Net Force (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #1) by Steve Perry

Net Force (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #1)

„Перфектен трилър.“ Сан Франциско Кроникъл „Том Кланси, безспорният фаворит, шампионът сред писателите предлага неописуеми приключения — висш пилотаж сред експлозивна смес от престъпления, екшън и нови технологии.“ Ню Йорк Таймс На холограф...

Details Net Force (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #1)

TitleNet Force (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #1)
Release DateFeb 1st, 1999
GenreFiction, Thriller

Reviews Net Force (Tom Clancy's Net Force, #1)

  • Michael
    It's hard to read this book today with the dated and incorrect predictions about technology. It's not really the author's fault--who could know? But still: most civilians don't have cellphones, the idea of "travelling through a network in VR" is laughable, and the government agents have a device called a "virgil" which is similar to a Blackberry, but far less powerful.The book also seems to have product placement throughout (Dodge Viper, Dodge Ne...
  • Darren
    It was a good book. I liked it a lot. I got it from a free book exchange at a store that I go to. It was full of action and adventure.
  • Michael Chrobak
    I wish I had read this book when it first came out. Not because it’s an amazing read, it’s decent and enjoyable, probably more so than some of the Clancy novels I’ve read. But because the advancements in technology that Clancy predicted didn’t happen, and probably won’t happen, at least not in the way he envisioned them. Sure, his idea of how technology would operate was creative, especially given that this book was released in 1999.The...
  • John
    There are two primary reasons people read Tom Clancy: (1.) for his hyper-realistic storytelling, and (2.) for his ingeniously complicated plot lines. NET FORCE is a tremendous letdown on both these fronts.Written back in 1998, NET FORCE attempts to predict what life might be like in 2010. And, in terms of getting things right, it fails utterly. Just as BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 was overly optimistic in portraying 2016 America as a land of flying cars ...
  • Janet
    The Tom Clancy Net Force books are what I call “Beach Books.” They move quickly, are not very deep and have twisty waves of plot to draw one’s interest for a brief interval. I wouldn’t mind terribly if they got wet and were washed overboard. Clancy and friends wrote so many of these Net Force novels there’s always another one waiting to take its place. The local HPB has ‘em for a buck a piece. Surf’s up!
  • Guera
    The book so far is enjoyable in terms of the story line. This is the first of 12 books in the Net Force series if I remember correctly. This book sets the tone, I assume, for the rest of the books to follow. Hence there is a lot of background and character introduction. It requires serious focus and concentration, which sort of defeats the purpose why I am reading fiction at the moment. I am working on a doctorate and would like switch off at nig...
  • Richard Haas III
    My father had always spoken highly of Tom Clancy as a writer and "his" video games were becoming very popular so when I saw this novel at the Goodwill, I had to have it. It wasn't until I started reading it that I realized that Steve Perry actually wrote the novel and Clancy just came up with the concept. That being said, I was slightly disappointed but Perry is a decent writer which then, in turn, had me excited to read "Star Wars: Shadows of th...
  • Haiden Yacovella
    I had to choose an outside ready book for English and my book is Tom clancy’s Net Force. This story takes us back to 2010 in the cyber world about race cars, gadgets and Gizmos. The Net Force is a Computer Security Agency, created by congress. The Net Force controls all of the technological etherworlds and the people that are hooked in to it. When the director of the Net Force was assassinated the main character Alex Michaels had to take his sp...
  • Christopher
    Tom Clancy brings the world of justice and law into the light with this terrific novel. Through this story, we see as a large mystery unfolds through the course of this book. We see as Net Force deals with the largest problem to the planet the world has ever seen. This book starts off with the murder of Net Force commander Steven Day. This rattles every government operation and puts everyone on assassination protocol because for all they know eve...
  • Luke Crawford
    Perhaps it is unfair of me to review at this distance, but I felt I needed to bring my average rating downward; I mean, I mostly only read classics and things that are recommended to me on good authority these days, and I have an excellent literary network at this point, so most of what I read is at least four stars. But this? I read this really, before I figured any of this out. Hell, I probably bought this book in an actual bookstore! I rememb...
  • Nicola
    I read this for the first time when I was a teenager and I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it more then; the book isn't bad, exactly, but it falls into the category of what I would call an airport thriller and it hasn't - with all the focus on technology - aged particularly well.Still. An able distraction this afternoon, but I won't be hunting down any of the others.A #hotellibrary read!
  • Bethany
    A bit pathetic considering there were only three things that had detailed descriptions: cars, weapons and women's bodies. But still, cool idea. It's always interesting to read books written in the past and set in the present.
