, she sets out to investigate the larger systems at play that contributed to her sexual assault. She uncovers the corrupt, horrific world of New York real estate. Leo connects real-estate, sexual assault, architectural theory, gentrification, and gender politics in this gripping book.
  • Kimberly
    This was a good read in that she analyzed of the intersections of poverty, race, gender, class, architecture, and gentrification in unexpected ways. Yet, it's a bit repetitive, which may be a bit down to her role as an artist. That is, the minute detail in which she relays crime reports might be interesting represented in an art gallery, but as part of a book, I just skimmed these parts.
  • Pam
    I won this as a first read giveaway. I liked the book. It was a very heartfelt read. She went thru a very hard time and had the courage to stand up to her rapist. The only thing I seen that could have made it a better read is if it was told in order. The little jumping round I didn't like. I do think more people should read it. Its a story that takes a lot of courage to write.
  • M.
    this is something like a case study of a rape (experienced by the author) and its aftermath, extending into discussions of location and poverty, the US legal/judicial system (from a Spanish citizen's perspective), landlord/owner negligence, the medical industrial complex (Leo had to pay for her rape kit, e.g.), the myth of home. it does a lot in a short space. fascinating, maddening, real.
  • Shannon Baas
    This is a true story about the author. It tells the story of her rape and what came after. She describes what happened and gives her insight into what society thinks in general and the statistics of the different parts of New York as far as crime.