The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates, #1) by Liz Pichon

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates, #1)

All Tom Gates wants to do is get tickets to see his favourite band when they come to town. It's not easy when he's up against Delia, his weirdo big sister. All of his plans seem to get him into major trouble!

Details The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates, #1)

TitleThe Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates, #1)
Release DateApr 4th, 2011
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Humor, Realistic Fiction, Fiction, Funny, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Contemporary, Academic, School, Chapter Books

Reviews The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates, #1)

  • Dariana Citeste
    O carte care nu a intrecut asteptarile mele, insa m-a scos din reading slump asa ca voi incerca si urmatorul volum, deci mai ofer o sansa seriei, care cred ca mi-ar fi placut MULT mai mult daca as fi citit-o pe la 9-10 ani.
  • Jennifer Rayment
    Jake's Review: A really funny book that is a lot like Diary of a Wimpy Kid except for the fact that Tom is a lot cooler of a kid. The beginning of the book was lame but it got a lot better after about 20 pages. It is a really easy book to read so kids like Brian who don't like to read will actually like to read a book. The pictures make it fun to look at too. I didn't understand some of the words, but after mom showed me the glossary at the end, ...
  • Sahal Sajeer
    Meet Tom Gates. He's an ordinary 10 year old who has deep passion in Art, Music, Excuses, annoying sisters (such as Delia) and Amy Porter(his crush). He dislikes Marcus Maldrew, Delia, Teachers and School. But the thing is, in order to impress Amy Porter and get those Dude3 (his favorite band) concert tickets, he has to be on a good behavior and at the same time keep his school profile chill. His Band, the Dog Zombies, play their first act and it...
  • Ella
    I loved it!! I have read the book over and over again. It never gets old! I would defiantly recomend it.
  • Orbi Alter
    Nisam ljubiteljica Gregovog dnevnika, ali Timija i Toma definitivno. S tim da je Tom ja :)Na trenutke sam se bas glasno nasmijala, premda sam vise puta iscitavala dijelove za radionice i klubove i sad jos jednom prosla cijeli tekst. Popratne ilustracije su famozne, vjerojatno najljepse od svih knjzuljaka ovakvog tipa! Likovi su genijalni, odusevljava me njihova zaigranost, prof. Fullerman i nacin na koji je *pravi igrac* da se posluzim Fulghamovi...
  • Nikki Naddy
    Es ist auf jeden Fall unterhaltsam, aber Gregs Tagebücher fand ich besser, nicht so langweilig. Auch die Zeichnungen bei Tom Gates sind nicht besonders, als wären sie aus dem Zeichenlernbuch "Punkt Punkt Komma Strich" abgemalt. Zwischendurch ist es mal was anderes und man hat es auch schnell durchgelesen.
  • Becky
    This was another book on the list for 'Book Day' at work, and another one that I wasn't looking forward to. Last year I had to read 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' and I really didn't like it. I can see the appeal for children - it's quick and easy to read, but to me there was no substance, I was afraid this book would follow the trend.Wow, was I wrong. Tom Gates is instantly likeable, he has a great sense of humour, his drawings make me smile and the boo...
  • Lisa Brunton
    These were so popular in my school library a couple years ago it was a race to this ‘pic’ section after the summer holidays. Now i want to read the ones the school didn’t have
  • Millie Hodgson
    I thought this book was hilarious
  • Traci
    Cute start to a series about Tom Gates, a fifth year student who loves to draw, has a crush on one of his classmates, and is perpetually late to school (and always blames his older sister, Delia, for his tardiness).Someone had said in an Amazon review that this was the British version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I beg to differ. I tried a few of the Wimpy Kid books, and didn't care for them at all. OK, there are similarities here: two boys of about ...
  • Kimiya Roudgar
    I really enjoyed this book.I laughed a lot and despite the fact that the main character was a fifth grader, I could really understand him.I felt so connected and I really loved it when I felt that old feeling of worrying over childish stuff.I found a lot of similarities between this book and "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" series.It's obvious that they belong to the same genre and I think anyone who loves that series would love this series too ,but I also...
  • Arja
