On Fortune's Wheel (Tales of the Kingdom, #2) by Cynthia Voigt

On Fortune's Wheel (Tales of the Kingdom, #2)

There are some who say that the Lady Fortune has a wheel, and all men are fixed upon it. The wheel turns, and the men rise, or fall, with the turning of the wheel. Birle has agreed to be wed to the huntsman Muir as an escape from the drudgery of life at her father's inn -- but the moment she looks into the bellflower blue eyes of the man she comes upon stealing one of her father's boats, Birle knows she cannot marry Muir. Even after she disc...

Details On Fortune's Wheel (Tales of the Kingdom, #2)

TitleOn Fortune's Wheel (Tales of the Kingdom, #2)
Release DateOct 1st, 1999
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Reviews On Fortune's Wheel (Tales of the Kingdom, #2)

  • Erin
    Far and away one of my favorite series of all time. The kingdom series is brilliant. Not only for the very subtle modern allegories tucked into a generally well written fairytale/fable/medieval-ish story, but this series has two assets that I love:A: You don't have to read them in order. They are very loosely tied together through tiny hints throughout the books. I had many "ooohhhhhhhhh" moments when you figure out how they relate. I think this ...
  • Katie M.
    Innkeeper's daughter, check. Made-up 16th-century England-ish land, check. Implausible romance, check. Okay, so if you're only going to read one Cynthia Voigt book make it one of the Tillerman novels and not this one. But good LORD I love this story. It's everything a completely-un-thought-provoking Anglocentric young adult historical fantasy should be: slightly dark, exciting, hopelessly romantic, and completely satisfying. As far as tropes go, ...
  • Beth
    Ultimately, this is quiet and satisfying, but for a good half of the book, I was wondering why I should care about this story and these people. It turns out that an acknowledgement of the time you're spending on a book by an author you like isn't enough to actually invest you in the story. I wish there'd been more initially: more emotion, more purpose, more direction. Instead, I was left with the uncomfortable feeling that these terrible experien...
  • Danika
    Cynthia Voigt’s On Fortune’s Wheel tells the story of two runaway teenagers and their eventual return to their homeland. The central character, Birle, is the younger of the two, and she follows the elder, Orien, who is escaping from his hereditary earldom to leave it to his brother. Birle, though seemingly mature, and about to be married, actually seems more childlike than she realizes—she tells Orien of her machinations to avoid the chores...
  • Destinee Sutton
    I just finished reading Tuck Everlasting, which had this recurring wheel imagery and it reminded me of a book I completely loved when I was twelve or so (I was reminded of it just because of the wheel thing--not because they're similar books). So I type in "wheel" and "fortune" and up it popped, this Cynthia Voigt book. It's not the same cover as the one I had, but I know it's the same book because I remember having a pretend boyfriend named Orie...
  • Sabrina
    I blazed through this book in two days. Birle herself was an utterly compelling heroine--childlike, flawed and human, brave, loyal, and loving. Orien frustrated me at times and at times made me swoon. The story itself is exciting and fraught with danger. The romance and its flowering threaded gently through the plot and provided sound motivation. I also loved how, as the wheel of fortune turns, the characters themselves make their own fortune. Th...
  • Ilana
    I'm actually not sure whether this book was meant for young adults or an older audience, but I think it would be fine for all ages. The characters in this book are amazingly well developed and dynamic and I love almost all of them. This is one of those fantasy books where a lot of time passes throughout the story and I could feel it passing even though it skipped around like crazy when nothing important was going on. It was not boring in the slig...
  • Sarah
    So, I did a book report in the eighth grade on this book and I randomly remembered it the other day. Someone was reading a book by Cynthia Voigt, and I thought "I know that author, where have I seen that author?" So I went and looked at her works and the only one that was familiar was this one. I can't believe that an author's name looked familiar when the last time I saw it was almost a decade ago, but there ya go. This is definitely a book to r...
  • Melissa
    Beautifully written. I could read this book over and over again. I completely feel in love with the characters of Orien and Birle the moment they appeared in the book. I love Orien so much i have vowed to name my first son after him. The plot is intriguing and full of twists and turns. You find yourself rooting for Birle throughout the story and wishing you were there with her. I don't want to say anyone except go pick up this book!
  • Carol
    I cannot believe Birle just took off like that! Something really bad could have happened to her. Oh, wait. That's exactly what did happen. Will someone come to save her? Cynthia Voight sure can tell a story!
  • Liza
    I read this book over and over in my teens and loved it. It's a beautiful love story. I've never actually read Jackaroo, though I'd like to now, and never knew that it was a "second book" as it really stood solid on it's own.
  • Jennifer
    I am passing on beloved books to make room for more. I really must share my enjoyment of Cynthia Voigt's Kingdome series!
  • Heidi
    I found this book in the young adult section of the library on my way to the children's section. I am a sucker for historical fiction, with a romantic twist. I really liked it.
