Draculas by Blake Crouch


A DYING MAN’S GREATEST TREASURE…Mortimer Moorecook, retired Wall Street raider, avid collector, is losing his fight against cancer. With weeks to live, a package arrives at the door of his hillside mansion—an artifact he paid millions for…a hominoid skull with elongated teeth, discovered in a farmer’s field in the Romanian countryside. With Shanna, his beautiful research assistant looking on, he sinks the skull’s razor sharp fangs int...

Details Draculas

Release DateOct 19th, 2010
PublisherJoe Konrath
GenreHorror, Paranormal, Vampires, Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Thriller, Action, Suspense, Supernatural

Reviews Draculas

  • Stephen
    A Sincere and Heartfelt Thank You to the Authors (Note: the following can be read with or without musical accompaniment) Thank you Mr. Crouch and Mr. Kilborn.Thank you Mr. Strand and Mr. Wilson.Thank you, sirs. Thank you Sooooo Sooooo much.Thank you for the sweet, sweet horror,and for the juicy, succulent butchery.Thank you for the warm, savory mayhem,and the scrumptious, tasty, mind-numbing violence.Thank you for the twisted, tantalizing ...
  • Lou
    It reads like a bullet hitting bang on target. No messing around, strip away the usual vampire history or romance this story goes straight to the kill in POV mode chapters are divided by switching through the eyes of the prey and predators. Worst case senario to have is the turned let loose in a hospital with the young weak and old to feast upon, it's too late for Benny the Clown and Oasis the young girl, she wants candy now red candy. This is wh...
  • seak
    This review is dedicated to Steven's and Bridget's reviews, the reasons I even heard about this book let alone couldn't wait another second after I got my Kindle to read it.The author, Joe Konrath (aka Jack Kilborn), writes in the introduction to Draculas that this is an attempt to make vampires scary again. As he explains, "There are no sexy teen heartthrobs herein." While it was the reviews above that got me to buy the book and start reading, i...
  • Char
    This was a rip roaring, funny gore fest!Draculas was written by four authors: Jeff Strand, Jack Kilborn, F. Paul Wilson and Blake Crouch. These are anti-sparkle vampires. All they want is blood and they will even suck their own if nothing else is available. I don't even know what to say about the clown, other than it makes Pennywise look as nice as Bozo. I won't even mention the balloon animals. This story ends at approximately 50% off the downlo...
  • Mort
    Yes, yes, YES!! This is what a vampire story should be!While Bram Stoker wrote, at the core, a love story with DRACULA, I can't help but feel that it has been romanticized (on bad days - bastardized) to a sickening degree. I don't mean to offend, but I absolutely hate the trend of the "Bad guy that's actually a good guy and nothing is really his fault" bullshit.And that is why, for the most part, I avoid vampire stories altogether. However, with ...
  • Trudi
    Yowza, wowzers, and woot! woot! This book -- a mad collaboration from four horror gods (small 'g') -- is this cat's meow (or as they say where I come from -- it's all that and a bag of chips).It was going to take a lot for this book to impress me for the simple reason that vampires of late have become...meh for me. As monsters meant to inspire horror they have been done to death it seems. Not to mention they have suffered an incredible disservice...
  • David Brian
    I was recently involved in a heated debate over the merits of this book (see link at bottom of review).Draculas, it is fair to say, is written to a certain formula.And, for me at least, it was a formula that worked well.A simple, but nonetheless effective plot, and paced at breakneck speed throughout. It is a novel which doesn't take itself too seriously (and for me this boosted its appeal).Also, kudos to the four authors for keeping it seamless....
  • Gregor Xane
    I didn't find the setup or the ending to be particularly satisfying. And I found some of the banter between characters to be pretty hokey (especially the constant quoting from action movies). Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me say that this is one crazy, action-packed read. It's nearly non-stop from start to finish. I liked the depiction of the vampires. They're not sexy or sophisticated. They're like sharks in a feeding frenzy. The...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    DraculasA Novel of TerrorBy: F. Paul Wilson, Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff StrandNarrated by: Eric DaweThis really should be called the Phases of a Dracula, lol! There is an outbreak of vampire -ism at the local hospital! I enjoyed it, It was a gory story with some parts suspenseful and others I giggled through. I pictured this as one of those late night movies you watch when you can't sleep! 😁The narration was good!
