Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy, #1) by Chris J. Randolph

Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy, #1)

Meet Marcus Donovan; astronomer, day dreamer, and smart ass. He was just another researcher in a jumpsuit until he saw something that didn't fit. At the time, it was nothing but a blip on a sensor read-out, an asteroid that wasn't an asteroid, but it became his obsession. He named it Zebra-1, and now he's hurtling through the solar system on a mission to see it in person.Meanwhile, the Earth has its own visitors. Seven massive vessels appear out ...

Details Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy, #1)

TitleStars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy, #1)
Release DateSep 20th, 2010
PublisherOktopod Digital Press
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, War, Military Fiction, Business, Amazon

Reviews Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy, #1)

  • Alicia Huxtable
    InterestingNormally I would avoid anything to do with aliens or alien invasion but this one held my attention quite well and I found myself enjoying it
  • Maria Hammarblad
    In Randolph’s not too distant future, mankind has established a colony on Mars and developed space travel to a somewhat better level than we have today, but a lot remains the same. In the beginning of the book, we follow Jack Hernandez, search and rescue specialist, as he and his team makes extraordinary humanitarian efforts, and Marcus Donovan, astronomer and problem solver, who has spent years of his life searching for a mysterious object som...
  • Kerri
    For the most part, this story was really well written with an ambitious plot. The story starts with alien Kai, waking up to a destroyed world and being sent off to warn other planets...Then the story transitions to characters Jack and Marcus, humans living in a futuristic Earth. Jack is an Emergency Rescue worker and Pacifist, while Marcus is an astronomer and astronaut searching the galaxy for a drifting alien vessel... The characters were well ...
  • Bard Bloom
    I don't much like military SF, which this book approximately is. I wassurprised to find myself fascinated and engaged almost instantly, and stayingup too late to finish it. There's a lot of other SF tropes going on here -- alost alien starship in the asteriod belt, a terrible alien invasion thatstarts colonizing and alienforming Earth, some very cool biotechnology, anepic span of history, and some very alien aliens. It's a fairly satisfyingstory,...
  • Kate
    First off: Cheers to Chris (friend from high school)! Well done! I'm always impressed when people have such good stories to tell. Where do you get them?!If I could, I'd probably give this 3.5 stars. It was quite entertaining, with vivid characters, creative SF concepts, and almost nonstop action. I was pulled right along, and read most of it in a day. I agree with the other reviewers that the end was too abrupt/rushed. I believe there's going to ...
  • Linda
    Lately I've only been reading books by new authors. I see a review, get curious and want to try it. This is how I found this book too, and it was even better then I dared hope for. I love science fiction, and this book contained everything I could wish for and more. Adventure, Excitement, a bit of Romance, and of course Aliens. It is well written, at times funny, and at times scary. Well worth reading!
  • James
    An epic adventure, and a thought provoking read. Pitting ones own humanity, and sense of right and wrong to the test. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.
  • Michael
    Chris Randolph writes a pretty good sci-fi tale, along with the requisite aliens, new technology obtained by man, and the typical conflict between the aliens and mankind.I judge my science fiction on a modified version of the Baen criteria, where the future technology has to be somewhat believable, if you have aliens they are not too gross and have names you can pronounce, and the overall plot / story lines have to have substance. Randolph hits i...
  • Kevin
    Unpredictable and nicely writtenI really enjoyed reading this one. I mostly couldn’t predict where it was going (which to me is great). I appreciated the way it flowed. Kind of military, kind of pulpy, helluva a good time. One thing I especially liked was the pacing. Started off good, got more interesting in the middle and by then end it was great. Many times, I feel like authors start out with a great idea or three and that’s enough to get y...
  • Adrik Kemp
    Some brilliant and seemingly endless species of aliens are the highlight of this fairly standard space opera/invasion story.
  • Teresa
    This book started out, on fire.Randolph's world building was excellent, the alien concepts intriguing, the politics in the world of the future--believable. The characters were very well-developed and quite likeable, especially Jack. His greatest strength was also his great weakness. Donovan Marcus was a great character, too. But his storyline that had been so fascinating, sort of vanished in the second half of the book. I think I kept looking for...
