Exile (Garnethill, #2) by Denise Mina

Exile (Garnethill, #2)

Trying to escape her own troubled past and the memories of her lover's murder, Maureen O'Donnell finds refuge working as a counselor at a shelter for battered women. When the body of shelter resident Ann Harris washes up on the banks of the Thames River two weeks later, Maureen vows to discover what happened and to prove that Ann's husband is not to blame. Taking her search to London, Maureen soon encounters disturbing truths about Ann's hidden ...

Details Exile (Garnethill, #2)

TitleExile (Garnethill, #2)
Release DateFeb 19th, 2002
PublisherCarroll & Graf
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Exile (Garnethill, #2)

  • Vicki
    I really like these books, and the fact that they're so dialogue-heavy makes them quick reads. The one problem I have with them is going to sound petty, and to be honest it might just be something I have to get over if I'm going to like mystery novels. Here's the thing: I'm smart; I'm reading about the case from 3 or 4 different points of view; I'm trying to think several steps ahead and examining each character as a likely suspect. Maureen O'Don...
  • Melissa
    I don’t know quite how I feel about this. Maureen O’Donnell broke my heart on the very last page of Garnethill. The things she & Leslie said about Siobhan were so bizarrely out of character & nonsensically cruel, I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how much I loathed the end of that book, but I remember really loving everything else about it up until that point & I had a hankering for a Scottish mystery novel where everybody says “...
  • Siobhan
    Upon finishing Garnethill, I wasn’t overly crazy about continuing this trilogy. I was interested in seeing where things went, but it wasn’t an intense desire. In fact, if I had not brought the trilogy as a collection, I would not have been continuing. However, being a glutton for punishment, I dove into Exile with the hope of improvement – after all, so many people seem to enjoy Denise Mina as an author and I was hoping to find a spark to c...
  • Jen
    I love Denise Mina. She writes mysteries wrapped in squalor and drama and tied up with a little crazy bow. They're usually set in Scotland, which furthers my delight (I'm SUCH an Anglophile...). And if you like that sort of thing, Exile is even more bleak and psychological than the first book in this particular series.Maureen, our heroine, is recovering from the death of her psychologist/lover, the return of her child-rapist father to Glasgow, he...
  • AngryGreyCat
    Just finished Denise Mina’s , Exile, book 2 in the Garnethill Trilogy. I did enjoy book 1, Garnethill, however this book was much better! Maureen’s character is in a self-destructive post-traumatic stress downward spiral fueled mainly by alcohol. She is investigating a murder at the request of her friend Leslie, who is not much less of a mess. A woman has been brutally tortured and murdered with her body dumped. She was recently a resident at...
  • Mike Gabor
    Maureen is confronted with a grisly case of murder. Ann Harris is nursing two broken ribs and reeking of alcohol when she visits Maureen's office at a Glasgow women's shelter two weeks before she turns up dead hundreds of miles away, under a mattress on the banks of the Thames. Maureen, eager to escape family difficulties of her own, travels to London to determine the circumstances of Ann's brutal death. She soon finds herself treacherously out o...
  • Marianne Williams
    Exile is the second book in the Garnet Hill trilogy. This is not a stand alone book, you must read the first book Garnet Hill, where all of the characters and storylines are introduced. The book is set in Glasgow, Scotland and London, England in 1980.This books picks up a few months after the previous book. The main character Maureen O'Donnell is still dealing with the aftermath of the violent death of her boyfriend Douglas and friend Martin. As ...
  • Thomas Strömquist
    "This is her second book and there is no surprise that Denise Mina is a very well-liked author. Beautifully written, riveting story. Unrelenting, strong and ruthless, almost a "Seven"-like feeling at times."
  • Brian Andrews
    Quite an interesting book, especially after reading the interview with the author at the end. Mina's protagonist is a woman and, based on the interview, was written to show that women can be strong and endure. Mina even calls out some of the the more prolific authors in the "women as protagonist" genre . . . rightly pointing out that they're parodies of how a woman would actually behave.I nearly stopped reading, as Mina introduced what seemed to ...
  • Kristine Brancolini
    "She was going home to Glasgow and for the first time remembered that she had a life beyond her present troubles. She loved the colours of the city, she had a place and history there, she understood the obscure kindness of the people and the rationale behind the brutal weather."Book 2 in the Garnethill series, Exile is equally dark -- and maybe even more so -- as Garnethill. Set in the same working class neighborhoods of Glasgow, with problems of...
  • Rose Lemberg
    I rated this book as four stars at first, but having slept on it, I am reducing it to 3.The book was pacey and a quick read, and it tackled many important topics, but it was uneven and I found it hard to believe some of the important aspects of the narrative. However, the biggest issue for me, is a major spoiler. (view spoiler)[I had a huge difficulty with the fact that the murder is, in fact, unresolved in the end. We meet the murdered woman in ...
  • Vanessa
    This is the second in Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy. Mina does a good job of catching you up if it's been a while since you read the first one. If you haven't read the first one though, I'd definitely recommend starting there. This one picks up a few months after Garnethill. Maureen is sad and knows it's not just clinical depression this time. Her boyfriend Douglas' violent death is sinking in. His killer is sending her threatening letters fro...
  • Nancy Oakes
    Exile is the second installment of Denise Mina’s Garnethill trilogy, which begins with Garnethill and ends with Resolution (which I have not yet read). If you do not read Garnethill prior to this book, you will be a bit lost, both in terms of characters, and in terms of the main character’s (Maureen O’Donnell) background. And this is critical. As the action begins, Maureen, who works at a battered women’s shelter, is drawn into the disapp...
  • Spuddie