  • Allyn Nichols
    When oh when will i realise that Tom Clancy adaptations ( games or movies usually ) are far better than his books. As usual a great idea poorly executed. Maybe some of the other books in this series are better than the job done by Steve Perry.
  • Ty Hansen
    An okay story with a few fun characters, but absurd technology and wrap up ending kinda ruined it.
  • Braxton Adams
    This is the therd time I have read this book.
  • Mary Hartley
    Terrible bookI had to stop reading. Felt like 80% of every page was describing clothes and gagetts. Worst Chancy ever. Tom must be rolling over in his grave.
  • W. Lawrence
    It was okay, but I lost interest and stopped before I finished it.
  • Bill K
    Couldn’t finish the book it was that bad!
  • Kim
    This Review was first published on my blog KimSlr - bookishI've always loved Tom Clancys books and after having finished the Jack Ryan / John Clark Series I decided to start on another series connected to him. The Netforce Series is attributed to Tom Clancy as series creator but was written by Steve Perry.Overall I liked this story as well as Perrys writing style as they were both pretty similar to Clancys. But there were a few issues I had with ...
  • Erth
    now i am hooked. This was such a great, easy and creative book. i was hooked after the first page. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this book.
  • Nobody Loser
    Dear page dwellers: Generally speaking, although I read many works, I rarely review the well-known authors, and I especially don't review older works. It just so happens, though, that I revisited one of Tom Clancy's better known books recently, on my off time, and I was reopened to the military fantasy worlds of one of the greatest fighter writers of our time. Considering Tom Clancy's recent death, you might say this is a bit of a tribute review....
  • Orion
    1--36-38-50-54-70-36--2--39-52--1--46-47-48--end-------WORDTom Clancy’s Net ForceThe Net Force, a branch of the FBI that focuses on internet/viral terror attacks has come under pressure as a radical terrorist is destroying the world how we know it, using only the internet.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and anyone into action novels will as well because this is another classic novel from Tom Clancy whose ideas about the military and the future a...
  • Mike
    I rarely give out a 1-star rating, particularly to a book that is well written. However, I give this rating now because I just could not continue reading this book. I had to quit. It was almost painful to continue on. But none of this is the author's fault. In fact, if I had read this book when it was first released, it would have likely received a 5-star rating, because books like this are right up my proverbial alley!The premise of this Net For...
  • Trevor
    Being a fan of Tom Clancy’s novels (despite only having currently read Without Remorse and no others), I was intrigued when he put his name to this concept. What further intrigued me was it was a spy thriller series with an emphasis on technology. Being a person who both works and hobbies with technology this seems a natural set of books to at least give a chance.The overall premise of this series is that in the near future the FBI ends up havi...
  • Jing
    The book brings us to the future of what the author dreams of. Base on secret angency and rich politicians point of view, there is two sides in a conflict. One is the organization which facilitate laws control the Net Force and the other is called the Cyber Nation. A man named Ames part of the Cyber Nation want to bring the Net Force down and control as his own. Devious and extremely intelligent, he continoulsy make an imapact on the Net Force sy...
  • An Odd1
    *** "Net Force" says 'created by' Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczanik, but does not attribute to other writers in my book copy, although Goodreads lists Steve Perry. Again, the middle-aged man's wife takes the kids because he works too hard, only this time she's been gone years, divorced, he still feels married. Add the teen geek son who gets the high-school sweetheart. Car chases lose oomph in virtual reality phony settings. Lots of unreadable Russia...
  • Eric Wright
    Too often I pick up a Clancy book given me by my son, or picked up cheap at a used book mart and think, "Oh, this'll be a good entertaining read." So when Grisham's latest disappointed me over Christmas, a time for snuggling up in a comfy chair and giving oneself to a good story, I picked up Clancy's Net Force. Mistake.I forced myself to read to page 146 thinking it must be me, not the book. Finally after a few days I've given it up--dumped it on...
  • Dallin Spainhower
    This book was a good one, and the reason why I chose this book is because I always wanted to read the Tom Clancy's Net Force books, and I finally picked some up at the local DI. Now this book is about how a computer hacker. This computer hacker gains money off the internet, and uses the money to buy out government and hit men. And one of these hit men took out the head of and commander of Net Force.The book started because of the fear of internet...
  • Brian Turner
    Not bad action story, although probably not good enough to warrant having Tom Clancy's name plastered all over it in big letters. I can't tell if Clancy had any input to it - it says it's created by him and Steve Pieczenik, then thanks Steve Perry for his contributions.(From what I can tell, I think Steve Perry is the actual author).Written in the late '90s and set in 2012, it tends to date itself quite often, and the characters kids in it have t...