The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson

The Gift of Change

Bestselling author of Return to Love and Law of Divine Compensation, Marianne Williamson shows people how to live without fear or worry in The Gift of Change. The time in which we now live is more difficult and stressful than people are willing to admit. We live with an abiding sense of collective anxiety. Williamson shows how we are paralyzed in our current state of fear and anger because we are not facing and dealing with the true causes of our...

Details The Gift of Change

TitleThe Gift of Change
Release DateJan 3rd, 2006
GenreSpirituality, Self Help, Nonfiction, Inspirational

Reviews The Gift of Change

  • Laurie
    I love Marianne Williamson.She has a way of writing that is very clear and gets right to the heart of things. 1. It is crucial to take the time everyday to go within and meditate and pray. If you don't take the time to do that, you have no right to complain.2. If you do take the time to do that, you will become closer to God and your life will transform. 3. You can make the conscious decision to give your life over to God's will accepting the fac...
  • Kathrynn
    This book covered a wide range of material and it wasn't until I finished it that I grasped just how vast that material was. It begins with a lot on spiritualization: 1. The Challenge to Grow (spirtually), 2. Negative Thinking ("You don't get karmic amnesy for, 'Oh, yeah, I thought that, but I didn't really mean it.'")3. Metaphysical power of language (kids who say, I'm ugly or Nobody likes me, I hate math; adults, too). 4. Meditation: "Einstein ...
  • Maria Maclean
    I read some reviews of this book and quickly decided it was not for me. And the fact the author is running for president did not influence me.
  • Meghan
    I left this book on the coffee table one day after reading a section. As my husband sat on the couch, he glanced at the cover, picked it up and asked me what the book was about. I opened my mouth to tell him, but ended up just staring at him blankly with nothing to say. The more I thought about it, the harder it was for me to articulate exactly what the book was about. I think my lack of response was due, in part, to my inability to initially gra...
  • Christine Fay
    A truly wonderful book about healing the soul and moving forward to embrace the possibility of greatness and happiness in our lives.“Every morning as we wake up, we can bless the world. We can pray to be servants today to something holy and true. We can take a deep breath and surrender ourselves to God’s plan for our lives. And when we do, we will experience miracles” (23).“As the mind is permeated by the realization of the awesome power ...
  • Donna
    "Here is what Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts, wrote about this book: The Gift of Change needs to be read by every person who can feel the speed of change rapidly increasing in her/her personal world. In this essential book, Williamson examines change as a spiritual necessity and offers the reader insights into the meaning of embracing the next step on one's life. Never has a society needed this wisdom and guidance more than now." This ...
  • Chrissy
    I wanted so much to like it. Marianne Williamson's quote "It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us" was an epiphany when I first heard it, and the insight continues to guide me. But the "he, he, he" in this book, unthinkingly used to refer to God, grated on me. When, an hour into the audiobook, she also referred to the Holy Spirit as "he", I yelled out loud. HE?!I found the perky self-help tone of the audiobook narration to be jar...
  • Carol
    M. Williamson has a unique ability to bridge the spiritual and practical, the inspirational and personal. Skip this book if you're looking for quick tips, tools and techniques for, as the title says, 'living your best life'. This is all about cultivating our inner life ... about paying greater attention to who we are and our relationship to God.
  • Linda
    reading a bit at a time. Great for meditations/ This was a great book for me. I was able to get so much joy and comfort from its spiritual perspective. I just gave it to a friend and I sincerely hope she enjoys it as much as I did!
  • Cindy
    Marianne Williamson writing and words resonate with me so.
  • Kelli
    Another book of Marianne's that I reference all the time. I love her words and how she writes. I recommend anything this women writes!
  • Christina
    Incredibly relevant, insightful, enlightening... Heart, soul, spirit, mind opening, healing for self, others and world. A must read if one hopes to reach our highest point in ourselves, others, worldI loved loved loved it a few years back but this time the message reached greatest heights in my core being, the Christ spirit in me...Some notes for me... important truths to share... please don't look at the sentence structures... just Marianne's me...
  • Will
    What could I possibly say about this "gift" from Marianne?In a post November 2016 (US National Election) world, there seems to be lots of evil and negativity at play. My spirit has been down and I have been doing my best to seek out spiritual leaders and other positive forces for good. The ultimate message of the book is about love. I realize the connotation that one can derive from hearing that but it's not just some hippy nonsense philosophy. M...
