The Wives of Bowie Stone by Maggie Osborne

The Wives of Bowie Stone

Knowing that she can save the life of a condemned man by offering to marry him, Rosie Mulvehey opts for a marriage of convenience to ex-cavalry man Bowie Stone, who promises to save her rundown farm as his part of the agreement.

Details The Wives of Bowie Stone

TitleThe Wives of Bowie Stone
Release DateDec 1st, 1994
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Westerns, Historical, Western Romance, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Wives of Bowie Stone

  • Denise
    In the town of Passions crossing, a county ordinance allows a woman to marry a convicted man to save him from hanging. There were 4 men facing the noose and Rosie Mulvehey has first choice. After dismissing 3 men, she picks Captain Bowie Stone. Rosie is in desperate need of a man to help her get in her crop. She is marrying for this reason only, she is not interested in an actual relationship. For that matter, neither is Bowie Stone. Rosie has b...
  • Pattrycia
    My my, this author never fails to surprise me. Instead of containing one love story, The Wives of Bowie Stone tells 2 different tales. Rosie Mulvehey is a kind-hearted drunk who doesn't like to bath. She hides herself under baggy man shirts & is always unkempt. She is in a desperate need to obtain a profitable crop, but she lacks the manpower to tend to her land. A visit to town gave her an opportunity to get that manpower. Captain Bowie Stone is...
  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    Maggie Osborne is an amazing writer and writes some of the best western historical romances I've ever read. While this was no exception, there were elements that I found hard to read about. Most particularly, the subject of abuse and alcoholism. I felt she handled it well. The story had a serious tone to it and had several heart-wrenching moments but also had enough of a lighter tone to it that it didn't totally depress me.
  • Jane Stewart
    3 stars. Two women with problems overcome them, change, and fall in love. Good storytelling.STORY BRIEF:Bowie was dishonorably discharged from the Cavalry because he refused to follow an order to kill Indian women and children. Then he shot someone in self defense, but the witnesses lied. He is going to be hanged. Kansas has a shortage of men and a strange law. A woman can save a condemned man if she agrees to marry him. Rosie inherited a farm a...
  • Noelle
    If I could give this book more than 5* I would. I just loved this story. Magggie Osborne writes lovable but flawed characters so well. I loved how she wrote Rosie (h).She had a horrible past, was an alcoholic, refused to bathe, and basicly lived life as a man. What becomes obvious to the reader is that this is her way to insulate her self, to keep every one at arms length and protect her self from repeating what her stepfather had done to her.Bow...
  • puppitypup
    Western Romance Not nearly as goodI still enjoy Ms. Osborne's writing style, but the dual storyline in this one brings the momentum to a screeching halt.First we have Rosie, a drunk. About the time her story begins to get interesting, we switch to Susan, an useless woman who can't make a single decision for herself. Then, about the time Susan's story gets interesting, we switch back.Unfortunately, the switch-up's occur before either heroine becom...
  • Laylah
    The two wives of Bowie Stone do not endear me. One was abused for 4 years, didn't lift a finger, then went self-destruct. Another kept swooning and crying for a man to help her. I do understand it's THE era, but when I read I expect the lead to be exceptional , to be different in some way either in moral character or trait. Don't see it here.One more thing, when you're being abused and planning a revenge, do you really need four years? Does it ha...
  • Crista
    After reading The Promise of Jenny Jones, I thought NOTHING could top it. I stand corrected....The Wives of Bowie Stone is even better! This book is not for the faint at heart because it tackles tough issues. Rosie, the heroine, is an alcoholic who was sexually abused by her step father. Her character broke my heart. The after- affects of her abuse have left her damaged beyond repair...until Bowie Stone comes into her life. I love redemption/tran...
  • Dinjolina
    An all around good book.One thing in particular I found very brave when it came to the things the author wrote: (view spoiler)[Nate dying. (hide spoiler)]It was a good turning point and solid reason for Bowie and Susan to not have a future. It was written and executed well, especially considering the fact that he was loved by Susan’s new love interest. He was not a bothersome or unwanted character that you could just dispose off. It had to, and...
  • Laura (Kyahgirl)
    I really like Maggie Osborne's westerns. She does a great job of creating the dirty, challenging, world of the early west. I love the way she draws her characters;women, men, Indians, miners, farmers, shopkeepers. Both of her westerns that I've read have featured people on a journey of self destruction taking a permanent detour to redemption and finding happiness in the process. It was well worth the trouble of finding this book through our inter...
  • Laura