  • Clayton
    This might have been a candidate for a four, but the author really lost sight of the ball at the end. It almost felt like he did not know how to end it, gave up trying, so just kicked it out the door with this lame version of an ending. In the final quarter of the book he seems to have completely forgotten about the off-world contingent who are just left hanging, and the on-world ending was just so.... contrived and implausible.First three-quarte...
  • Beth
    I really enjoyed this science fiction novel. It was self-published, and there are a few grammatical and spelling errors, but the story was so interesting to me that it didn't irritate me. In general, I like the writing style, and I enjoyed the characters as well. The author bills himself as an author of the "dark drama", but I didn't find this to be dark at all. It might have been about post-apocalyptic Earth, but there was a lot of courage and h...
  • Wayne
    This is an alien-invasion book, and it was very good. Lots of interesting twists and cool tech and such. I liked the characters and wish more was done with the those who weren't either of the main two guys. In particular, the two most major female characters deserve lots more print time.I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the set, while waiting for the rest of the installments in Randolph's "Arcana Universalis".
  • Pen Pen
    A very good read. I couldn't stop reading this on my Kindle for PC. Luckily, I was snowed in for a few days in Atlanta, GA. The action starts on page one and doesn't stop. I couldn't help think "this would make a great movie." So, Mr. Randolph, if Hollywood knocks, don't hesitate to answer the door!
  • Courtney
    I'm a little past halfway in this book and it's a good novel, but one that I'm struggling to get back into. As soon as the main characters got used to the ship it started to get boring for me. I like the characters and the descriptions of the aliens, but I've never really been a fan of alien-invasion stories.
  • Ben Johnson
    an entertaining read, aspects were very well creative and engaging. It was worth the low price on amazon. But it lacked cohesiveness, spending a lot of time building a story arc and characters for the first portion of the book, and them leaving them completely alone until it was convenient to swoop them in at the end.
  • Jim Brown
    Awesome storyI will tell you the truth. I did not think the story was going to end and feel like it was complete. But to my shock it ended the way I wanted it to. I was totally expecting an ending that was just going to be the start of another book but it ended well. It was a riviting story from start to finish. I would recommend this to my friends
  • Selinalynn
    It was a pretty hard scifi book but, the story was enthralling. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. It had me pondering what mankind would have thought or done during this "invasion". I would recommend this book to anyone who likes space-like scifi and military.
  • I
    Good story. Kind of spastic, ADD. I like the story arc but there were a few times in the middle that I lost sight of the arc altogether. Kai is amazing. The idea that humans are both the nefrem and the eireki is interesting, but questions remain. Looking forward to the second one.
  • Bob Caroti
    Interesting characters and a believable 'end of the world' scenerio make this sci-fi book a great read. Grabbed me immediately and never let go. I'm just using Goodreads to say whether a book was a good read or not ... Stars Rain Down won't disappoint! Promise!
  • Denise
    Absolutely loved this book: plausible future science, engaging characters, ancient inter-stellar animosities, the resiliency of the human race and planet Earth. Once I started reading this, I couldn't put it down until I clicked onto the last page.
  • Hector Sosa
    The ending was very abrupt, and there were too many lose ends. The writing was good though. It flowed very well from scene to scene.
  • Ken Furr
    Great readVery good story. With good character development. The good against evil story ends up being twisted around leaving you wondering who is right.
  • Nicholas
    Interesting hard sci fi. I picked it up on a promotion on the cheap and it was a nice Saturday AM lazy read.
  • Derek Dewitt
    A nice enough idea marred by the author's frequently resorting to cliche ("green with envy", "slippery as a fish", etc.).
  • Charles
    This book was on track for being a 4 or maybe higher till I got to the end...Just seemed like it wrapped up, sorta, too quickly....perhaps the writer had a deadline to meet???
  • Pete
    Fun end-of-the-world type book, let down by a pretty feeble ending. I don't know if the author was planning for some sequel or just ran out of ideas.
  • Chris
    I liked it. It ended rather abruptly, and would have liked more, but was impressed and entertained by the amount of material in such a small package. And the material was delicious.
  • joseph mclane
    A good read.Fast-paced and interesting space drama, well worth the time to read. I look forward to the rest of the series.