The Miracle of St. Anthony by Adrian Wojnarowski

The Miracle of St. Anthony


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TitleThe Miracle of St. Anthony
Release DateJan 19th, 2006
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Nonfiction, Basketball

Reviews The Miracle of St. Anthony

  • Michelle
    I can’t remember ever finishing a book and immediately going online to donate money. I donated to a Catholic school no less when the most generous religious description of me would put me on the outskirts of agnostic. Not to mention, the son of this book’s subject is a basketball player I’ve always despised. I have changed my opinion.Bob Hurley is the longtime basketball coach of a down-and-out Catholic school in sketchy Jersey City, New Je...
  • Tom
    I'm convinced that there has got to be another way to reach troubled inner-city teenagers than Coach Bob Hurley's preferred method of profanity-laced verbal dressing downs. His style is likely not what I would employ if thrust into a small basketball program in decaying Jersey City. That being said, there is clearly a method to his madness. This book crescendos from a simply angry Hurley in the opening chapters for whom I felt no real affection, ...
  • Aaron Maurer
    I have owned this book for quite some time now and finally decided to give it a read. I am so glad I took the time to read. It was a perfect read for me as I coached through my first year of coaching girls basketball.I loved reading the struggles and ups and downs of this team as they worked their way to a perfect season. At the end of the day, this book reminded me that no matter where you coach or where you are from at the end of the day kids a...
  • Jeremy
    As inspirational of a sports story as you will ever read! Wojnarowski follows around the St. Anthony basketball team as they try to find themselves, understand a coach who won't ever let them settle for anything but the best and live in a world that gives them nothing.Coach Bob Hurley understands what it's like living in Jersey City, as he grew up there himself. But he also understands that these kids need to get out of Jersey City. For them, bas...
  • Hung Tran
    This is not just a book about basketball, it's a book about Jersey City and the life that entails. It's a book about poverty, class, values, and the ability/inability obtain the American Dream. Through Bob Hurley's tenacity, we can all learn and be motivated in our daily lives, beyond basketball. Upon finishing this book, I was truly sad to find out that St. Anthony had already played their last game as the school finally closed its doors this pa...
  • Daniel Bondi
    This book was a biography of Bob Hurley, but it was the best biography I ever read! It takes us into the inner city New Jersey where we learn to love a basketball team that I honestly never thought would win. Not only was this book a real page-flipper, but it also taught me some key values of life in an uplifting way. After every mistake a character in the book makes, they always find a way to get back up. At some points in the book I laughed, ot...
  • Erin Miller
    Until the last chapter, this was a 3 star book - it never really captivated me, but held my attention long enough to finish it. But the resolution I expected in the final chapter never came. 300+ pages of waiting to hear if these kids fixed their lives and the answer is TBD? Maybe the author should have waited a few years to publish so that there were answers.
  • Suzanne Hamilton
    I loved this book, partly because I know the setting, but also because it tells a truly miraculous story. Back in the 1980s we lived in Jersey City, just a few blocks from this struggling parochial school where Bob Hurley was already working his magic. I'm no basketball fanatic, but I was hooked on this saga.
  • Duffy
    Simply put, the best sports book I have ever read. Unprecedented access for Wojnarowski, and Bob Hurley, Sr. is as compelling a central figure as any author could hope to have. A must for any true sports fan, not just basketball.
  • Beth A
    Great story about Coach Bob Hurley's successes at a small Catholic School with no money and players from disadvantaged areas of NJ. A bit long.
  • Kate
    Hurley's story - and by extention, that of St. Anthony's - is amazing and inspirational but I found the book sort of long-winded and too repetative to really enjoy.
  • Patrick Laney
    As good a book about basketball as has ever been written and one that goes well beyond the court. Bob Hurley is a legend in high school basketball but his real legacy is the value he has placed on staying in one place to transform lives for 50 years. "Miracle" is not really a miracle but the telling of old values that still matter in a world that has changed and keeps changing. What does not change is Bob Hurley teaching hardened kids to play man...
  • Will Johnson
    One of the biggest debates is whether sports is truly just a game or not. There are those confusing NBA commercials where they say ‘basketball is just a game. But sometimes it isn’t.’ Pro athletes, who clearly represent the majority of basketball players in people’s households (due to the exposure, etc), seem to embody this debate mainly because of their large contracts and the seemingly simple nature of their jobs (shoot a ball into a ne...
  • Mark
    Good, not great. He clearly got great access and that shines through. However, a theme throughout is how these seniors commonly scraped by on and off the court. What motivated these guys? What factors kept them on the edge of destruction? A lost opportunity there.
  • Josh
    Before he dropped Woj bombs, he told this very different, very entertaining story.
