Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2) by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2)

The irresistible heroine of Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Ties the Knot is back! And this time Becky Bloomwood and her credit cards are headed across the Atlantic.... With her shopping excesses (somewhat) in check and her career as a TV financial guru thriving, Becky's biggest problem seems to be tearing her entrepreneur boyfriend, Luke, away from work for a romantic country weekend. And worse, figuring out how to pack light. But pac...

Details Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2)

TitleShopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2)
Release DateDec 27th, 2004
PublisherDell Publishing Company
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2)

  • Lola
    I love shopping vicariously through Becky!
  • Angelc
    Love her or hate her, Rebecca Bloomwood is possibly one of the most memorable characters in current fiction. She's so over the top and fabulous even though the poor thing really does have an addiction as bad as any other addiction-she's a shopaholic. I read the first Shopaholic book and absolutely loved how fun and fanciful the whole idea was, and Becky's romance with Luke was unexpected and sweet. However, reading the sequel, I often felt like I...
  • Zoë
    4.5/5Book 10/100 for 2015!I loved this book! Rebecca really grew as a character and I am in LOVE with her and Luke. I really enjoyed the change in location from London to NYC as well! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!
  • Lanette
    I tried, I really did... but I couldn't get past the first chapter... and knowing that there are, what, 3? 4? more books in the series after this... I just couldn't make myself finish it. It's probably because I get very irritated by people who are stupid when it comes to managing their money and being irresponsible... so the fact that this dim-wit is now giving others financial advice left a bad taste in my mouth... and the fact that she had dug...
  • PhobicPrerogative
    Off the bat, I'm yet to warm up to Rebecca Bloomwood. I didn't connect with her in Shopaholic, or in Shopaholic & Sister (I read it before Manhattan). You would think that with the second book, Rebecca has at least grown some or gained depth. Instead, she's the same Becky we met in Shopaholic: a pathological liar, a trait that makes her look insecure rather than someone to be pitied She's still dumb, daft, dense, shallow, whiny and a hypocrite wh...
  • Jennifer
    It’s like leading an alcoholic to all the best hidden bars. Oh, Becky. I liked this one even more than the first. A funny, engaging series with a heroine who has zero self-control when it comes to spending money she doesn’t have. Cringe-worthy at times but written with entertainment in mind and well-meaning underlying themes.
  • Annet
    Well... I am also a bit of a shopaholic and when I go on a trip, I also have big trouble selecting clothes and always end up hauling a too big and heavy suitcase to the airport.... So yeah, this topic is familiar to me. Walking into a shoeshop and having to resist taking more than one set of shoes with me out of the shop... And also, I love New York! This all made this book entertaining for me, but I have to say, on the other hand, it doesn't get...
  • Vicki
    Following Becky Bloomwood's life with her little issue of overextending herself with credit cards and her need for the designer offerings. I first saw the movie and it set a pretty high bar. when I read book 1 I didn't find the movie in that book, but it was definitely lurking inside this one. I was happy to find the familiar workings of Becky's mind in full glory in this book. I liked the book enough to move on to book 3.
  • Obsidian
    I am glad that I re-read this book, but feel disappointed overall with how the earlier books in the Shopaholic series no longer stand up. I think it's because I have already read these books and the latest, that I just feel nothing but flat out annoyance towards Rebecca (Becky) and her hare-brained schemes to not pay her bills, to cover up when she's in over her head, and somehow through sheer luck to get out of trouble. And then somehow is in th...
  • Janna
    I know I know - I hated the first one, why read the second? I actually really TRIED to like these since my friend just LOVED them and raved about them and continuously wanted to discuss them. *sigh* I wouldn't have finished if I didn't have this obsessive tendency to HAVE to finish a book I start. Our favorite whiny, self-destructive, vacuous character on a rampage in Manhatten - despite finding the "job of her dreams" she manages to be miserable...
  • Jessica
    3.5 stars
  • Tammy
    I am (slowly) working my way through this series and re-reading it before the movie premiers. I laughed my way through the books the first time and really got a kick out of it. And I am laughing again the second time 'round too; however, I am starting to realize that Becky is - to put it quite frankly - DUMB! Who does the things that she does? And then gets by with it? Pure dumb luck is the only thing that pulls her out of the strange and contrad...
  • Erin
    I really really needed to reread the Shopaholic series right now. I need something light and fun as I stay home fighting the Flu. The only things keeping me going are Thera-Flu, The X-Files and Becky Bloomwood. Last night I decided to read some of the 1 & 2 star rating for this series and it made me laugh. Apparently those readers seem to think that this series is just fluff and Becky is a terrible role model who makes terrible decisions. No SHIT...
  • Myrna
    Enjoyed this one more than Confessions of a Shopaholic. Look forward to reading more of her antics. 3.5 stars!
  • Hannah
    Becky Bloomwood the addicted to shopping girl is back for instalment two. Starting from the beginning again are the hilarious bank manager letters (the replacement bank manger is so different but still so fun to read about). ''Only buy what you need'' This was bound to last possibly for five minutes.Her and Luke in this book are a little hot and cold, he's off not telling her about New York but it's brilliant when he turns up at the awful wedding...