    Pidin enemmän kuin Timi Möhläristä ja Nipasta mutta miksi näissä kirjoissa on niin paljon sivuja. Tämäkin menisi heikolle lukijalle vielä paremmin jos yhdestä kirjasta olisi vaikka tehty kaksi. Koska ei nämä himolukijoiden juttu ole.
  • Elsie
    If you are a dairy of a wimpy kid fan this is for you! Great book filled with comedy, courage and art and a very easy quick read. Great for any of those who are young readers and any grown up!! I think I would give this book a 4/5!
  • Sepia
    This was a fun and easy read.Really enjoyed it.
  • Hamnah Siddiqui
    Tom Gates is a normal boy who goes to a normal school. He has a normal family and friends. Yet, somehow, he still has his adventures. Join him on his adventures by reading this book.I rated this book 3/5 stars because it is hilarious and brilliant with both words and illustrations, but lacks an attention grabbing plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a break from serious books.
  • Abdollah zarei
    واقعا بهش چهار میدم. البته به عنوان یه کار کودک. پرداخت شخصیت تام و خوانواده اش عالیه و باورپذیر. سیر حوادث و اتفاقات معمول زندگیش و بهانه های خلاقانه اش و راه حل هاش واقعا جالب توجه و برای خیلی ها حتی نوستالژیه. دوستان و همکلاسیاش خیلی خوبن. مخصوصا در...
  • Lisa
    This is a really good book to read if you don't know what to read this is about a boy named tom who has a grumpy sister delia. A few things that he likes are waffles and cookies and he also like to draw in class and when the teacher is not looking . His best friend is Derek and his enemy is Marcus.
  • The Teacher's Library
    I'll admit I didn't have really high expectations for this one - I didn't think it would be bad, just I didn't think it would be something I'd enjoy as an adult. I can see why the kids like it, but I won't die if I don't get to read the rest of the Tom Gates books. Full review coming on
  • Ruby
    You should read the whole series. They were so funny haha
  • Jana
    Veľmi príjemná oddychovka, dosť jednoduchá, aj trojročná dcéra sa chytila na príbeh a obrázky a tým pádom som mohla čítať pri nej.
  • Jason
    Needed something funny and light to read. This book made me laugh and brought back memories from that magical time called childhood.
  • Mikayla
    Good book! It's funny and it has good doodles!
  • Ruby Debrah
    Even though I haven't read this book YET but all Liz Picton books are so good and you should at least try and read this book because it's really good. I'll rate as a 5*
  • Marlene Bentsen
    Den her bog er det rene spas! Den hører godt til blandt bøger i samme skuffe som fx Timmy Taber og Wimpy Kid serierne.Bogen hedder Tom Gates: Min Geniale Verden og den er skrevet af en engelsk børnebogsforfatter ved navn Liz Perchon.Serien er foreløbig på 12 bøger (3 på dansk) og den er en kæmpe international bestseller.Når man går igang med Tom Gates, så er man heller ikke i tvivl om, hvorfor den er så populær.Den er hylemorsom og i...
  • Stacey Kym
    *sigh* What can I say about 'The Brilliant World of Tom Gates'? It reminded me A LOT of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'!! Except the character was in primary school instead of high school (or middle school for those living in America) and his storytelling/writing was even more horrible than Greg's! Plus, not only was he selfish, simple-minded, ridiculous and annoying but he was even more of a typical boy than Greg could ever be - and that's saying somethi...
  • Amir Yeager
    The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is a boy that goes through the troubles of life and school and problems. He lies to his teachrs and parens and that puts him in tighter situations sometimes. H gets caught cheating and lying and later learns that doing this is not the way of life. This is a good book for readers who enjoy realistic fiction. Readers can learn what not to do through the troubles that Tom Gates has in his life. This bood is similr to...
  • Rstolworthy4
    Tom Gates wanted to see a concert his favorite band Dude3 was preforming. So his parents bought him the tickets he was dreaming for, and his friend Derek had gotten a dog, who later had chewed up his tickets! So, at this point Tom was desperate, he starting begging for tickets when he found someone he didn't expect to be there, his teacher. Tom hated this teacher especially seeing him outside of school, or so he thought.. his teacher ended up bei...
  • Rkhan8
    Tom Gates is a lazy and not careful person about education. He wants his band to become as successful as the "Dude 3" because they are his biggest admiration. His dreams are dashed because of his poor lacking learning habits in school. Tom Gates is determined to keep trying even though his grades are really bad. But maybe thinking what's right might turn out out to be bad. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is about determination, love and admirati...