  • Rebecca Manery
    I began reading The Gift of Change before Marianne Williamson announced that she was running for President. I was intrigued by the title and looking for some guidance. And guidance was provided--although not always in ways I could relate to or accept. I'm not a follower of Williamson's theology, and take issue with many of the premises of A Course in Miracles that are the foundation of her religious ideas. I don't believe we're responsible for ev...
  • Andrea Hylen
    This is a book about surrender and love. I first read it during the last few months of my husband's life, in 2005, while he was dying from cancer. Marianne Williamson has scattered prayers throughout the book that are helpful during a transition, a time of change, when all you can do is surrender to the power of love. Re-reading her book again has helped me to reconnect with prayer every day, no matter the circumstances in life.
  • Tommy Key
    I have been reading this book off and on for weeks. Williamson touches on nearly every human emotion in her writing. She takes the concept of God's love into context for nearly everyone. Beautiful book.
  • Darcy Nickel
    A must read and something I will need to re-read. Very powerful!!!So many quotes in this book to reflect on for transformation. Loved this book. Something I will reference again and again.
  • Aubrey
    Even though this was written soon after 9/11/01, it fits today at least as well, considering the presidential administration. This is worth a re-read and a buy.
  • Sandra
    Not of interest to me.
  • Delbra Gibbs
    One of the BEST spiritual guidance book I have read in a long time.
  • Diana Nagy
    I love Marianne Williamson, particularly because of the way that she writes. Its hard for me, growing up in the life I have, around the people that I have, to believe there are people this good in life, who really want to love always. But I like the aspect of it. It's something I aspire to do, something I aspire to become, in my own life. Become a more spiritual person, become loving in all that I do. But I know that it will be a challenge. It's ...
  • Laura Finger
    This is one of the first eBooks I ever bought for my Kindle. I loved the sample so much that I immediately went to Amazon and bought the entire book. What I love about Williamson is her gentle, sincere spirituality. I feel like we share the same religious views, which are free from Dogma but are about expressing love to others. That's one of the things that I love about reading spiritual authors who might not share my same religious background. I...
  • Denise
    Este, al igual que los otros libros que he leído de Marianne Williamson, me pareció una maravilla. ¡Me encanto! A través de conceptos espirituales basados en Un Curso de Milagros ella nos va mostrando los pasos a seguir para lograr un verdadero cambio en nosotros mismos, el cual evidentemente se reflejará en el mundo. Quizá realizar este cambio en el mundo ha sido necesario siempre, pero creo en lo personal que ahora es imperativo hacerlo. ...
  • Brenda Register
    This women is the most amazing writer. Every sentence is epic. I just read and shake my head, she is so profound. How can every sentence be epic, I ask myself? I love her books. I have many. This one, in particular, is such a work of art and so perception changing. You can just feel hardness and sharp edges resting and falling off of you. It uses the topic of change as the platform to get you in a place of being able to think deeply. And in that ...
  • Ld2288 Degenhardt
    What I'm learning with this book is that change is inevitable but does not have to be hard and should not be! We change every day, each one of us goes thru events that shape our hearts and minds. Whether we accept or fight is usually motivated by our past, but the good news is we can over come anything in our past regardless what it was. We need to remember who our "source" is. Is our source our biological parents or is our source GOD? We have to...
  • Amy Juneau
    Great perspective. Although published 5 years ago, everything Marianne talks about in this book is still very relevant today in regard to our spiritual selves and the state of the world. I gave it 4 -4.5 stars. I felt that there could of been a specific example of how she uses prayer/reflection/meditation on a daily basis, or how one might do so for themselves when they have a busy schedule, versus speaking of it in a general sense. Otherwise, it...
  • Rubina
    In this book on managing changes in your lives, Williamson covers topics such as recognizing our ego-based sub-selves and how to stop projecting from there, learning to focus on positives, moving away from anxiety and being guilt-focused, and living in the present. However, unfortunately i just couldn't quite get into the book. Maybe because after awhile Williamson seem to get repeatative or because there wasn't really anything new in the content...
  • J. Ewbank
    I was not too sure of this book before reading it because I thought it might be in the area of spirituality rather than in the area of Christianity. It is an interesting book in the area of the power of positive thinking, though religious terms are used in the book I question if it is entirely a Christian book. It does, however, provide a wondeful amount of positive ways you can affect your life.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, ...