  • Alaina
    “I'll show Luke I can fit into the city. I'll show him I can be a true New Yorker. I'll go the gym, and then I'll eat a bagel, and I'll ... shoot someone, maybe? Or maybe just the gym will be enough.”Okay, so for some reason when I first read this book back in 2015 I rated it 2 stars??!! I have no idea what lemonade I was sipping back then because I was obviously drunk on something. This book deserved way better than my wack-ass 2 sta “I'...
  • Deborah Ideiosepius
    After multiple attempts ending in did-not-finish, I finally made it to page 20 before firmly putting it on the 'for donation' box.It is just a wiring style that maybe I have outgrown. The writing style is light, fluffy and entertaining it is obviously not meant to be taken seriously, it is meant to be a fun, lighthearted, girlie read for a bit of a laugh. Probably it's target audience is young women who do shop to excess...a little bit. While loo...
  • Laurence R.
    4.5/5Once again, Sophie Kinsella does it: she creates a funny, romantic and original novel.I loved the first book in this series. Its idea is so original, so well-thought and so addicting that I know that, no matter how long it takes me, I'm going to read this series to its end, because it's really amazing. The continuation of the story in this book is just great. Becky is more aware of her tendencies, even though that doesn't mean she doesn't ma...
  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Rebecca's life seems to be in order now, what with the thriving TV show she's part of and her finally getting rid of all those debts. And then her boyfriend announces he's going to open his business in the USA. What else does a woman in love to do? Follow her boyfriend, of course!And soon, Becky Bloomwood strikes again! This time, her crazy antics reached Manhattan, and Carrie Bradshaw was right to steer clear of her while she's in town. Becky ac...
  • Nusrat Mahmood
    hahahahaha!!!!! I mean her life is fabulous and terrific and pathetic at the same time. I love this book, I totally love this book. because like Becky, I myself put my leg on an axe so many times, screwed my life so many phases of my life still I survive the situation by continuous witty lies (don't judge me okay? I have also a good heart like her) and then one day wins everybody's heart and my luck with my truth and hard work. It's a fun read, a...
  • Abby
    Becky's carelessness seriously gives me anxiety. As someone who's always been stingy with my money, I can't imagine spending so carelessly. That being said, I do have a closet stuffed full of clothes and Becky's eventual purge inspired me to do the same just this morning. Yay me! And I know that Becky surely won't actually learn a lesson and go through the same thing again next book.
  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    At A GlanceGenre: Chick litLove Triangle/Insta Love?: nope.Cliff Hanger: nope.Rating: 4.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover: 7 Plot: 8Characters: 8World Building: 7Flow: 8Series Congruity: 8Writing: 8Ending: 8Total: 8In DeptBest Part: New York!Worst Part: Again, too clean an ending.Thoughts Had: yay new york!; that witch!ConclusionContinuing the Series: yah!Recommending: yahShort Review: I think that the fact that i read two of Sophie's book...
  • Tania
    This was a terrific, funny book. Book two of the Shopaholic series sees Becky and her boyfriend Luke moving to New York so he can set up a new office there. As expected, Becky's shopping gets out of hand again, creating disaster. It's not a complicated book at all. But that's not a bad thing -- this is a terrific book to curl up in bed with, or to take to the beach with you. I found myself laughing out loud a great deal more than I did with the f...
  • Barb
    Shopaholic takes Manhattan was a fun book to read. i listened to it while i followed in the book. i was constantly laughing or giggling. i highly recommended it. One of those books you can totally picture yourself in the middle of what was happening!
  • Love Fool
    How could you not be excited for Becky Bloomwood and her traveling to New York City with her hot new man. New love is so much fun and I love reading about the ins and outs of it. Plus, the best shopaholic is in NYC, one of the best cities for fashion lovers. If you loved part 1 like I did you will not be disappointed by part 2.
  • Luisa
    At first I was quite worried that I wouldn't enjoy the book as much as the movie because at times I was a little bit annoyed by Rebecca. How she never thought about the consequences of her actions and was naive, which was a bit repetitive in the first half, but I've grown to like her a lot after the ending.I think it was a very nice evolution from Rebecca being very carefree and not realizing what trouble she is in, to her taking responsibility a...
  • Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺
    I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella, with the exception of the Shopaholic series. She makes me laugh and I've recently discovered that audio is a perfect way to enjoy her books. I'm using this newfound knowledge to see if I can find some appreciation for the Shopaholic series after all, but so far, no. I first read Confessions of a Shopaholic when I was in university and excess spending wasn't a luxury I could afford. I thought perhaps that was why...
  • Kelsey
    Becky is so awesome and so awkward at the same time. I would drown in shame if things like this would happen to me. And I would have punched some people. Like, a lot of them. Love the series so far!
  • Ellen
    I enjoyed this a lot I thought it was a lot of fun. Her shopping addiction felt more repetitive but the plot was interesting and different enough to keep me engaged
  • Hippo dari Hongkong
    First of all... I'M NOT A CHICKLIT READER! get that?OK. *Most* Women love to shop.I get that.Why women love to shop and tend to buy something they don't actually need (useless?)I don't get that. Well, it's a "girl stuff" I guess and I don't wanna know :DYou see, dear, it is not true that woman was made from man's rib; she was really made from his funny bone. ~James Matthew Barrie~That's how I felt about Becky's character, in another word; I like ...