Feed Your Face by Jessica Wu

Feed Your Face

Tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive wrinkle creams, drying lotions, and zit-zappers that just don’t work? Well listen up, ladies. To really get gorgeous, you’ve got to change the way you feed your face. Cosmetics companies, women’s magazines—heck, even most doctors—will swear that food doesn’t affect the skin. But celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu knows that’s just not true. After years spent battling her own pi...

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TitleFeed Your Face
Release DateFeb 1st, 2011
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food

Reviews Feed Your Face

  • Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!}
    I have mixed feelings about this book. I found the nutritional advice really helpful, but I am not that comfortable with the recommendations for botox, etc. The author does administer botox for herself and others, so I kept that in mind. I do believer that everyone has a right to do with what they want with their body, within reason, but it just made me feel uncomfortable. I don't know why. lol
  • Arminzerella
    Jessica Wu is a dermatologist practicing in LA, so she gets to see a lot of famous clients, who experience the same kinds of skin woes as everyone else (some of their stories are included here). Although there aren’t a lot of clinical studies or trials (i.e. research) to support Dr. Wu’s findings, she has found in her own practice that diet can really affect the appearance and health of the skin. In Feed Your Face she shares these nutrition b...
  • Tiffany
    As many other reviewers have said, the food advice is nothing new. However, the information relating the healthy diet to skin,hair and nail care was new to me and actually made me want to fall into a better lifestyle trend. There is certainly a lot of information to sort through and you may be tempted to skip to the diet itself (purposely at the end), but the knowledge is super interesting once you get over the repetitive nature of Wu's arguments...
  • Grace P.
    This doctor is very honest and you can tell she has integrity and is careful and knowledgeable in her practice. This book was a combination of nutrition and beauty advice.
  • Claire Boughen
    Enjoyable read which made me think about how I eat affects my skin. The diet itself looks quite strict but I am thinking more about my diet
  • Brook Sibrian
    Amazing!Loved the meal suggestions, science and humor!! Esp loved the celebrity case studies\ examplesBook worth keeping on your shelf.
  • Ulrich
    Good for beginners.I love the very simple meal by meal full month of suggestions that helpfully repeat ingredients often thus saving time and money in the grocery store. She doesn't have you buy something, use a tiny portion and then not use it again before it gets gross.The diet itself is nothing groundbreaking and it seems like she hadn't yet heard of the dangers of over-doing the antioxidant thing. Human bodies actually need a certain amount o...
  • Jennifer
    It has been a few years since I read this book. Yet I remember that it was the first book that I read which introduced the idea of what you eat showing in your skin and reflected in your health.
  • Elizabeth
    It was great getting a dermatologist's viewpoint of what to eat and what to avoid when it comes to health food. This book had a lot of great information, all written in laymen's terms, on how our skin functions and how wrinkles/acne/rashes occur. The diet itself is pretty simple and is probably most closely aligned with a paleo-esque diet. You certainly would loose weight if you followed her diet precisely. However, keeping up the strict regimen ...
  • Kerry
    Very easy to read and well done. It gives very specific tips on how to use foods to heal various skin ailments and why. She intersperses narratives of regular and famous clients experiences and food logs, providing critiques and praise accordingly. I knocked off a star because she advocates for some products and procedures that are really unhealthy such as Vaseline (hello, petroleum?) and injectables, etc. towards the end. She does provide some m...
  • Sandi
    I found this book very interesting and full of smart, down-to-earth ideas and advice. It seems like common sense that what you eat directly affects your skin. I eat a relatively healthy diet but was surprised to find out that even healthy foods, including some fruits and veggies, may have a negative effect on my skin. As an added bonus, she is a dermatologist to the stars and this book includes the food diary of some minor celebs. Nikki Sixx, of ...
  • Gina
    As Jessica Wu is a dermatologist, I was hoping for more definitive product suggestions for dark spots, etc. Basically, Wu's "diet" is to eat a well-balance diet focusing on real foods -- vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein. Like every doctor, she's keen on avoiding processed food, refined sugar, and simple carbohydrates. There's nothing new here, but it was interesting to learn that eating certain foods can provide a small measure of pr...
  • Janet
