Chronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2) by Passhenette1

Chronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2)

Sequel to Carnalli Complex: A mysterious new man has come to the city and he's brought a gift of discord to the Carnalli family.

Details Chronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2)

TitleChronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2)
Release DateAug 15th, 2010
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Erotica, Menage, BDSM, Contemporary, M M M

Reviews Chronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2)

  • Nile Princess
    This book exhausted me! It just seemed so lonng. 52 chapters to be exact. And what a ride it was! First, if you're reading this, you've probably read The Carnalli Complex so you already know the deal with the brothers. No need to go into that again, but this book features Quentin in all his ruthless, maniacal, amoral glory. Everyone knows that Quentin scares the crap out of me. Usually I love my ruthless MCs. Quentin, I keep at arm's length. I th...
  • ElaineY
    Yes, Kate. FIVE stars.Since I'd already suspended reality when I started on Book 1, Book 2 was a Disney ride all the way. Maybe not Disney - Universal? The XXX-rated version? Whatever. I did skim some but not much.Five freakin' stars because despite the sex marathon, I found Book 2 entertaining, engaging, romantic and left me - for much of the time - feeling all warm and fuzzy. If, that is, you can set aside the almost non-stop fucking, the fact ...
  • Rin ♔
    I AM FUCKING SPEECHLESS.ALAIN, YOU LUCKY COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER. I CAN'T EVEN.And guess what, a theme song for Quentin and Alain!You let me violate you, you let me desecrate youYou let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you(Help me) I broke apart my insides, help me I’ve got no soul to sell(Help me) The only thing that works for me, help me get away from myselfI want to fuck you like an animalI want to feel you from the insideI want to f...
  • Em
    I can't believe this series is free! It absolutely blew my mind and I'm now looking forward to the third installment. Would loved to have seen more of Cobryn in the book but that's just my preference. Loved loved loved it!!!
  • Simsala
    3,5 starsThe Golden Raspberry for the smuttiest, weirdest Mafia-daily soap ever and an Oscar for the Carnalli-clan boss Quentin - the picture of a depraved mind.There were 3 or 4 chapters - somewhere in the middle - in a row without s** - I was miffed...`nough said. 3,5 starsThe Golden Raspberry for the smuttiest, weirdest Mafia-daily soap ever and an Oscar for the Carnalli-clan boss Quentin - the picture of a depraved mind.There were 3 or 4 ch...
  • Charmaine Stephens
    Once again blown away by the Carnalli Brothers! I feel like the hot sex scenes bar has been set so high that it feels like there's no way but going down from here. Pun intended ;) This book always had a lot of funny moments I thought. Like this moment had me cracking up!!"Okay, what the hell did you tell them to do to my burger?" he saidQuentin's small smile went wide"Did someone spit on it?" He lifted the bun and stared at the burger. "Did someo...
  • Jane Stewart
    Could not finish. This is the second book in a series. I liked the first book, but not this.This book dragged. I wanted to quit reading, but I forced myself on. I finally stopped at the 50% mark. This is a long book, about twice the length of a regular novel. So my reading of 50% is probably reading about 300 or more pages.Following is the plot during the first part of the book. Alain is living with his two brothers Cobryn and Ven. Cobryn and Ven...
  • SueM
    3.5 starsThis is the second story in this rather dark and twisted series, and one I had thought I would never read after being unable to rate the first one. (It seriously squicked me out - not so much the incest, but the violence and seemingly unnecessary pain that accompanied it.)This book though, I found to be a lot better. Yes, there was still violence and incest (hello? It is about 5 brothers and their unusual relationships, so of course ther...
  • Nic
    Despite (or because of?) some potentially disturbing content, I really, really liked this book. Found myself compelled to keep reading to find out what twists and turns the story would take next. The only downside was an ending that seemed to leave things unfinished - ready for the next installment perhaps?
  • Amy
    I liked the second one even better since Quentin was involved more, I just wish it had a more concluding ending to it. This could definitely continue with all the boys getting together happily, finally.
  • Tami
    I hate to admit it, but I love these books. These 5 brothers are one MESSED-UP bunch!!! I honestly can't figure out what the big deal is with Alain. Con is much hotter then him. So why do they all go gaga over him?
  • Denise GremoryKohta
    Man this was good.Forget good. It was freaking amazing. So much more complex than what we thought. So many layers through the years. We really learn a lot here about all these guys. Plus, there are other things we are left wondering about. Love how Pas Shen satisfies us and yet leaves us intrigued. This is not a read for those who like light and fluffy. This is deep, and at times, quite dark. If you have triggers, if give this a pass. For me thou...
  • Omoye
    I’m not even sure why I’m giving this 4 stars...cause I’m still so dissatisfied! Let’s go for 3.5 stars. This chapter in the Carnalli saga was very different from the first though it still carried the ‘pay as you go’ feel. In other words, this book definitely did feel like it was a choose your own adventure and we just kept getting dragged into a web of deceit and dysfunction. I still got too many damn bones to pick with this story- b...
  • oren
