Deception Point by Dan Brown

Deception Point

A shocking scientific discovery. A conspiracy of staggering brilliance. A thriller unlike any you've ever read....When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory -- a victory with profound implications for NASA policy and the impending presidential election. To verify the authenticity of the find, the White House calls upon the skills of intel...

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TitleDeception Point
Release DateDec 1st, 2002
PublisherPocket Books
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Reviews Deception Point

  • Madeline
    This was read at the tail-end of my brief Dan Brown phase (let he who has never enjoyed an airport-bookstore novel cast the first stone), and by this point I was getting a little tired of Brown's storytelling formula. And by "formula", I really mean "formula". Here it is:How To Make A Guaranteed Bestseller in Fifteen Minutes or Less-1 intelligent, bookishly handsome man who in no way is supposed to be Dan Brown of course not why do you ask-1 real...
  • Nikki
    The formula is pretty simple:Big Mystery + Male Protagonist + Female Protagonist + Code to Solve + OMG TRAITOR WITH TWISTED MOTIVES = Best Selling Novel.And it's worked, so I guess we can't hate on him too much. There are people who swear his books are the best thing they've ever read -- I certainly wouldn't say that. But they are successful and I have to confess, even I like them, and when it comes to books I am Picky with a most definite capita...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Deception Point, Dan BrownDeception Point is a 2001 thriller novel written by Dan Brown.A NASA satellite finds evidence of a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, NASA proclaims a much-needed victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the upcoming presidential election. With the White House in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton and a team of experts to the Milne Ice Shel...
  • Alejandro
    I liked a lot this novel! NASA AND MY PERSONAL ADMIRATION FOR THAT INSTITUTION In my mind, the men and women of NASA are history's modern pioneers. They attempt the impossible, accept failure, and then back to the drawing board while the rest of us stand back and criticize. Back then in 2009, I found this novel by chance or fate.By then, I already knew who Dan Brown was (it's not like I was living in cave, hehehe) but I still have to read his w...
  • İntellecta
    In this work, Dan Brown made the book more interesting because he kept a light on a different direction. Our world is already ruled in the shadow of political games. The realities know they can only read between the lines.
  • Parker
    My aunt gave this to me to read..I of course hate Dan Brown but I figure it'd be fast and I could thank her for it, mention some interesting tidbits that are no doubt sprinkled throughout the book for idiots, and feel good about family duty. There is not one paragraph that is close to some acceptable literary decency. In 2 pages he found it ok to mention coffee 5 times. No, not fun tidbits about the history of coffee but just as action filler: 'b...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Deception Point, Dan BrownDeception Point is a 2001 thriller novel written by Dan Brown.A NASA satellite finds evidence of a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, NASA proclaims a much-needed victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the upcoming presidential election. With the White House in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton and a team of experts to the Milne Ice Shel...
  • Alex Duncan
    The good 'ole days of Dan Brown, that's for sure. This is by far his best book in my opinion. The book is readable and lacks the self-indulgence seen with so many other authors and so many other Dan Brown books!
  • Dennis
    My favorite Dan Brown novel.Just like his Robert Langdon series this is sometimes a little silly but, like the better Langdon novels, it's also a lot of page-turning fun.It's about NASA's discovery of a meteorite in the Arctic ice which seems to contain evidence of extraterrestrial life. This would be a huge success for NASA after years of failure.It also comes at a time of presidential election and with the current President and his challenger S...
  • Sofia
    This is the third book by Dan Brown that I have read (the other two being The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons) and I think by now it's safe to say that I don't like him as an author. This book, like the others, reads too much like a Hollywood script for me (in fact I can totally see this being made into a movie). It's not necessarily a bad thing I guess, just not to my personal taste. Also, if you've read other books by him you'll know what to ...
  • Kezzy Sparks
    Very good and engaging, because it's by Dan Brown, but not as great as Inferno or The Daily Vince Code. Actual rating 3.8
  • Luís C.
    In times of presidential elections ethics are helpless, and are employed, all the tricks and gags to manipulate the elections. Senator Sexton uses NASA itself as a weapon to denigrate the president's image, since in recent years the word NASA seemed to have disappeared from newspapers and news in general. Investments, however, were exorbitant. The Senator had not even realized that this argument was a kind of hook that would catch him by the mout...
    I love brown's writing style and I will always love it. I can't say I enjoyed this book... It took me a while to finish it...And I have to admit I skimmed through some of the pages around the middle of the book... I'm just not into all this political drama and NASA stuff.. To put it in a nutshell I wasn't really impressed by the storyline but like I said Dan Brown is an expert at what he does. He can even make a tedious story seem interesting..I ...
  • Stefan Yates
    Another fast-paced thriller dealing with the NSA from Dan Brown. I found this novel to be right on par with Digital Fortress and thought that it was a very well-written thriller. From start to finish Deception Point takes the ball and runs with it like any other Dan Brown thriller. I like that the plot moves around in scenery from the Arctic to Washington, DC and a few points in-between keeping the action flowing and the characters moving around ...