    I liked this book a lot. But I didn't love it as much as some of Maggie Osborne's other western romances. Maybe it was just the order in which I read them because the heroine in this book reminded me a lot of the heroine in one of her other books (Silver Lining) and that book was my all time favorite. Perhaps if I'd read them in the opposite order I'd be giving this one the 5 stars and that one 3.But enough about me...This is a really good wester...
  • Nishtha
    Okay ,I am going to start with a really short story myself. I came across Maggie Osborne in a local library through Silver Lining and the misfortune was i hadn't renewed my card so i couldn't take the book home. I sat in the library for an hour reading the first fifty plus pages of the book, I was .... horrified... to know that i hadn't read anything or bought anything by this author before, so i went home the same day, checked amazon ,and fell i...
  • sunsetsylvia
    Loved, loved, loved it! This is probably my favourite Maggie Osborne romance so far. Very surprising, intense (with some angst) and not formulaic at all.Until way into the book I had no clue, how Osborne is going to resolve the dilemma.
  • Feminista
    Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Mara
    Bittersweet. Powerful. I wish I could have killed the man for half (all?) the story. I loved Rosie and hated the wife, then I tumbled back and my feelings with me.
  • Dawn
    I enjoyed this book told in a very different format. Bowie Stone ends up with two wives. One he married before he went west with his military unit. It was a promise he made to his dying brother to protect her and her unborn son. A loveless marriage. The second wife was one he agreed to marry in order to keep from being hanged. This town in Kansas had lots of women but few men, thanks to the Civil War. Both women were unique and strong in their ow...
  • Marleen
    Well this was a disappointing read. I’m still trying to find a book by Maggie Osborne that equals the quality and the entertainment factor that she delivered in Silver Lining. Not in this one, that’s for sure. From start to finish I got very annoyed with the two female leads. I can't help but saying that it irritated me to no end that these women were depicted as formulaic and childlike. Rosie starts off as a drunk. She's 23. Then turns her l...
  • Jannah (Cloud Child)
    4/5A funny, warm and passionate Western with the trademarks of excellent Osborne heroines which make it a worthwhile read. Rosie was hilarious, wounded and terrifying in her journey from self destruction, while Susan grew and made something of herself when thrown into the streets with her son. But I did feel that Susan's story could have been further fleshed out and that her son wasn't a character that had clarity. He felt like a plot device. Gre...
  • Ana
    I know what you’re thinking. That woman just loves anything Maggie Osborne wrote. Guilty! What can i say? When she’d good, she’s fabulous. Any of my friends who have read her books count her as a favorite and I do too. Her work is gritty, sweet, dark, enlightening and each and every character is complex and well crafted. They don’t sit around and stew over love, they handle their business and don’t get caught up in the petty stuff. They...
  • Gail
    I did read this before, probably before the days of GoodReads. So the hero is a cashiered US cavalry officer who's about to be hung in Kansas. Because so many local men died in the war or left for one reason or another, the condemned men can marry one of the local women and have his sentence commuted. The heroine is the woman who saves his life. She's practically the town drunk, but there are reasons. Just like there are reasons for what the hero...
  • Debra
    The "Wives of Bowie Stone" was one of the best books I have read in a long time.I laughed until I cried at all of his wives getting together and going after Bowie, comparing themselves because they were all his wives.If you want a really good book to chase away the blues, or to fill your day, this is a perfect book.
  • Linda Holden
    I loved this book. I need to find a copy so that I can keep it. The two women characters are somewhat atypical of the usual romance novels.
  • MBR
    The story of two equally strong women who find love in the most unusual of circumstances. Maggie Osborne certainly never writes the conventional romance.My review:
  • Marilyn
    Easily one of the best westerns I've read in a long time. As a writer, Maggie Osborne lives up to all I've ever read about her.
  • SheLove2Read
  • Yvette
    The characters in this book are so strong and incredible.
  • Mariachiara
    Titolo: Rinascere all’amoreTitolo originale: The Wives of Bowie StoneTrama: Kansas. Fine ottocento. Siamo nel West e Rosie Mulvehey è in difficoltà: la sua fattoria sta fallendo e le serve al più presto un aiuto. Così decide di salvare un uomo destinato all’impiccagione, appellandosi alla legge del Kansas che consente di riscattare un condannato a morte sposandolo. L’uomo su cui cade la scelta è Bowie Stone, un ex soldato di cavalleria...
  • Diann
    While the book is well-written, it provided a very disappointing ending for the primary female character, Rosie. She was quite admirable until the last 25 pages of the book. After that point, her character weakened to the point that she became merely a foil for the male lead character and all of the secondary characters. As a result, the ending of the book was an incredible disappointment.
  • Valerie
    Didn’t care much for Susan’s story but enjoyed Rosie’s!
  • Misefein
    Morals and whatnot...