    Dr. Wu believes that what we eat has a big impact on our skin quality. She argues that our skin's biggest enemy is not greasy, fatty foods but rather sugar. She gives advice on various skin conditions and suggests which foods to eliminate. For example, dairy products can make acne worse and gluten can trigger eczema. I was surprised to learn that tomatoes--one of my favorite foods--can protect against UV damage. Dr. Wu provides a 28-day food plan...
  • Christina
    Feed Your Face is true as I eat right and I don't have wrinkles. I turn 50 in 2015 and I look like I'm in my thirties. An Asian women commented that I must have clear skin because I drink water and eat right. Feed Your Face is a good introduction to this food/face connection. It's interesting that I cut out most dairy two years before I read this book. Anecdotal evidence or a clear connection: you decide.
  • Kimberly
    I read this book with the intention of gaining insight for my daughter's acne. Dr. Wu really delivers an easy to read book with lots of examples and practical tips to help your skin look better by eating the right foods. She also talks about treatments for wrinkles, acne and other skin problems. It was very balanced and informative. Some of the information I knew, but there was many things that were very new to me. It was worth the read.
  • Laura
    This book was very readable, helpful and even humorous at times. Some very good tips. Put tomato paste (or some form of smashed tomatoes) into everything, it works like an internal sunblock and almonds do something to prevent gray hair. I'd like to own a copy so I could refer to it. As you can see my memory of the exact details is a bit hazy.
  • Jane
    Although the title over promises, this is an excellent book containing much useful information. "Younger" skin takes longer than 28 days whether you are using topicals or food, especially if you are older with slower skin turnover. However, unlike many books by dermatolgists, Dr. Wu spends only one chapter on fillers, lasers, and such procedures.
  • Adrienne
    Feed Your FaceBy: Jessica WuRating:⭐⭐⭐⭐Date Finished: 8/13/14This is a great book to read because it talks about the correct way to get beautiful skin. It has a ton of great tips and tricks, like what foods to eat to reduce the risk of sunburn, foods for acne prone skin, etc. It also explains how what we eat affects our skin. Feed Your FaceBy: Jessica WuRating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Date Finished: 8/13/14This is a great book to read be...
  • Tsl5032
    I enjoyed this book. Although, it makes logical sense how food is related to skin care. Jessica Wu gives good tips on which foods are best for your skin and these foods are also affordable which makes them awesome. I like how she was not trying to promote or sell a product. I have not tried the three week food diet challenge, but I will eventually. I really enjoyed reading this book.
  • She-Rah
    great book. I read some reviews that said they didn't like the book because nothing was based on evidence. Personally I felt a lot of what she talks about is common sense that we just tend to forget. I recommend reading the book, trying out what she has to say and decide for yourself if what she says has any validity. I think you'll be surprised!
  • Roseanne
    This is a lot of information, and can be rather overwhelming. I will need to read over the relevant parts again. So far the biggest change I will make is adding more cooked tomatoes to my diet, which I'm happy to do.
  • Nichole
    There was more to this book than I thought there would be--very specific things to eat/not eat for different skin concerns. I was ready to start the diet...then I went on vacation. I might need to read it again to get the motivation back.
  • Jasmine Pulley
    I know it sounds like a hokey title, like this book would be about some diet fad, but it's actually the most informative book on nutrition I've ever read. I learned so much about what foods provide which vitamins and why I should be eating them. Everything was presented in an easy to absorb manner.
  • Cassie
    An okay read. Not a lot of new information regarding eating healthy for your skin. Just more natural foods like green veggies, fruits, lean meat, etc. She pushed for no dairy & more soy but soy products are a little controversial as well. But she's just one resource.
  • Yara Zeitoun
    Generally I'm a really health eater - definitely healthier than many examples in the book - but this book is good to help me know what foods are good for what -- not just skincare, but also nails, hair, etc. A quick, easy, and light read to help you understand how food and the body can work well.
  • Allison
    Just skimmed it. I just didn't care that much - thought I would, but decided not to waste my time. A lot of it was stuff I knew, and a lot of it was stuff I won't remember once I read it. So looks like I won't have the younger, smoother skin or that beautiful body in 28 days. :(
  • Holly
    Lots of information and easy to read. She seems like someone you would like to meet or have as your doctor.
  • taru
    interesting information but the writing style is little bit confusing and boring
  • Shellyc
    For a book in this genre, it was surprisingly a very easy read. There was no boring medical talk and she explained everything with details and examples.
  • Audrey
    Slightly contradictory advice, but has some good tips nonetheless.