  • J.
    hes mean
  • Mike Jungblut
    Special book written by Woj, and one I’ll read again.Hurley is an inspiration to all coaches about what the job should be about. A+
  • Craig Thomas
    One of my favorite books I've ever read. It's a must-read for any coach on any level or anyone who has anything to do with sports. Digs deep into the New Jersey basketball lore in and around Jersey City, Newark and other surrounding areas. Kind of what Moneyball did to baseball this book does to high school basketball.
  • Sean
    “The Friday Night Lights of hoops.” Is what the Miracle of St. Anthony has been called. The book goes to the town of Jersey City and takes you into a season with the legendary high-school basketball coach and his 2003-2004 team. It was a season in turmoil, disappointment, and triumph. Bob Hurley, a coach with an endless understanding of basketball shows the urban teenagers from the rough streets of New Jersey to a hard-court where anything is...
  • Hezekiah
    Living in poverty is a constant stress on one's psyche and mentality. It can breed into you a defeated nature and hopelessness. Without the help of someone or the community, the youth can fall into precarious situations and repeat the past. In Jersey City, a man by the name of Robert Hurley (known as Bob Hurley) uses basketball to not only win games but to also prepare his students for life. He challenges them to difficult tasks and grueling prac...
  • Glenn Rome
    Growing up in Hudson County I was familiar with the people, places and things mention in The Miracle of St. Anthony. Before reading I had respect for Coach Bob Hurley, but after reading this book, Coach Hurley should be up for Sainthood. A probation officer by day, Coach Hurley has been the head coach at St. Anthony's for at least 4 decades. He not only is a winning coach, but he also is a recruiter, fund raiser, etc. His players have gone to Div...
  • Kevin Florio
    A tiny brick schoolhouse run by two Felician nuns where a singular basketball genius takes teenagers from the mean streets of Jersey City and turns them into champions on the hardcourt. Coach Bob Hurley had been working miracles at St. Anthony High School for over thirty years, winning state and national championships and offering his players rescue from their surroundings through college scholarships, when he met his most dysfunctional team yet....
  • Adrian
    As a coach in California, I can say that this read about a grizzled old vet kept me riveted. This man is a true Godsend for this school and community. Him being a hardass is exactly what this community needs. Anyone who can walk right up a gang and threaten them to leave one of his players alone, is doing a great job. The players that suit up for him, have nothing else but the streets to turn to if he isn't allowing them to play ball. Sure he get...
  • Karen & Gerard
    Inner city basketball team coached by Bob Hurley —best high school coach in small, broken down parochial school. Kids all had problems and he taught character and perseverance as well as basketball. Coaching tips:*Always keep the bar high and require respect.*Never let anyone slide—keep on them all the time.*Coach all the players, not just the best.*Make kids earn your respect and ignore them until they do.*Give everyone a role—even those o...
  • Brandon Blitz
    My favorite book of all time. It follows legendary high school basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr. and his St. Anthony's team through the 2003-2004 season. Hurley, also a probation officer, is as tough on his kids as possible because that's the only way they'll survive. Coming from the worst parts of New Jersey, these kids thrive under Coach Hurley and learn how to be successful. Most end up going on to play college basketball. St. Anthony is a natio...
  • Kevin
    From the start of the 2003 St. Anthony's Friars season to the it's conclusion, Adrian Wojnarowski takes the reader on a journey of disappointment, redemption, and inspiration led by one man, who refused to give up on his players. Coach Bob Hurley treated his players as much more than that, now regarded as one of the best coaches to ever do the job, Wojnarowski tells the tale of one coach who went beyond his duty to make sure the students of St. A...
  • Erich Haux
    I found coach Hurley's tale of rough inner city coaching to be not only inspiring but unique. Growing up in Jersey City, and working as a probation officer in the most dilapidated,crime filled neighborhoods of the city molded him perfectly to coach his players to success on the court and in life in general. With coach Hurley's tenacious coaching strategy, and the benevolent actions of the Felician sisters, they are able to save the school from cl...
  • Blaine Morrow
    I remember Bobby Hurley, but haven't read much about his father. Clearly, I didn't have a clue about the family or what made Bobby such an amazing player. This book shows the coach and father - good and bad - and his 2004 team, which went undefeated and earned recognition as #1 in the country. The players - high school kids trying to grow up in the mean streets of Jersey City - handle adversity, intense pressure from their coach, parents' expecta...
  • Becky
    Spoiler alertI understand the writer was given access to write this story and possibly could be biased somewhat, but there was a lot of detail that sounded factual and I liked the way he wrote the story. I loved that going to the championship, he discussed the New Jersey turnpike as a remind of the victories they had brought them there. I love the sport of basketball and the intensity of athletes and coaches. I found myself googling to find out m...