  • Susan
    Love story: medieval adventure: slavery, prince, giants. This books is STILL amazing as an adult.
  • Jamie (ReadsInTrees) Dacyczyn
    Ok, so I'm not losing my mind; there IS a right way to do YA adventure fantasy even with insta-love, and this is it. I thought maybe I just didn't like fantasy anymore because I've come across so many popular books that I just didn't enjoy, but I think it's more accurate to say that I don't like NEW popular YA fantasy all that much. This feels a bit more like classic YA fantasy of the Robin McKinley era, with a rich full world and characters that...
  • Miss Jenny
    This is an excerpt of a review that was originally published on my website: Miss Jenny's ClassroomI first read this novel back in grade 8 at high school and loved it so much I spent years trying to obtain my own copy. Like all Cynthia Voigt books this story has many layers and is not always the happiest of experiences but this novel will make you ponder on the characters and experiences long after you have finished reading it.Birle is a flawed ch...
  • Octavia Cade
    Not quite as good as Jackaroo, the first in the series, but still a decent read. The step down is I think because of the protagonist Birle, who while likeable enough (I enjoyed her determination and hard work and honesty) seemed to fall in instalove with Orien and moon over him for ages for no good reason I could see. I mean he was mildly pleasant, but when the book seemed to end with her getting over him to live her own life I was genuinely plea...
  • Caitlin
    The main characters of this book are descendants from the main characters of the previous book, but this is merely mentioned, and not terribly important. You could easily read either as a stand alone.Birle is another example of a common person who gets tangled up with a Lord, and the resultant clash of class systems leads them on quite an adventure. There's also a slow burning romance, and quite some suffering along the way to the happy ending.
  • Lindsay Mackie
    Originally published as "On Fortune's Wheel," I read this book when I was 12 or 13 and I absolutely loved it. Twenty-five years later and parts of this book always stuck with me and stayed in my memory. It took some research to find out that the title had been changed but the story is still the same. A wonderful tale of adventure and romance, it is one that I look forward to reading again in the future.
  • Jess
    It’s funny, I remembered a lot of the plot of Jackaroo, but this one I’d totally forgotten. It’s a bit slow and the style is more formal than a lot of newer books, but that was also one of the things I liked about it.
  • Linnea Meyer
    Satisfying, slow character development.
  • Lacy Compton
    Still so good. One of my all-time favorite YA historical/medieval books.
  • Magda
    This started out simply, but by the end it was an unexpected feast.
  • Becky B
    While I found Jackaroo surprisingly enjoyable and could not believe I hadn't heard of it before, I had mixed feelings about its sequel, On Fortune's Wheel. The premise is interesting, the granddaughter of Burle and Gwyn, Birle, is now the innkeeper's daughter of marriageable age. She finds herself on an unexpected journey with a runaway Lord (Orien) when she tries to stop this strange man from stealing a boat, falls hopelessly in love with him (b...
  • Lydia
    One fateful night, the Jackaroo's Granddaughter makes a rash decision that ends up changing her life. Yes, for those of you hoping this would be the continuing story of Gwyn, the disappointment starts early, as most all the generation of Jackaroo are gone before this story even starts. Then you get to know Berle (granddaughter and new main character). By her own account (and I believe it!) she's lazy, does all she can to get out of helping run th...
  • Gale
    Referring to the medieval concept of human destiny inexorably revolving both up oen side and down the other on the wheel of Fate, this novel introduces yet another strong, resilient heroine. Divided into three parts readers realize that she will change from being an Inkeeper's daughter, to a philosopher's amanuensis (alchemist's assistant) to being an Earl's lady--or perhaps not quite. On her journey of self- and world-discovery in this unnamed r...
  • Nicole
    I wanted to like this book, especially since it was recommended to me by a friend. The writing itself is really good, and I like the character interactions (when they focus on the characters' conflicting worldviews instead of romance), and the world is intriguing... but the protagonist infuriates me too much to continue. The main character's name is Birle, and she is probably the dumbest and most annoying protagonist I've ever seen. Exhibit A: On...
  • Paula
    This is the sequel to Jackaroo, set in the same universe but two generations after the previous book; On Fortune's Wheel is again the story of a young girl from that family, another Innkeeper's Daughter like the last. Birle has agreed to marry a huntsman, even though she's only just of marriageable age, but is getting cold feet. When she spots a mysterious stranger stealing her father's boat, Birle intervenes and ends up travelling downriver with...
  • Karissa
    I actually read this book a very long time ago when I was 12 or 13 years old (over twenty five years ago at this point). I remember absolutely adoring it and had originally borrowed it from the library. A few years ago I acquired a copy of it to read again as an adult. Even all these years later I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s a solid fantasy with excellent world-building, wonderful adventures, and some romance.The story does move a bit slowly, ...