Reality-Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman

Reality-Based Leadership

Leadership strategies grounded in reality and focused on resultsRecent polls show that 71% of workers think about quitting their jobs every day. That number would be shocking-if people actually were quitting. Worse, they go to work, punching time clocks and collecting pay checks, while completely checked out emotionally. In Reality-Based Leadership, expert Fast Company blogger Cy Wakeman reveals how to be the kind of leader who changes the way pe...

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TitleReality-Based Leadership
Release DateAug 13th, 2010
GenreBusiness, Leadership, Nonfiction, Self Help

Reviews Reality-Based Leadership

  • Beth Hatch
    We talk more about people than we do to people. We ourselves judge and the minute we start judging we're not leading, we're not serving, and we're not even learning. We can't expect people to add value when we don't. We spend too much time on our worst performers and don't reward our best performers. Instead of attempting to fix their world, help them understand their world differently so that they themselves can be their own solution - Cy Wakema...
  • Marcia Call
    I borrowed this book from a colleague last year and finally picked up this year to read it. I just hadn't been in the mood for a business book, however, having cracked the cover I found it to be an enjoyable and practical book. There are some exercises but not too many so you can read it straight through without being distracted by what you should be doing with the content. I liked it so much I even highlighted certain paragraphs and wrote others...
  • Rebecca
    Short, useful, sometimes flawed. I'm of two minds about this book. On the one hand, I nodded along to about 75% of it. It is a very concise, useful treatment of practical ways to deal with real-life issues at work. Most useful, I find, are the ideas of not fighting reality (by wasting time on complaining or internal stories), ditching the idea of being "right", trusting others as a default and dealing with the fallout only if needed, and a good d...
  • Tama
    Anybody who know me shouldn't laugh about this! I was introduced to Cy Wakeman by a college friend who is also a program director. I am not sure what was more important in this book, the reality based leadership style she promotes, or the authority/responsibility that she installs to cut the drama. I have read and/or listened to arts of this book before. I recently listened to it again, in the car this time. It is a book that you can retread over...
  • Lea
    By no means a work of literature, ground-breaking philosophy nor critical read of history or current events-- but a clear and valuable read on effective and responsible leadership and management. Hits uncomfortably close to home for me and, I suspect, for many. Let's hope I've thoroughly digested what I've read...
  • Amy
    This book was recommended by my boss who lent me her copy. I liked how the author distinguished between managing and leading. It was a quick read and overall okay. Some parts were less interesting. I probably wouldn't have read this without my boss's urging.
  • Cathy Konopa
    There's something about this business, self-help genre that always makes me a little skeptical. The biggest reason is the obligatory introductory chapter that ends up being more infomercial and self-promotion than helpful. This is no exception. Wakeman ends her first chapter with, "I've helped more than 150,000 people on their way to becoming Reality-Based Leaders. Read on if you want to join our revolution."Not only that, but so many of these bo...
  • Jennifer
    I can’t help but say I don’t normally care for business books. But this one is different. I found it life-changing. I love the compassionate, but reality-based approach, and the focus on less drama, more results. It’s a straightforward philosophy, and I think I only would have liked to see more practical examples. I’ll be working on this approach with my teams and can’t wait to read No Ego!
  • Sam
    Excellent, practical & quick read. Cy gives food for thought & tips that apply to all industries. As an HRBP who is passionate about leadership training, I am already excited to encourage our leaders to challenge themselves & use some of the ideas she shared. Definitely worth the read if you’re wondering, “WTH is going on, & how do I fix it?” at work, regardless of role.
  • Cutch
    Heard Cy Wakeman speak. Bought her book the same day. Have read a few times. Probably quote her a couple times a month. One gem: “Yes, I play favorites. Would you like to be one?” Absolutely agree with her assertion that an open door policy creates a “portal of drama” in that people come in to blame others; never to point out their mistakes and to ask for help and support.
  • Marsha
    This book had some thought provoking nuggets and a few pearls of wisdom but was only an okay read. I found myself easily distracted and had to go back and reread to get back into the topic. I loved the “Cy’s bottom line” comments as they encapsulated the essence of the message from that section.
  • Maryrose
    This book is brilliant. just drop everything and read it, apply the principles and watch things fall into place.
  • Judy
    excellent thoughts and challenges to the status quo
  • Amanda
    Different approach to being an employee and managing them.
  • Darin Smith
    It made me think about the way I interact with my peers and team members. I need to change the thought process and ditch the drama.
  • Sherman Morris
    This book forced me to take a hard look at myself and reevaluate my approach to leading. Its a must read!
  • Sunshine
    I really liked this book, one of the better books on business I have read.
  • Lori
    Great book with a lot of real world advice. I highly recommend.
  • Liesl Towner
    Practical tips to use in the workplace...and everywhere. I love the distinction between the story we tell ourselves, and the simple reality of the situation.
  • Karen Blanchette
    This was our reading assignment for a program at work, so it's obligatory nature probably doesn't do much to help for the rating. Overall, I thought the author points out some nice ways, you know, to be a decent human being. She had some take-aways, but overall, I felt she was way too optimistic in her "benevolent universe" and why people do the things they do. I guess I just feel like 90% of people who go to work are doing it primarily because o...
  • Mimi Bear
    This book is going to take the world by storm. It contains a message and purpose for everyone, not just business leaders, that says we need to be accountable. Every page is marked up and highlighted. I read it with eager excitement at understanding what was happening in work and home, but also with the tools to change it--forever--and then help others to see it too.This should be required reading for EVERY MANAGER on earth! Oh what a world it wou...
  • Renee Blanchard
    My collaborative is particularly challenging at the moment. The surge of business reading has beat out my summer reading list this month.This is actually a really good book. It's really helpful to remember that there are tricks to help when colleagues act like douchebags. Easy read, finished on two plane rides.
  • April Sims vanputten
    I would love to give 4.5 stars! I've read my share of leadership books and this one nailed it! An easy read, really does a great job of identifying where real change can happen and teaches you to look inside yourself first. Really applies to everyone, not just leaders. Can't wait to implement some of her theories into my daily interactions with people.
  • Susan Dooley
    Love the phrase Ditch the Drama so much I've adopted it as my new mantra for working Mondays. The book doesn't contain a lot of new content rather it's a well organized approach to revitalizing concepts that were introduced as early as Carnegie. Accountability and ownership are key. Cy does offer simple ways to motivate and take action. Worth the read.
  • Karen
    This was great! So many great ideas on how to ditch the drama that I can totally use, not like some other leadership type books that were hard to apply. Check out her website - great resources.
  • Nilesh Patil
    Good read if you believe in leading and not following process pretty muchGood read if you believe in leading and not following process pretty much. This book focuses on other side of leading.
  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Very practical and aligned with my thinking. Highly recommend this for people ready to ditch the drama! You also qualify for SHRM and HRCI credits if you take a quiz after.
  • Hess
    Utterly brilliant. Don't leave home without it.