  • Bridget
    4.5 stars. I was skeptical that a book written by four different authors telling a single story could be a good, cohesive read but I was wrong. This one was great. I am so glad my friend on Good Reads Stephen recommended it & that I had the sense to trust his excellent taste. Seat of your pants action of humans against truly scary (non-twilighty) vampires. Benny the Clown was particulary haunting;). Vampires as they should be written. I sure hope...
  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    3.5First, you need to know what to expect from this book. You wouldn't do it justice if you expect a horror monster story. Next, the only reason I'd call it horror is because I am not really sure where else to put it. That, and it does have monsters, blood and death. There are many things I didn't like, but they are balanced with the good stuff. The weirdest thing is that the humour saves it. I am not sorry for reading this. I was wondering how t...
  • Kaisersoze
    If you're looking for literary horror that might send a chill down your spine in between prosaic descriptions of foreboding forests and ominous castles, click the back button on your browser and continue your search elsewhere. But if you're looking for a bloody good time as a bunch of disparate characters try to survive a burgeoning plague of vampires, then you've come to the right place.Draculas is good, B-grade fun, which some memorable charact...
  • Darcia Helle
    If you're looking for a sexy vampire with any sort of redeeming qualities, you won't find it here. And this book is absolutely not for sensitive or squeamish readers. Draculas is a fast-paced, bloody mess of a story about the original type of bloodthirsty vampires who terrorized humans. Once you start reading, you won't breathe or smile much until long after you've read the last word.The bonus material is fascinating, as we're allowed a glimpse i...
  • Holly
    5++ starsA completely different and ingenious take on the vampire novel.4 amazing authors: J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, F. Paul Wilson, Jack Kilborn, and Jeff Strand - each creating their own characters and following them through to the end - come together to create an absolutely amazing twist on the Vampire novel.Mortimer Moorecook is a desperate and dying man. Willing to do just about anything to survive the disease that is ravaging his body. Af...
  • Jason Parent
    This book was one hell of a journey, loved all the way though, 5-stars all the way, until the a kind of lackluster ending (view spoiler)[ everything that happened, all the sacrifices made, were completely unnecessary (except for perhaps the 4 saved children who I didn't care about) - since the military just blew the place to shit anyway. There was some good, chilling horror with Daniella, but the other characters that lived were my least favorite...
  • Melanie
    What could I possibly say about Crouch et al. and their spectacularly gory, funny, action-packed story that can't be said more easily with a bunch of pictures? There's s bit of this........and a little bit of this..........and TONS of this.........and my favourite, a little bit of this.....My only problem with this book, the female characters needed the men to save them, but hey, I'll forgive that, after all, it was written by a bunch of blokes w...
  • Nick
    This was a real all out action gore fest. It was fast paced, fun and original in many ways despite sticking to a number of classical vampire ideas. Told from a number of very different viewpoints, including a number of the vampires themselves this was interesting in that we got to see both very happy and very sad moments told in some very different ways and got to see how characters reacted to the odd and horrific situation.The vampire viewpoints...
  • Vannessa Anderson
    When I think of horror I think of movies I watched as a kid like The House on the Haunted Hill starring Julie Merriam and The Legend of Hell House starring Roddy McDowell, both movies made me afraid of entering big houses. Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Fredric March made me afraid of mad scientists. Dracula starring Bela Lugosi and The Mummy starring Boris Karloff made me afraid of being in the woods after dark. After reading Bram Stroker’s D...
  • Amber
    Mortimer Moorecook is a billionaire but he is dying of cancer. Willing to lengthen his life, he pays to get a vampire skull that was dug up from the ground in Transylvania known as the "Dracula Skull" and upon receiving it plunges the fanged skull into his neck. Upon arriving to the hospital, all hell breaks loose as he becomes one of the undead and attacks anyone breathing. Want to read more? Read this and find out for yourself.Wow, this was an ...