  • Katie.dorny
    As a stand-alone Dan Brown book this one was interesting and did hold its own against Robert Langdon and his never ending series. 3.5 stars rounded down.Rachel Sexton handles data communications for national intelligence, her father is running for President against the corporation she helps run.A NASA discovery sets off a chain of events that rapidly spirals out of control.The book has a lot of technical jargon that made me switch off a little in...
  • Piyangie
    I am a loyal fan of Dan Brown and am proud to say that I have read all his books except for the Angels & Demons which I hope to read in the near future. My first read of his work was The Da Vinci Code and from that point there was no stopping of reading his works. Mr. Brown is an amazing story teller. In his books he combines actual historical incidents, historical institutions, secret societies that were and are in operation, secret government i...
  • Wei Cho
    dear reader,My first Dan Brown novel. It kept me turning from page to page, thrilled by the action and fast paced plot. Lost by everything that was going on at once for more times I can care to count. Baffled at the new information the author was hurling at me all at once. Confused by the sudden and unexpected plot twists. And frustrated at the stupidity of human simpleness when reasoning possible motives for the death of their comrades or whatev...
  • Liz
    Ok I have read 4 of the 5 Dan Brown books and I have come up with a user friendly recipe that anyone can use to create their own pulp fiction Dan Brown creation.Add 1 strong, intelligent, attractive career woman.Add 1 semi-strong, (but not as strong as the woman) man, that is semi-sucessful in his chosen career path (but not as successful as the woman) attractive, sensitive and totally not threatened by the strong intelligent woman.Mix these two ...
  • Aneca
    After I read The DaVinci Code, which I liked, and Angels and Demons, which I loved I put the other Dan Brown books on my wish list. I was recently sent this one as part of a bookring and decided to read it.Rachel Sexton works for the National Reconnaissance Office as an intelligence officer. She is also the daughter of a Senator currently running for President. Her father's main offensive, and a very popular one, against the incumbent President i...
  • Susy
    5 starsA thrilling and gripping page turner with a lot of action and almost non stop tension, building up towards the end. I really liked the characters (view spoiler)[and was so afraid Corky would die on me lol (hide spoiler)] with the exception of Gabrielle. I found her to be quite gullible and annoying (view spoiler)[and although she redeemed herself at the end, it wasn't enough for me to like her (hide spoiler)]. Although it did cross my mind...
  • Mike Padilla
    So bad. I was annoyed that it took so long to reveal how bad of a book it was that I had to finish just to see where the lame plot twists ended up.It is just too far fetched. The Father Sexton character is not believable at all. No father would act like that. Dan Brown looked up a little science to base his book on but "Deception Point" is about logic and statistical accuracy which he didn't research at all. The holes in these scientists' logic m...
  • Bithi
    This is the second book I have read from Dan Brown. I read The Da Vinci Code first. And, whoever read The Da Vinci Code would think this book does not measure up to the other book's penmanship.But, I liked this book. This book has the same breath-taking suspense that does not let readers put down the book until the mystery is solved.
  • Vimal Thiagarajan
    Ultra-Pacy and entertaining. An All-nighter after a really, really long time.
  • LJ
    DECEPTION POINT – VGBrown, Dan – 2nd book, Stand Alone Struggling to rebound from a series of embarrassing blunders that have jeopardized its political life at the start of this lively thriller, NASA makes an astounding discovery: there is a meteor embedded deep within the arctic ice. And it isn't just any meteor. Inside the huge rock, which crashed to earth in 1716, are fossils of giant insects proof of extraterrestrial life. Yet, given NASA...
  • Mackenzie
    Absolutely wonderful. I'm saying that right at the beginning. I love this Dan Brown book so much to the point of fangirling. I think this is Mr. Brown at his best and perhaps his more underrated books out of everything he's published so far. I also have no idea why it's not being made into series. Perhaps that's a good thing because too much of a good thing can make the magic disappear, but I think I could live with one or two more Michael Tollan...
  • Ashish Iyer
    The Deception Point gives you a sneak preview of the inner political workings at play in Washington, its clandestine organizations, their actions and ensuing political ramifications. Privatization of space travel - which is now a reality - plays an integral part of the plot and in doing so, gives us an idea of political perspectives towards this development.I wonder how he could write such a minute level descriptions about all places. Really make...
  • Emma
    3 and half stars! I enjoyed this book, it was easy to get into. While I didn’t like some of the plot points this made for an interesting read.
  • Miquel Reina
    "Deception Point" is one of my favorite books from Dan Brown. And although I have to admit that for my taste Dan Brown novels are sometimes a bit too archetypal and with a Hollywood blockbuster style, in general, I think it's a book that achieves its goal: to entertain the reader.The rhythm of the novel is frantic and the plot of the essential "conspiracy" of Dan Brown's books for me is one of the best and most interesting. I have always felt a g...
  • Simon Jones
    Dan Brown is never going to win any literary awards that's for sure. Mixed metaphors abound ("a searing pain sliced into her head..." etc), the use of the word "ephemeral" where I'm pretty sure he means "ethereal", and the explanation of how due to a childhood accident where our main character fell into a frozen lake, she now suffers from "hydrophobia". As there's no further reference to her foaming at the mouth, I can only assume he means "aquap...