The Photograph by Virginia Ellis

The Photograph

As a nation of young soldiers marches off to war, two women left behind will embrace a final keepsake, a profound reminder of the moment before their lives changed forever—its bittersweet images telling the story of an innocence lost, of a love just beginning, and of a family that may never be whole again. . . . For Maddy Marshall, it was a time of innocence. Then on her seventeenth birthday, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Her fiancé and al...

Details The Photograph

TitleThe Photograph
Release DateJun 1st, 2004
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, War, World War II, Historical Romance

Reviews The Photograph

  • Laura
    I really enjoyed this book. It is a heart-felt, warm, light story that takes place during World War II and centers around a young girl named Maddy. I enjoyed the story so much I almost wished I had lived during that era. Although those years were filled with tradgedy, it was also a very romantic, patriotic time. Overall a very good read.
  • Bethany
    Wow! Not bad for something I randomly pulled off the library shelf! And unlike most books I select willy-nilly from shelves of the library, I hadn't ever heard of this book or author before. (Lately I've been reading random books from the library, but I always eventually realize I'd run across the book/author before in my expansive traipsings on the internet.)The first fourth or so of The Photograph had me thinking it was typical, mediocre histor...
  • Wendy
    This book, although I felt it started out slowly, held many surprises throughout. I'm glad I kept on reading it. Once into the twists and turns of the plot, it was hard to put down. Anyone interested in WWII history combined with romance and a very involved plot may enjoy this book. This one takes place around Miami, Florida with armed forces departing and/or arriving during the war and the many women who replaced the men in the workforce to shar...
  • Jennifer
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kept me interested, dramatic but not intensely so.
  • Annette
    Stopped reading after chapter five. Skimmed the end.
  • Lara
    First novel I read way back my elementary years and it was worth it.
  • Linda C
    Maddy Marshall turns 17 on the day Pearl Harbor is bombed. Her almost fiancé, Lyle, and her brother, Davey, are soon off to serve. Three months later, Davey asks his wife, Ruth, to come to Miami where the men are waiting to ship out and for Maddy to accompany her. She meets a lot of servicemen, in particular, Brit Lt. Tull-Martin. The night before her brother leaves a photo is taken of their whole group at the Servicemen’s Pier where Maddy has...
  • Marcia
    I loved "The Wedding Dress" and liked it so much I wanted to read other books by this author. This second novel did not disappoint. Like "The Wedding Dress" we have women on the home front during war, but this time it is WWII and the women are in Miami to say goodbye to their men. War can bring out the best in people, but also the worst. Maddy, single and the youngest at 17, is only there to support her sister-in-law, but is thrilled to be away f...
  • Bridget Bailey
    This is my first book by this author and I was pleasantly surprised. I had found this book at a thrift store and it looked good but you never know what you are going to pick up. It turned out to be a good story about two girls around the start of the WWII. After reading many WWII books, I have to say it was pretty good when keeping with the times and traditions of period. It was not historical in any way or a history book but the manners and the ...
  • Vivian
    I liked this book. I almost didn't pick it up because I thought it would be a sappy romance. Instead, it was a heartwarming story about a young girl who lived through events that could easily have broken a lesser person. It is the story of family and the way a strong and supporting family can get you through difficult times. Told from two points of view, Maddie's and Ruth's, it was in no way a struggle to develop a respect for each of them. I par...
  • Brandi Collins
    I'll admit, I bought this book when a bookstore was closing and books were marked at 10 cents each. The blurb sounded interesting, but the book sat on my shelf for two years before I picked it up again. Once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down. This novel is very well written and made me feel like I was a quiet observer to all the drama and heartache contained within. I'm sorry I waited so long to enjoy this novel. I recommend...
  • Rebecca
    After reading "The Wedding Dress," I was eager to read the second novel by this author. I found this book to have a wonderful story and spirit, but it dragged at times and was not exceptionally executed. I was somewhat disappointed in the end. However, I was compelled to know what would happen to the characters and the plot did have unexpected turns. It could have been better, but it did prompt feelings of gratitude for soldiers who have fought a...
  • liz
    Its not my personal favorite but I did find myself getting into the book a little towards the end. If you've ever knew anyone who had go off to war you will most likely understand this book. It gives the perspective from the parents, the wives, the sisters, the brothers, the friends, and the soldiers themselves of having to live life while missing, waiting, and worrying for their loved ones to return home from war.
  • Brooke
    A patron who is a fan of historical romance strongly recommended this book - and I think fans of historical romance will really enjoy it. Set during World War II in Miami I enjoyed the strong sense of place and the emotions of mothers, wives and sweethearts as their sons and husbands went to war. Like almost every romance I have read, there is the doubting love monologues that I really don't appreciate, but I enjoyed the characters and the settin...
  •  Barb Bailey
    I like this book but thought Ellis' first book" The Wedding Dress" was much better. This book is historical fiction which I usually love . The setting was in Fla during WWII. I wasn't especially impressed with the whole "photograph visionaly" thing...but the rest of the story and characterization was good.
  • Ellen Moore
    I enjoyed this book, which was set during World War II. The war related experiences of two young women who traveled to Miami to be near the husband of one who was the brother of the other and stayed there once he shipped out are fascinating. This book is also a romance. It was well written and had interesting characters.
  • Denise
    I really enjoyed this book. It was set in the WW2 era and dealt very well with how hard war was on those left behind waiting for their loved ones to return. After so thoughtfully weaving the struggles into story however, it totally missed the long term effects of the trauma on everyone with its happily ever after ending. Maybe we needed the story to end that way to give us hope.
  • Cindy
    I really liked this book. The characters could have had more depth, in that their reactions to some of the happenings in the book seemed rather reserved. I guess the time surrounding WWII was such that emotions ran wild, especially for the guys being sent off to war. That being said, the story kept my attention and would make a good Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.
  • Diane
    Wonderful story about two women and how they make it through WWII. Ruth has a photograph that she can look at and see how the people are doing. If they die then she can no longer see them in the photo. Of course, it has a wonderful happy ending.
  • Renee
    I absolutely love this book. I've read it multiple times and I never tire of it. I didn't think I'd like it as the basis seems a little far fetched but it's one of the best books I've read recently.
  • Amy
    I really enjoyed this book. I love to read romances that are in different time periods.This one is wrote during WWII. I just liked reading about all the different friendship and family situations in the book as well. Trying not to spoil anything for people that haven't read this book.
  • Cathy
    I loved this book and how something so bad can turn out so wonderful and you see how a road not taken is a blessing in and of itself .
  • Dian Maya
    very touching story, I really love it !!
  • Emily
    This was more of a 3.5/5. It was compelling story but I feel like I have read it before. The saving grace was that you felt for the characters and wanted to them to succeed.
  • Karen Zabadal
    An interesting view of life " back home" for those waiting for loved ones to return from WWII.
  • Nicole
    I liked the Wedding Dress better--but I still think this is a good read.
  • Julie
    A great WWII story with a surprise element.
  • Christy
    I didn't quite like this as well as "The Wedding Dress," but still a very good book with a happy ending. I liked the WWII homefront setting.
  • Angie
    I really enjoy Virginia Ellis' writing style. This was a quick read (as was The Wedding Dress) and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a love story.
  • Jennifer
    I'm my top 5!!!!! Awesome read