Best Little Stories from the Civil War by C. Brian Kelly

Best Little Stories from the Civil War

"This fascinating book will make the Civil War come alive with thoughts and feelings of real people."—The Midwest Book ReviewThe Civil WAR You Never Knew... Behind the bloody battles, strategic marches, and decorated generals lie more than 100 intensely personal, true stories you haven't heard before. In Best Little Stories from the Civil War, soldiers describe their first experiences in battle, women observe the advances and retreats of armies...

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TitleBest Little Stories from the Civil War
GenreHistory, Military History, Civil War, Nonfiction, War, North American Hi..., American History

Reviews Best Little Stories from the Civil War

  • Chris
    So let me say, I'm a Northerner. I'm from a long line of Northerners. Okay? I get the South feels differently about the Civil War. I get Sherman's March to the Sea isn't the March to the Sea if you are from the South.I get it.This book is for Southerners, not Northerners. The writing is good, but in close to half of the book all the stories about good soliders are all stories about the Greys. All the stories about bad soliders are about the Blues...
  • Becky
    Another free book on my kindle! I really enjoyed these true stories, some about famous people and some about everyday folks I'd never heard of before. Really brings history to life.
  • Dale
    This is a review of the 3rd edition, released by Cumberland House in 2010. The 1st edition was released in 1994. The 2nd edition was released in 1998.When I read Civil War histories I enjoy the standard, sweeping re-telling of the tale with the battles and the politics. But, I also enjoy those little nuggets of history that make the larger story more personal - stories like the general who chastised his men for hiding from a sniper and then immed...
  • Sarah Crawford
    This consists of very short factual accounts from the Civil War. There are a whole lot of really fascinating things included in this book. Some of them include:Major insights into poverty of young Lincoln and Lee.As early as 1832 North Carolina was talking about secession.There are numerous accounts of slaves being beaten, shot, and killed, along with information about Frederick Douglas. There's a text reproduction of an ad for a slave sale, 1859...
  • Isaiah
    “Best little stories form the Civial War.” by C. Brian Kelly, the Theme was to tell all the stories from the Civial War. The characters explaned different sittuations from the Civial War such as the battles during the Civial War. Also some of the stories tell tales of slavery and also other things. All the stories together tell that tale of the Cival War and the people who where there. I wouldnt really recommend the book unless they liked to ...
  • Lizabeth Tucker
    Over 100 little stories of unusual events, strange happenings, and wonderful moments from the Civil War. The focus is on the human story, from soldiers and sailors to slaves and civilians.I love the "Best Little Stories" collections. Lots of history in small digestible bites. But it isn't all cold facts and funny stories, it is pain and sadness and tragedy. And incredible waste. More Americans, North and South, were killed in this conflict than a...
  • BonSue Brandvik
    In his book, "Best Little Stories of the Civil War," C. Brian Kelly uses letters, quotes and journal entries of politicians, military leaders and their families/friends to create short vignettes that carry the reader from the beginning to the end of the Civil War in a very personal manner. Although the short stories appear in chronological order, Kelly bounces back and forth between Union and Confederate perspectives, providing a fascinating and ...
  • Jim
    A rather inconsistent volume of short little-known stories and digest versions of information better presented in other books. The material on Lincoln and his wife wasn't anything a student of Lincoln might find interesting. A section on Mrs. Davis was pretty good as I didn't know much about her to begin with. This book felt a bit like a sequel, which it is, and like most sequels, it lacked energy. Nonetheless, the smaller stories about some of t...
  • Nick
    This was a good-but-not-great collection of anecdotes from the Civil War. I would only suggest this book for beginners who want short snippets of Civil War history. Aside from the very superficial aspect of the short entries, the author too often depends on modern sources, quoting modern books and articles rather than original sources. In a few cases, the more entertaining version of a story is told, as opposed to the version that other historian...
  • Maggie
    This book is filled with short pieces about events or people during the Civil War. Because I've read several books on the Civil War some of them were familar to me, but many were not. It was interesting to learn a little more about the backgrounds of some of the key officers which I hadn't known and probably wouldn't have learned without reading a biography of that figure. As always when dealing with the Civil War, many of the events were sad.
  • Jennifer
    This is an interesting addition to our history books. The author was able to compile letters and other stories of the Civil War generals and heroes together to compile this book. It was a gruesome war and hopefully will never happen again on American soil. There were a few new stories that I hadn't heard before, but for the most part these are well read. Did enjoy the stories of the first ladies, Mary Todd Lincoln and Mrs. Grant.
  • Stella
    A *very* basic introduction to the US Civil War. While I'm fairly sure this is written for middle-schoolers, it's really a cliff-notes-esque packaging of a long and complicated history. As an introduction to the subject matter, it spoon-feeds you stories through first hand quotes, legislative record, and newspaper articles which hopefully can serve as a gateway to history books with more depth and complexity. I finished this in about 2 days with ...
  • Jerry
    Short stories about all aspects of The Civil War. These little tidbits of the war were very enjoyable. Stories about both presidents Lincoln, Davis, and their wives. Little nuggets about Grant and Lee and the rest of the war-time personalities of the conflict. All in all a very well thought out book.
  • Sherry Hays
    Nice little book of tidbits. I enjoyed reading stories that were outside the normal ones presented about the Civil War. I got a few new insights from the book, but overall, it was not as interesting as I would have liked it to have been. I wasn't riveted or engrossed -- it was just a bit of light reading.
  • Barry
    Although an Australian I find the American Civil War of great interest. Such an important event in that nations history but at the same time so full of sadness. This book gives the human touch to the conflict and contains accounts from the ordinary soldiers to the generals and presidents as well as their wives. This book is a worthwhile introduction to this historical event.
  • Jeremiah Gumm
    An enjoyable and easy-to-read collection of stories from both sides of the War, including former slave accounts as well. It has a news article style that makes the book easy to pick up even short periods of time. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't find this book biased in either direction.
  • Kathi Olsen
    I'd probably give this a 3 1/2 star rating. Some sections of the book were far more readable than others, but some really good stories were in this book and I would really recommend it to anyone who likes history or the "Civil War" in particular.
  • Shannon
    This was not really all that entertaining. Lots of info but very dry. So 1 star is for the info given. Another star is for the ending chapters on Varina Davis and Mary Todd Lincoln. These were very informative and not as dusty.
  • Sue
    Great stories.
  • Andrea
    Full of interesting stories. This book really gives the Civil War personality and character. Some of the stories are a little dry but you will like this book if you like war history.
  • Rhonda
    I was up last night and read four of them.
  • Valerie
    This was a fun read...covered the whole Civil War from both sides...lots of personal stories from well known people to the everyday people!
  • Tony
    A good read. Worth the $1.60 price tag.
  • Artie
    Recommended if you want a very accessible book about the Civil War but there's nothing really extraordinary about the writing or information in it.
  • Mike Corgan
    Great collection of Civil War stories. Great insight into the lives that were part of the War.
  • Jerry
    Fun read with a lot of interesting stories. A must for any history lover.
  • Lindsay
    I can't profess to a great familiarity with the American Civil War (I get the names of the sides mixed up) and while I now now more of the details, it was hard to get a full picture from this book.
  • Jean
    There are some interesting historical facts and a lot of trivia in this lengthy collection of Civil-War stories.