    I'm not new to any of the subject matters in this sucker, or at all squeamish about brocest/taboo/forbidden love in my M/M. That being said, this book really missed the mark for me. I didn't like any of the characters, who could've been stencils for all the dimension they were given, or buy any of the 'drama.' I barely understood the motivations of the main character, Alain, who's billed as the irresistible nympho younger brother everyone wants (...
  • Moonlite_Reader
    In this second bk we see how an enemy of Quentin comes into town and is ready to do whatever he can to take him down and fuck him over financially. This guy stirs up lots of trouble and the brothers all have major decisions they have to make. Sides they have to choose.  Alain is not one who will just sit back and watch his brothers make some shit choices all because they cant see past they're hatred for their older brother Quentin. Alain sees pa...
  • esse
    Warning: loud display of frustration taking place shortly ahead.AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwhyAlainwhydoyoumakeabsolutelynosenseandalltheothersuuuurghiwanttopunchallofyouinthegonadslikebaaaaaaaaaaaadAll right. Composure regained. I can move on with my review now. So. This second installment. Long, very much so. It could really use some editing and review, especially the side plot. Somewhat it lacked the freshn...
  • Chappy
    3.5 stars - Oh man this was a doosy...way too long. Should of been edited and condensed.It was nice to get back to the crazy Carnalli brothers. Their story just gets weirder and kinkier by the second. Alain has made some friends at college but to stay safe, he must go live with Quentin. Now that's one cold fish. We learn about his need for pain and his wish to reunite the brothers. Alain wants them all to live together... There are some pretty ho...
  • Dreamer
    3.5 stars maybe. Over long, typo-ridden, thinly plotted free read made up for by hot monkey incestuous sex throughout! Written fron Alain, the youngest brother's PoV as he is taken into his eldest brother, Quentin's dark influence. 'I finally did something I never got the chance to until now. Starting at the small of his back, I licked my way up as far as my height would allow. I traced the snake's body with my tongue. Then, I stopped just below ...
  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    This one gets bumped to a 5 for that awesome bedroom scene that I'd been waiting since the 1st book for! I really got to like all the brothers more in this book even more...dare i say, even crazy Quentin!! This book had ups & downs and OMG..NO EFF'N WAY moments...HOLY SHIT that's HOTT moments! I'm sad that there isn't another one to read right away but I'm hoping that soon...we'll get to revisit The Carnalli Brothers & their crazy lives!!
  • Holly Full Moon Bites Book Reviews
    Loved this one on my second read just as much as I liked it on the first read as well! *Sigh* so great! I do hope the author decides to write a third one so I can indulge in more of my Carnalli obsession! :)
  • Elin
    As fucked up as book number one was, this ups it by a hundred. I had emotions through this one, so much confusion and annoyance.Quentin's new personality is something we get very familiar with in this book as Alan (I still prefer Alain) moves in with him after some disagreements with his brothers and the need for safety. Better the evil you know.And of course, nothing comes without a price when Quentin is involved, as all the brothers finds out i...
  • Farrah
    In love with the Carnalli BrothersOf course the story continues in the most pas-Shen-ate ways!Definitely read the prequel to book 2 in the last part of this book first, it will help to tie this story together and is told from Corbryn's POV.Could have used a final edit but I could easily look over some simple issues as the story was quite gripping.I have to compliment the author and thank her for the cover art of Alan and his sexy "sheer tux" as w...
  • Farrah
    In love with the Carnalli Brothers Of course the story continues in the most pas-Shen-ate ways!Definitely read the prequel to book 2 in the last part of this book first, it will help to tie this story together and is told from Corbryn's POV.Could have used a final edit but I could easily look over some simple issues as the story was quite gripping.I have to compliment the author and thank her for the cover art of Alan and his sexy "sheer tux" as ...
  • Linda.. aka Ahsoka
    This is such a great book and series I cannot wait to see what book 3 brings. Not only do we have very horny brothers but we have such a mystery that is Quentin... This goes beyond corporate intrigue and it is fascinating to watch him take out rivals.. He's like an onion, each layer you peel back brings the pain of tears.. I love these boys..
  • Doreen Frantz
    Loved this taboo read…there are errors with regards to spelling and grammar but it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. Loved that it was nice and long. So many books these days is just so short. Enjoyed the interaction between the guys. LOVED the super hot scenes. Awesome read
  • Ruka
    sexy steamy and a good read!
  • Courtney Bassett
    Crazy, twisted, sometimes disturbing (still trying to wrap my head around all the different facets of Quentin's personality), but I apparently can't get enough of this! That ending scene, WOO!
  • Joseph Tonlet
    Very enjoyable.(Series rating)
  • A Girl Has No Name
    I read the first part of this series a few months ago and I liked it. The dynamics between the brothers and the plot of this first part made the story entertaining and I wanted to read more about them, but unfortunately the second book was a deception. While the plot of the first part has already been rather thin, there isn't a real plot in this one at all. Every plot element felt like a bridge between the numerous sex scenes and the pace was ter...