    #2 of the Garnethill trilogy featuring Maureen O'Donnell, a troubled young Glaswegian woman. Still struggling to overcome her past, filled with abuse, drugs and alcohol, Maureen is up in arms trying to deal with the fact that her abusive father is once again back in town. Looking for something to take her mind off her nightmares, she once again gets involved in a murder case when a woman who had been staying at the women's shelter where she works...
  • The North Wall
    Denise Mina continues her fine work for the Glaswegian tourist board with this follow-up to Garnethill. I didn't think it would be possible but Exile is perhaps even murkier, darker and more troubled than its predecessor, following reluctant heroine Maureen O'Donnell as she attempts to unravel the mystery behind a battered woman's death. The mystery really does take some unravelling and the book loses its way slightly in the central section, but ...
  • Ty
    This book is the 2nd that Denise Mina wrote and picks up shortly after the conclusion of her first book, Garnethill.Mina is a tremendous writer with an amazing ability to convey the gritty, cold scenery of Glasgow with small details. the words are a pleasure to read, but the subject matter is a bit tough...at least for a guy. these first two novels focus completely on abused women in a male dominated Scottish society, so there are very few appeal...
  • Michelle
    As her brother says towards the end of the book, it's near mathimatically impossible that one person would end up know 2 people murdered with a six-month period...but yet that wasn't an issue for me when reading this book. It was logical and compelling in its own way, not relying on the Garnet Hill starter of this trilogy. The storyline was believable and once more Mina captures the essence of the loaction and its people. I've always had a liking...
  • Nancy Stallings
    2nd book in a trilogy--have the final book on my shelf to read soon. I have enjoyed both the books, maybe this one before because the main characters are familiar. Everyone in these books is flawed, but you care about them. Glasgow plays an important role in the books and I love reading all the colloquialisms (usually with a Scottish accent, in my mind). If you don't mind your protagonists being flawed, these are a good read!
  • Kristen
    The middle book of Mina's Garnethill trilogy, Exile, has everything I'm looking for in a crime novel: it's suspenseful, fast-paced, unputdownable. Mina's skill with plot is matched by her ability to draw great characters and take a very real look at what it means to live in poverty. She has an eye for details that are mostly heartbreaking but occasionally uplifting. Her portraits of Glasgow and London capture both the beauty and desperation of th...
  • Ellie Ray
    Totally sweet gritty Scottish mystery. Gangsters and casual self-destruction abound. The characters are hilarious, tragic and believable. The relationship between the protagonist and her brother and best friend made me miss my sisters and best friend badly. Also made me want to go back to Scotland and revel in the dirty overpasses, terrible food and unsinkable character of that country. A bit slow in parts, but so well-written, funny and real.
  • Kim Kimselius
    Det här var ingen bok för mig. Jag gav ljudboken 1,5 timma, men när jag fortfarande inte hade fått grepp om handlingen och vem som var vem, då gav jag upp. Trots att det är en omtalad bok. Tur att vi tycker olika.
  • Robert
    Enjoyed second of 3. Again very dark. Think last one will answer lots questions
  • Lynn
    If I'd known about the violence and despair of this book before I read it, I would've put it back on the shelf, but the character, writing, setting, and plot drew me in. The antithesis of Alexander McCall-smith's gentle Edinburgh, this story features the nasty side of Glasgow, where characters live on the edge and continually make bad choices in lives of little hope. But much alcohol. This book is the second in a trilogy about a woman who keeps g...
  • Kate Page
    This is the first Denise Mina I've read, and I didn't realise it was the second in the series. I'm not sure how much difference that made.I had mixed feelings about this book. I really liked the opening chapters, which dealt mainly with the relationship between Maureen and Leslie. Not a lot happens, but their relationship was really well drawn, and they started to come to life for me as characters. But then it seemed to change track and become mu...
  • L
    What a dark and wonderful tale this is! Of course there is a murder. You know that going in. This one takes key characters, "good guys" and "bad," back and forth between Glasgow and London. The two main characters who investigate the murder, Maureen and Leslie, with no forensic tools or high-tech anything, are not detectives of any sort. That said, this is no cozy! The book is peopled with drug dealers, drug users, social workers, people on the d...
  • Malcolm Frawley
    Mina is the 2nd new (to me) Scottish crime writer I have dabbled in this year. Stuart MacBride is the other. Both writers immerse their stories in their locations; in Mina's case, Glasgow, & Aberdeen for MacBride. Both books are set in winter & neither would light up any smiles at the Scottish Tourism Board. Mina's Glasgow is bleak almost to the point of despair, & MacBride's Aberdeen is even bleaker. This book is rich with language, including th...
  • Rachel
    From Amazon -"Maureen O'Donnell is working in the Glasgow Women's Shelter when she encounters Anne Harris, suffering from two broken ribs and fighting the effects of a crippling descent into alcoholism. A fortnight later, Anne's body turns up in the river, grotesquely mutilated and embedded in a mattress. Is Anne's husband the murderer, as he so clearly seems to be? Maureen and her friend Leslie try to penetrate the indifference surrounding Anne'...
  • Kevin McMahon
    The second in the series featuring Maureen O'Donnell and her cast of Weegie misfits. The book moves along at a great pace as the hard drinking Maureen boldly goes where no sensible person would. Maureen investigates the death of Ann an alcoholic mother who has disappeared from a Domestic Abuse Shelter leaving her husband and 4 kids who live in abject squalor and poverty.The investigation takes Maureen to London where the author does a great job o...
  • Julie
    Because I am of fan of Adrian McKinty this book/author was recommended to my by a lovely bookseller at "The Poisened Pen" in Scottsdale, Az. (It is a fantastic small business that specializes in mysteries) A dark telling of the seedy drug business and the creepy characters that sell and use. Maureen (who has many problems of her own) involves herself in discovering who killed Ann, a woman who came to the women's shelter , by whom Maureen is emplo...