  • John
    Story - 4 stars Narration - 4 stars Crazy carnage with a plot
  • Anita
    I've read some pretty good vampire novels in my day, but nothing as astonishing and terrifying as this. Was Vlad the Impaler a good guy? It would seem so, as this story builds on the old Romanian myths and fables that inspired the original Dracula stories. And these creatures, or 'draculas' as the books characters call them, are scary. I mean, old school, hair on the back of you neck standing up scary. SCARY. And with the contagion spreading fast...
  • Scott Marlowe (Out of this World Reviews)
    Joe Konrath of A Newbie's Guide to Publishing fame posted an offer giving away free ARC's of an upcoming horror eBook he and three other authors wrote in exchange for a review here and on Amazon.com. I've gotten a lot of good info from Joe's blog, so I figured I'd do him a favor, read the ARC, and give him a favorable review. So much for good intentions…Draculas was written in record time (2 months?) as an experiment to see if an online only no...
  • Daniel
    Ok, get excited: this book promises a no-bullshit horror gorefest, and that is exactly what it provides. It's a fun, exciting and even disturbing read. I hear you: vampires is done but done to death these days, and a lot of that work is dull. Draculas never sinks to that kind of mediocrity, nor does it bore. The story picks up and runs from the get-go, and it doesn't let up for a moment. An exuberant, feral energy bounds through this story. Readi...
  • Arun Divakar
    There was a war movie in Hindi which lasts a good 3.5 hours. After the first fifteen minutes or so you see a soldier walking down a hillock and a shot is fired by the enemy and from then on until the end of the movie, the shots keep on coming. By the time I came out of the theatre, my ears were ringing with the noise. This experience has a lot of parallels with Draculas for after the first ten pages or so, a vampire kills someone in a hospital an...
  • Rebecca
    What happens when you take a disgustingly rich old man on death's doorstep with his hands on an artifact of the first vampire in creation? Would you know the answer if I told you that artifact was a skull with fangs intact? No? Really? Ok, I'll tell you! He bites himself with it! Glorious!Mr. Mortimer Moorecook is delivered posthaste to the hospital in an effort to cease his convulsions, because that's what you do when an old man wants to live fo...
  • Marvin
    Someone should send this book to Guillermo de Toro so he can learn how to write a vampire novel.OK. Snide comment aside, DRACULAS is a can't-put-down, edge-of-your-seat, stomach turning gorefest featuring vampires ransacking a hospital. These are not your normal vamps and none of them sparkle. In fact, they are more like zombies; totally out of control with their appetites and, while needing blood, have no trouble taking bites of flesh or ripping...
  • Mike
    I don't know if it was just that I was tired of Vampire books. Or that I was looking for a new spin or a fresh look. I enjoy reading each of these authors books in the past but this one didn't do anything for me. I see by the reviews that a lot of people really liked this book. I didn't like it as much as they did. I gave Draculas 3 1/2 stars.
  • Carla René
    Joe asked me last week to look over his new release, and when I agreed, I was given the full copy to peruse. He and I met years ago in an online writing group, and I designed Joe's first web-site. With the horror genre not being my particular favourite in which to write (although I have two published short-stories in the genre), I wasn't sure what to expect. But knowing Joe's writing, I also knew I wouldn't be disappointed. And I wasn't. The book...
  • Rhonda
    Draculas by Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul WilsonN/A, 2010ASIN: B0042AMD2MAvailable: E-Book OnlyLosing at his battle with cancer, Mortimer Moorecock decides to find his own “cure”. He purchases an old artifact, more specifically a skull with elongated teeth. Shortly after the skull’s arrival Moorecock uses the skull the “bite” himself. Immediately following he goes into convulsions which both his nurse and research...
  • Giovanni Gelati
    Draculas is not your ordinary tale of a bloodsucker. The Draculas in this novel are nasty and billed as the kind that will crawl into your head and give you nightmares. The novel is a collaboration of four different authors and it really works. One might expect for it to be a hodge podge of words and thoughts but the plotline is tight and the action, bloodletting and carnage is constant and moving. I am just starting to enjoy novels in this genre...